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Cloth Diaper Reviews at 6 Months

It took me awhile to get this up because I wanted to use these diapers for at least a month to really feel a significant difference. It also took awhile for them to be at its best absorbency level, after many washes. I am so glad to have these reviews up now!

This time, I am reviewing Hybrid diapers. These diapers are not fully waterproof but they have some sort of repelling material either fleece, hidden PUL or windpro. Hidden PUL and windpro is very bulletproof and you wont even feel any wetness on the outside. Hybrids are very soft and handmade with natural materials and it is often more premium compared to normal pocket/AIO diapers.

Evangeline was about 3 months old when I tried on Hybrids for her. Some were too bulky, some were ok – especially the sized ones.  One size hybrids were way too bukly even without the additional layers/boosters. I think it would be safe to start using OS/sized (except newborn) hybrids at around 4 months and about 5kg onwards.

In these reviews, EV is between 3-5 months old, weighing about 5.5-6.5kgs and a light-moderate wetter.

1. Twinkie Tush Little Fusion


Fit – Little Fusion worked really well for EV from 3 months onwards, with the fold down rise. It fit great around the legs and the hips, leaving no gaps. The elastics are very soft and comfortable. She is still using this at 6 months now – without fold down rise, and I think it will still fit her for a long time.

Absorbency – I had no blowouts. I have this TT in swim material so the outer rarely feels wet as compared to the one in euro knit. I find that she wets the other one in a serged euro knit more. In my opinion, TT wins for the comfort but not the absorbency. The soakers are thinner than other brands but I guess in order to fit comfortably, the layers cannot be too thick or it will be bulky.

2. Binky D OS Hybrid


Fit – This diaper is still too big for EV. I could fit her into the OS but even with fold down rise, it is too large. I am not a fan of soakers that are not even (one long/one short/3/4 length). It is because I cannot seem to fold them in a way that it will fit nicely without bulging in one area or another – if you know what I mean. There are no gaps on her thighs but turned BinkyDs are too thick and big. Sadly BinkyD does not have a size between newborn and OS. I will probably have to re-review this one in the next few months.6

Absorbency – I had no leaks. Not sure if it was because they were so thick and bulky, the absorbency is more than enough for EV. I do believe BinkyD will work well for moderate to heavy wetters as it has a great absorbency level.

3. Little Oshka OS Hybrid


Fit – I absolutely love Oshka’s diapers. They fit really well and I was very excited to try this on her. I loved their newborn AI2, this is no different. The legs were perfect and I had no gaps. The elastics are soft and the hips fit well with the fold down rise. I did not use the additional soaker and this diaper is not bulky at all. It felt really comfortable for EV and I will definitely recommend Oshka’s diaper for those wanting to try hybrids and also support our local WAHM.

Absorbency – I had no leaks or blowouts on this diaper. Being a hybrid, it held very well and I have the confidence to use this even when we go out for long hours. The soakers did curl and shrink a little after a few washes – could be due to material, but it did not affect function.

p/s: Sasha, if you are reading this. Keep up the good work! I love your diapers. They have improved a whole lot and I can see longevity in them.

4. Little Boppers AI2


Fit – Little Boppers is my favorite brand among all the Hybrids. They fit really well and are super soft. I also personally prefer serged diapers because they have a more generous cut. The serged tabs are really soft and not scratchy. This was a size M that EV is wearing and it is perfect. No gaps and no blowouts. The nature of this AI2 is that it has a petal soaker so it is a little bulky on her.

Absorbency – This is an AI2 with hidden windpro so it is almost bulletproof. I had no leaks and the petal soakers can really absorb a lot. I bought this as a seconds diaper – not sure what the flaw is, but it worked really well for us. I even tried it for nighttime and it worked too. No leaks will morning – but remember, EV is a moderate to light wetter.

5. SoCo Hybrid


Fit – This is a size 1 that EV was wearing, and it does run bigger and slightly bulky. I do like SoCo and its performance, but fit – not so much. Their newborn was a little too tiny and Size 1 is too big. Despite having said that, when adjusted properly, there are no gaps and it is a pretty soft diaper. This is a diaper that will truly last longer than the average because of its generous sizing. I like SoCo but will review it again when she is older.

Absorbency – I use all the layers in this diaper because I personally like the stay dry wicking jersey material touching her bum. Maybe without that additional layer, it may not be as bulk after all. I had no leaks with SoCo and I believe they are made to last for moderate to heavy wetters.

6. Gone Green Mama Hybrid


Fit – This is the Petite that EV is wearing and it is bulky. GGM does run big and even though I had the fold down rise and smallest setting, the bum and waist area is just too big. There are no gaps on the legs, but she does look like shes drowning in the diaper, haha! GGM has really nice prints and bum placement though. This is also another diaper that will truly last longer than the average because of its generous sizing.

Absorbency – Again, no leaks and worked very well. I really like the windpro backing layer as it helps repel the liquid back into the diaper so instead of being a sewn in windro, you have the option of not using that layer.I like the fact that I can customize it the way I want – similar to SoCo. This is also one that I will use for outings and not worry about leaks.


More hybrid reviews coming your way very soon!!!


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Newborn Cloth Diaper Review


Hi there mamas!

Finally, I have done all the reviews as promised! EV turns 40 days old tomorrow and she is growing out of these diapers so quickly! This time, my reviews are very different from what I did with QB back in 2013. Those I liked, I may not like now, and it all depends on the size of baby and also gender. AND experience. This time I am cloth diapering for the second time, so MANY things has changed too. In my opinion, there is no one way or one system. Try everything!  – Zootopia LOL.

If you wish to read my previous reviews on my son, QB, you can find them here:-

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Toddler Cloth Diapering

NOTE: EV was born at 3.01kgs and she is now 4.5kgs at 1 month+. She has pretty long and skinny legs for the first 2-3 weeks. The fit of these diapers are tested when she was below 3 weeks old, with long skinny legs. When I mention absorbency, it is how much the diaper can hold (before it feels wet/leaks – for fitteds and hybrids ONLY), and not how fast it can absorb liquid.


1. Thumbkin Pinky Newborn (WAHM Malaysia)

Thumbkin Pinky

Fit – Runs a little small (also because it is this the WAHM first trial of newborn diapers. It has improved now for the later batches). Fits well around the legs, but a little tight around the waist.

Absorbency – It felt wet after 1-2 hours. Also because it is tiny, it could only hold as much. Using a booster might help.

Comfort – Super soft! The soakers are made from minky dots and it is very soft.

You can purchase Thumbkin diapers here or follow their Instagram Page at @thumbkinmy.

2. Oshka Newborn AI2 – Hidden PUL (WAHM Malaysia)


Top pic – Before adding snap down rise, a little leg gap.
Bottom pic – After adding snap down rise, a better fit.

Fit – Fits perfectly around the legs and waist. There are also rise snaps to adjust for a taller/shorter baby and it will fit for a longer time too.

Absorbency – As a hybrid fitted with hidden PUL, it took a long time before it would feel wet around the legs. It is pretty absorbent and will last through nap time.

Comfort – Very soft from the minky outer and minky soakers.

You can purchase Oshka diapers here.

3. Mutaqqin Newborn Fitted


Fit – One of the best fitting newborn diaper. Fits really well around the legs and belly.

Absorbency – As a true fitted, it felt wet pretty fast so absorbency wise, it could be boosted with an additional booster or maybe wear a cover over it.

Comfort – Soft and gentle to baby’s newborn skin.

4. Southern Comfort Newborn Hybrid Fitted (SoCo)


Fit – Fits well around the hips but tight around the legs especially after she chunks up on the thighs.  A little bulky on the crotch and bum. Runs slightly smaller.

Absorbency – Many layers of absorbency and can last through nap time.

Comfort – Somewhat soft, depending on material used.

5. Twinkie Tush Teenie Fusion

Teenie Fusion

Top pic – At less than a week old, the leg gaps are too big.
Bottom pic – At 1.5 weeks, lesser leg gap due to chunkier thighs.

Fit – Runs bigger and only fit her around 1.5 weeks old onwards. There were gaps around the legs even then. Suitable for a chunky baby and will last longer than newborn days.

Absorbency – Somewhat absorbent, but could be boosted for nap time.

Comfort – Very soft and squishy. The elastics are gentle around the legs too.

6. Bumstoppers Newborn Fitted

Bum Stoppers

Fit – Fits really well around the legs and belly but bulky at the crotch area.

Absorbency – As a true fitted, you can definitely feel the wetness when its full. Using a cover over will help.

Comfort – Overall very soft.

7. Binky D Newborn Hybrid Fitted


Fit – Perfect fit, just the right size.

Absorbency – Could hold a lot and can last through nap time.

Comfort – Very soft and gentle on the elastics.

8. Chloe’s Cloth Newborn Fitted

Chloes Cloth

Fit – Runs a little smaller. Fits well on the hips but tighter on the legs.

Absorbency – Somewhat absorbent, but could be boosted for nap time.

Comfort – Overall quite soft but depending on material used.

9. Gray Star Boutique Newborn

Gray Star

Fit – Perfect fit and runs slightly bigger, but not as big as Twinkie Tush.

Absorbency – Very absorbent and can last through nap time.

Comfort – Very soft inners and gentle elastics.

10. Jenna Bug Baby Boutique Newborn

Jenna Bug

Fit – Runs slightly small, similar to Chloe’s Cloth but very trim.

Absorbency – Very absorbent (suspecting maybe hidden windpro), can last through nap time.

Comfort – Elastics are gentle but not as squishy.

11. Patty Pants AI2 Newborn

Patty Pants

Fit – Runs small but fits very well. It also has fold down rise for even smaller babies.

Absorbency – This diaper is like a shell + soaker style. The soaker is thick and super absorbent. The shell is also repelling (suspecting maybe hidden windpro). Can last through nap time and longer.

Comfort – Overall very soft and  comfortable.

12. Baby Hoo’s Newborn Fitted

Baby Hoos

Fit – Runs really big and quite bulky. But it will last longer than newborn days.

Absorbency – Quite absorbent because there are many layers on the petal soaker.

Comfort – Overall soft but the elastics are tight.


13. Lil Joeys by Rumparooz

Lil Joeys

Fit – Generally a good fit but may run slightly small.

Absorbency – OK absorbency but I had leaks during nap time.

Comfort – Inners are soft but the while diaper in general is a bit stiff.

14. THX Newborn


Fit – Generally a good fit but may run slightly small (similar to Lil Joeys).

Absorbency – OK absorbency but also had leaks during nap time. Absorbency on Lil Joeys are better than THX.

Comfort – Very soft. The minky version is very soft and the outer material is much softer than Lil Joeys. The leg elastics are also soft therefore very gentle to newborn baby’s skin.

There is a Malaysian mama who brings in THX diapers. You can buy them here.

15. Thirsties X-Small

Thirsties XS

Fit – Great fit and easy to adjust because of the velcro closure. The crotch is wide but not bulky.

Absorbency – Absorbency is not much. Need add a booster in the pocket for nap time or just to have it last longer.

Comfort – Overall pretty soft, and the double leg gussets are useful to prevent newborn blowouts.

16. Simplex Newborn


Fit – Fits perfectly and very trim. Will fit a skinny or chunky baby well.

Absorbency – Good amount of absorbency. It lasted through nap time and can easily be boosted as it has pocket openings.

Comfort – Not super soft, but not stiff as well. Very similar to using prefolds and covers as the inners are cotton.

17. Grovia Newborn


Top pic – Older version but stay dry inner, no leg gaps.
Bottom pic – Newer version with stay dry inner, but gaps at the legs.

There are 2 styles of the Grovia Newborn, older version (leg ruffles turns outwards) and newer version (no ruffles). Both are stay dry topped.

Fit – Older version fit better. Newer version had leg gaps. Both had snap down rise so that helps with smaller babies and it makes the diaper last longer past newborn days too.

Absorbency – Absorbency of both is good. Lasted through nap time with no issues.

Comfort – Not very soft, as the inners are made from a cotton/hemp bend.

18. Tots Bots Teeny

Tots Bots Teeny

Fit – Runs big and has no umbilical snap down (to be used after the umbilical cord stump has dropped). EV could only wear them after 2 weeks from birth. Once she could fit, the velcro closure makes the diaper fit really well but can leave some gaps at the legs (because she had skinny legs), but no leaks. Works great for chunky babies.

Absorbency – Great absorbency! It lasted longer hours and nap time with no issues.

Comfort – Overall soft and pretty comfortable.

19. Applecheeks Size 1


I did not use Applecheeks until this week, which makes her 5 weeks old. They are pocket diapers which I stuff them with newborn prefolds or the Applecheeks 2ply bamboo inserts. As you can see, she has put on quite a bit of weight now compared to the first few weeks in the pictures above.

Fit – Fits perfectly, and a lot of room to grow or even make smaller.Can be a little bulky, depending on what you stuff them with.

Absorbency – Great absorbency! It lasted long and could last through nap times.

Comfort – Overall soft and very comfortable.

Cloth Diapering Newborn Edition

So far she can still fit into all of these diapers (except Thumbkin) at almost 1.5 months but may be growing out of SoCo, Chloe’s Cloth, Lil Joeys, and THX is the next few days because her legs are getting chunky.

I foresee she will still be able to fit into Twinkie Tush, Gray Star Boutique, Baby Hoo’s, Simplex, Tots Bots and Grovia in the next coming month.

Do remember that every baby is different. This is based on my experience with EV and what works for us may or may not work for you. Try all brands and types to see which is best for your baby. I hope you find these reviews useful and help you decide what you will use for your baby!

Next, I will be reviewing some One Sized cloth diaper on EV and update on what my toddler, QB is using at 2.5 years old. Stay tuned and happy cloth diapering!



Newborn Cloth Diaper Stash

Cloth Diapering Newborn Edition

It is without a doubt that we will cloth diaper QB2 when she arrives. We will probably start once she’s home and I will be doing reviews again; this time, mostly on newborn/Size 1 diapers which I didn’t really get to cover a lot with Leo last time. We will still use disposables as and when necessary and will bring those to the hospital too. I just don’t wanna stress about cloth while in the hospital or the first few days (from being an emotional wreck maybe).

I’ve collected enough newborn dipes for this bub and maybe even too many! I just hope I have enough time to review each one before she grows out of it.

For the most part, it is the newborn hybrids and fitteds that I will review more on as there are little information/reviews on them. These are often WAHM (Work at Home Moms) diapers from the US and they make superb quality diapers. Made from all natural materials such as bamboo, hemp, and cotton, these diapers are often more expensive then regular market brands. I will also review and re-review some market brands as well, just to see how they fit and if it makes a difference on a boy or a girl.

Here’s a list of what I have and will be reviewing.

Newborn Hybrids and Fitteds. It is hard to get the exact picture of each of these brands as they are not as widely known to all. But I will attach the brands here. And actual photos when baby arrives!


They usually look like this; no matter which WAHM. Typically comes with an umbilical cord snapdown and fits from 5-12 lbs (2.5-5.5 kg). I have 10 brands to review.

  1. images (3)
  2. storetop_img_5201
  3. storetop_img_6005
  4. newinchwormheader1
  5. IMG_1548_zpsik5vgrdk
  6. pizap.com13656424240581
  7. logo
  8. images
  9. images (1)
  10. images (2)


Other market brands worth reviewing. These are typically fully waterproof; with PUL or TPU outer and will not require a cover. Some has the umbilical cord snapdown and some doesn’t. They are also AIOs (All-in-ones), except Applecheeks which is a pocket diaper.

  1. Tots Bots TeenyFit


2. Simplex Newborn AIO


3. Lil Joeys by Kangacare (same company as Rumparooz)


4. Grovia Newborn AIO


5. Thirsties Newborn AIO (old version)


6. Thirsties Newborn Fab Fitted


7. Applecheeks Size 1


That is all for now. These reviews will be for newborn/Size 1 diapers. Will probably do One-Sized diapers later on if there is a need or demand. OS diapers typically will not fit baby until they are probably 7-8kg or 6 months onwards for a better fit.

Speaking of reviews, I would like to review some of our local WAHM diapers too. YES, we have Malaysian mamas here who make diapers as well and I’ve heard good stuff about them! Let’s see if that will happen 🙂 We must support local WAHM.

If you want to read about my previous cloth diaper reviews on my son, you can find it below. But please bear in mind that those reviews were done when he was below 12 months old and some of my experiences have changed (especially on absorbency)! Do read all 5 parts for a better understanding.

Part 1

Part 2

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Part 5

Toddler Cloth Diapering








Hi guys!

Finally, I have an opportunity to make an update on our current cloth diapering routine. This time, I’m talking about cloth diapering a toddler. It’s all a different story from the last update I did which was in July 2014. I would say that it has been a drastic change and my views has changed a lot. Some diapers that I loved then, I no longer love now. Those which I though would be great, turns out not great at all!

There are many types of modern cloth diapers out there, and we love pockets. They are easy to use and easy to clean. Less problems with washing and drying and very versatile. You can stuff them with anything that absorbs! (yes, even old cut up t-shirts!). I like diapers that are waterproof. To me, it defeats the purpose of wearing a diaper if is gonna leak and get wet, yes? So fitteds are out for me. I love how cute fitteds are, but not for a toddler. For a smaller baby, yes. Because you change them so often anyway. Pockets may be troublesome to stuff, but I don’t mind the process. My pros weighs more than my cons. I love that they stain less (comparing to AIOs which mostly are cotton or bamboo inners which will stain unless using a liner) and very trim too.

So after cloth diapering for almost 2 years now, we have found a diaper (or two) that we love. And “we” meaning my husband and I. And I am gonna share why we love them.

Our NUMBER 1 choice is APPLECHEEKS! This brand is 100% made in canada and can only be bought in the West. No retailers in Asia has got them (yet) and I bought them in the U.S and Canada and ship them back here to me.


Why Applecheeks?

1. They are easy to stuff.
You will know partly why people dislike pocket diapers is because they need to be stuffed before using. Applecheeks diapers has a wide opening at the center and makes stuffing very easy, even for big daddy hands! This is a plus for me because I don’t like it when my hand gets stuck inside a diaper with sticky PUL. On another note, you can also use Applecheeks as an AI2. Just lay the soaker/insert on top without stuffing.

2. They are easy to wash and dry.
Washing and drying is very important for every cloth diapering family. It is only with easy/good wash routines that you will be able to reuse your diapers. Applecheeks covers are really easy to spray (poop!) bearing in mind that toddler poop is so different from an infant’s. The inner micro fleece does not make poop stick on it as bad and they can easily be rinsed off (unlike cotton or bamboo or other natural material). This way, your covers will be very clean and doesn’t stain so much. I’ve had some stains on and off but they clearly go away after sunning. I do not use any liners inside my Applecheeks. These covers dry very fast and can be reused quickly.


3. They are easy to put on an fit awesome.
Be it a newborn, infant or toddler. Applecheeks diapers are very easy to wear. You do not need to follow wing snap and hop snap like other brands. You can snap it however you like depending on the size of your baby and how it fits best. These are some of the examples.

11657297_10153059257492998_1757802056_n 11650520_10153059257487998_949594719_n 11668155_10153059257502998_405283414_n






As you can see, you don’t have to vertically match the snaps on either side, and you wont have a weird lop sided fit. The wings snap on perfectly and will not restrict baby’s movement.

4. They contain all messes.
This could be kinda subjective but in general, if you had a proper fit of this diaper, they contain all messes and does not leak. I’ve almost NEVER had a blow out on Applecheeks and even if it leaked, it was because I didn’t change Leo as often as I should. The insert you use will affect your leaky problems too. We had compression leak with microfiber and we never used it again. It is known that microfiber doesn’t work so well with toddlers because they move around a lot and compression leak is common with that material. The ruffles on Applecheeks must be turned out and on the underwear line for the best fit. it shouldn’t leak at all.

5. They are worth my money 100%.
Yes, Applecheeks may not be the cheapest diaper available (especially if you factor in shipping and cost of inserts), but they lasted very long for me and still fits great. Applecheeks come in 3 sizes now (1,2 & 3).  I have used my size 2s for more than a year and they are still in excellent condition. Not to mention also that they have been fitting Leo from 7 months until now that he’s almost 23 months. The elastics are great, fleece is bright white, no tears or leaks.

We use our Applecheeks stuffed with their 2 or 3 ply bamboo insert or prefolds. We had just enough of their inserts but because of budget, we use prefolds mostly. Prefolds are way cheaper and they absorb just as good. Of course their bamboo ply is trimmer but unless you want to save money, Grovia prefolds are great. We love the Grovia ones especially because they are made from bamboo and cotton blend too, just like Applecheeks.



Applecheeks bamboo insert is made of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton where as the Grovia prefolds are made of 55% bamboo and 45% cotton. In case you’re wondering, the Size 1 (newborn) prefolds fit into AC Size 1 covers and Size 1 (infant) prefolds fit into AC Size 2 cover. These were perfect for my stash.

So those are the reasons to LOVE APPLECHEEKS. I only wished I had tried them sooner and used Size 1s for Leo when he was a newborn. I will definitely stock up Size 1s for the nexy baby!


The second favorite brand that we use in our stash is Grovia! (maybe you realized the hint earlier already?). We exclusively use only these 2 brands now. I particularly like the Grovia hybrid system (shell+soaker). I also have their AIOs but they aren’t fitting as great now that he’s almost 2. The hybrids fit better and still has a lot of room to grow.


1. They are pretty trim.

The hybrids fit really well and are very trim at the crotch and bum area. Absorbency wise, I have to change more often because the soaker gets full pretty fast for Leo. But they still hold well for a couple of hours.

2. They are organic cotton.
I started to dislike synthetic material and had lotsa stinks with them (especially microfiber). Grovia was one of my favorites because their organic cotton soaker was absorbent and did lot leave rashes or funny smells on them. Even though the hybrid system encourages people to use the shell twice and just change the soaker, I often change the whole thing and treat them like an AIO. I also love their AIO which is made from organic cotton too.

3. They have superb quality.
Grovia is probably one of the most well made diaper I’ve ever seen. Their prints/colors do not fade and feels very sturdy. I have had new and preloved ones, and their elastics have not worn out on me even after using for almost 2 years. I actually find no flaw in this diaper at all (except of course, pilling from Velcro which is normal). Their TPU material is great and had no leaks at all.

4. Their velcro is the best.

Grovia AI2
I do not use any other velcro diaper except Grovia. After trying numerous velcro diapers, I find Grovia the best and doesn’t irritate baby’s skin. Their soft material is very comfortable and gives a great fit for all sizes of babies. I particularly love it for my toddler because he fits very well in the velcro and I can adjust it to fit better. I am thankful though, that my son has never try to undo his diapers, not ever on Grovia, but he has tried to with disposables and other brands. How, why is that?

5. They have very nice prints and colors.
Admit it. Sometimes we only look at prints or colors of each diaper. I have to say that I do like Grovia’s prints and colors too. They don’t look fake, or repeated or used in other brands. Very exclusive and super cute. This is a point for me because I am not a fussy person when it comes to color or prints. In fact, I don’t mind having the same diaper in the same color. But for Grovia, I want very single one of them!

So there you have it, my favorite modern cloth diapers and why I chose them. They work the best for us and I am slightly OCD when it comes to these things. I will only buy what I use and I will rotate them strictly so that each diaper is used equal amount of time. All those that were mentioned in my previous cloth diapering update has been sold or given away. It really depends on your baby which diaper is best. Gender, build, weight and height matters too. I hope this helps for those who are needing a review in these 2 brands. So keep trying… find the best that works for you and does not break your wallet 😉

if you’re a cloth diapering mama, please let me know what is your favorite and share it with me!


Cloth Diaper Update/Review Part #5

If you missed the other parts, you can read about them here:

Part #1

Part #2

Part #3

Part #4

Today, we are talking FITTEDS! What are fitted diapers? Here are some facts about fitted diapers and why people made and used them:

– They are not waterproof. They do not have PUL/TPU backing, hence it will get wet.

– Fitteds are usually VERY absorbent diapers. They are made mostly from natural fibers such as bamboo, cotton, hemp, zorb, anything but synthetic. Because they are made from these great materials, they hold more and you rarely have leaks (unless you don’t change them often enough. I would say change every 3 hours or so)

– They are great for overnight! Many people struggle to find an overnight solution and when they do, often fitteds works the best. Because they are super absorbent, they can last all night, WITH a cover over it for it to be waterproof (normal diaper covers, wool pants, fleece pants, etc)

– They give baby’s bum some “air time”. When you wear a diaper with waterproof layer, often it gets warm and baby’s bottom does not get air. This is especially important if your baby has sensitive skin. Fitteds are very good on babies with sensitive skin because their bum is “breathable” and there is no moisture trapped.

– Fitted diapers are mostly one sized. You can fold down the top to expose the smaller set of rise snaps or they have the normal rise snap settings as normal cloth diapers.

– They are more expensive than other diapers because of the material being used.

1. Baby Behinds Fitted

This diaper is made of bamboo and cotton.

BBH Fitted

What I like: It is very absorbent. The whole diaper is literally bamboo/cotton so it is very comfortable against Leo’s skin. The cutting is pretty generous and covers a large part of his bottom. I had no leaks or blowouts in this diaper. I see this diaper fitting him for a long time. It may not fit a 1-3 month old, but will fit from 4-5 months until toddler.

What bugs me: The color. Plain white does not look attractive and seriously… it doesn’t look great even when wore with clothes. If there was some prints or something more colorful would be awesome. Sometimes bamboo may get a little stiff after a few washes so this diaper needs to be shaken/loosened after drying (if you get what I mean, haha)

2. Kissaluvs Fitted

Kissas Fitted

This diaper is 100% cotton outer and very soft bamboo inner.

What I like: This diaper does not have any soaker to snap in or additional layers. It is like an AIO and very easy to use. The inner bamboo is super soft and I wouldn’t mind having that against my skin! Leo fit in it very well and I had no leaks/blowouts too. As you can see, the leg gussets works great around the legs and it will fit Leo for a long time.

What bugs me: This diaper gets wet very quickly and I believe that the absorbency is only for medium wetters. The AIO style without any snake/tongue style soaker makes drying time longer.

 3. Graham Bear Wear Fitted


I heard that this diaper is handmade and it is very well done. I am not quite sure what is the material used, but it is very soft and very similar to the Good Mama.

What I like: The absorbency of this diaper is great. As a fitted, I haven’t felt any wetness from it even after having it on Leo for 2-3 hours. It fits really well as a OS fitted too! It has rise snaps at the front and you can also chose to fold down the front to expose the smaller set of snap closures.

What bugs me: At the beginning, I struggle with the fit and found it kinda weird. Because there are rise snaps AND front rise adjustments, it makes the top part of the diaper really thin and exposing too much of the thighs. You really have to experiment on the GBW to really get the perfect fit.

 4. Good Mama Fitted


A diaper that is comparable to the GBW. Very similar material and very well made. The Good Mama diaper is very well-known in the USA and it is handmade by other mamas. Most of the prints are limited edition and they are very expensive. They are also mostly fitteds.

What I like: This diaper is pretty trim and fits great! The soakers are very absorbent and soft to the skin. I love the prints that this diaper has to offer (which is endless!!!) and they are very high quality. I have had no blowouts or leaks and the elastics on this diaper is great.

What bugs me: The only thing that bugs me about Good Mamas is the price. New ones can range from US$40-50! Other than this, it is one of the best fitted diapers.

 5. Eli Monster Fitted

Eli Monster

Eli Monster is a WAHM (Work at home mom) made diaper. The one I have here is cotton outer and inner fabric same as GBW/GM above.

What I like: The fit of this diaper is trim and it is one of my favorite fitteds. It is absorbent and I have had no leaks/blowouts as well. I will definitely get more of this fitted if I have the chance. I think it is not as expensive as the Good Mama. They dry very quickly too.

What bugs me: I think Leo will not fit in it as long as I wanted him to. It is more to the smaller cut (just like Itti Bitti). However, as a OS, it will definitely fit a smaller baby up to 18 months maybe.

 6. Angel Bean Fitted

Angel Bean

This is a WAHM (Work at home mom) made diaper. It is sized and has side snaps.

What I like: This diaper is very well made and the material is pretty soft. The gussets work really well and I have no problems with it at all. The way it is made, I believe you can easily stuff more layers of absorbency in it to let it last longer before the next change.

What bugs me: Leo is wearing this in size M. When I first got it, the seller wasn’t sure if Leo can fit in it because he is around 9.5kg. Currently he still fits it well and still has space for more growth. This diaper has a very large cut and that is the reason it being pretty big/bulky on Leo. When he’s older he will probably fit it better.

Overall review: Fitteds are not my favorite diapers. They work really great and have its benefits. If you are looking for a more natural feel/natural material on baby’s bum, fitteds are the way to go!

So, have you tried fitteds? And what do you think of them?


Cloth Diaper Update/Review Part #4

I didn’t realize that I haven’t posted these diapers in a while!!! I thought I had them Reviewed on Part #1 but when I checked, I had missed it. So sorry! Not a lot, but here it is.

If you need to find out more on other diapers, check out the other parts by clicking on the links.

Part #1

Part #2

Part #3

1. Bamboolite Day Premium OS

This diaper was given to me by Kendra, a local cloth diapering mama. She wanted my review on it and it was very kind of her to do this. Thank you, Kendra!

Bamboolite Day

What I like: The fact that this is a local diaper, I am amazed at the quality. It is not too bad and it really is absorbent. It has to be prepped properly before using because it is made of natural fibers. The minky material is very soft and leg gussets works very well too.

What bugs me: It could be a little bulky because its insert is pretty thick. Also, the price. New ones can range from RM50-60 a piece. You can find other local brands cheaper. However, if you manage to get them on sale then it’s worth it.

2. Bamboolite Night Premium OS

Again, thank you Mommy Kendra for this diaper! Leo looks so chunky in this photo!

Bamboolite Night

What I like: It is a AI2 system where you use a prefold/insert and a cover over it. The cover itself is high quality. It has good leg gussets to prevent leaks and easy to put on, only 2 snaps per side.

What bugs me: The premium night insert wasn’t that great. It said in their website that it can last around 10 hours! I personally don’t think so. I don’t consider Leo a heavy wetter and it was soaked in the morning. No leaks, but soaked! I would use the cover, but the night insert, not so much. Maybe if I can get some other better inserts, it can be a good night solution.

3. Bubblebubs Candies OS

This diaper was lent to me by Jasmine, another cloth diaper mama addict like me. She lent me a few diapers to try out and review. And If I liked them, I can buy them. This is such a great way to know if you really like a diaper. There are so many brands out there and if there were a way mamas can lend each other, we can truly know what works for our babies. Every baby is different eh?

Bubblebubs Candies

What I like: This diaper is fail proof! You wont have any leaks if you prep it properly and if worn properly. The minky outer is super soft and the trifold insert is very good. It absorbs a lot and perfect for heavy wetters. I used it at nighttime and it did not leak at all. In fact, some parts of the insert was still dry! I absolutely adore this diaper and I had bought some for myself after returning this to Mommy Jasmine. Not pink for sure, hahaha!

What bugs me: This is a side snapping diaper. To my surprise, it didn’t bug my husband he had put them on Leo like a pro! For me, it’s not really a big issue, just that it’s different. Also, this is a OS diaper. It can fit a tiny baby and a toddler, but only until 15kg or so. So if you have a chunky baby and a big baby, I’m not sure if this diaper will fit for long. But it is a good investment because you will surely use it for a year to a year and a half.

4. Pikapu OS

Thanks again Mommy Jasmine!


What I like: The ease of use of this diaper is incredible. It is easy to put on and fits most sizes of babies. There are 4 rise adjustments settings so this diaper can really fit a tiny newborn to a big toddler. The double leg gussets makes this diaper leak proof and keeps all the mess inside. This AIO diaper has a tongue style insert which makes drying time much faster and the material is very very soft. The absorbing material is awesomely dry (the dry-est diaper I have ever felt, even when it is full). I would call this a go-to diaper when in a hurry or need a quick change.

What bugs me: Pikapu is not very well known, but it is expensive. Mostly available in Australia and New Zealand, and some parts of Asia. Next would be the Velcro closures. I am not a fan of Velcro, except Grovia. This Velcro seems sturdier than the Bum Genius and many other brands, but it isn’t my favorite. If they had come in snaps it would be awesome. Having said all these, I also went ahead and got some for Leo after returning this to Mommy Jasmine.

5. Willow & Sage OS


What I like: This diaper is charcoal bamboo lined and comes with the charcoal bamboo insert. CB inserts are very absorbent and soft. It makes this diaper very comfortable for Leo (I believe so because he would poop in them very fast EVERY time I had it on him, haha). It’s double leg gussets keeps all the mess just like the Pikapu and because of the material, it is so easy to spray off the poop. It comes right off fast and very easy to clean. Hubby cleaned them without complaints and even told me that he was impressed at how easy it was. The price of this diaper is cheap too. Range from 25-35 a piece, made in Singapore.

What bugs me: The insert for this diaper is standard and there is no snap down like the Bum Genius or different sizes like the Charlie Banana. Leo is only on the second snap rise adjustment and the insert would stick out from the diaper. I have to fold it down slightly to make it fit. This diaper is also pretty bulky (Leo cries if its too bulky especially at night, telling me he is uncomfortable) and the snaps is not as the other brands. When I say easy, I refer to the way it would automatically fit into the cap and there is no need to count how many snaps away (if you know what I mean).

6. Applecheeks Size 2


What I like: I LOVE this diaper. It is the only pocket diaper that is so versatile and can be adjusted so easily. The 2 snaps on each wing can easily be placed according to how your baby fits (i.e. if he has chunky thighs, you can snap it further away and tighter if he has skinny legs; you do not need to follow the exact cap for each snap). There are gussets at the back of the diaper and in the front as well, making it more fitting on the baby. This diaper has a lot of room to grow. I can see Leo wearing this pass 2 years if he still hasn’t potty trained. The envelope style pocket makes it easy to stuff (like SUPER easy) and you can stuff more than 1 insert. The pocket is big enough for you stuff more than 1 insert and maybe use for a nighttime diaper.

What bugs me: You cannot get this diaper locally, not even our neighboring countries. I got this diaper from the US and it is not cheap. It also does not come with an insert. You can stuff it with anything possible (i.e. microfiber insert, prefolds, flats, anything you can think off). The leg gussets tend to curl outwards (similar to Baby Beehinds), so sometimes if it isn’t put on properly, it may wick on baby’s clothes.

But I really like the fact that this diaper is trim and yet has so much room to fit on baby. I will definitely get more when I have the chance!

I hope you find these reviews helpful. Again, this is what works for Leo and every baby is different. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below or email and I will respond to you.

Stay tuned for the next part of the review: fitted diapers!