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Cloth Diaper Update/Review #1

on September 23, 2013

We started cloth diapering Leonidas at 4 weeks old. I would love to have started earlier but because I was staying with my aunt I didn’t want to trouble them with washing those diapers. Also… the hospital and some of my friends have given me newborn disposables. So might as well use them before he outgrows it! Haha!

For those who are wondering what are cloth diapers or those thinking “why is this lady using cloth to diaper her child???”, please read my previous post on my fluff update here. Modern cloth diapers are not like what you have in mind 😉

Okay, so here goes. I will post actual pictures of the diapers that I have tried and what I think about them.

1. Grovia Newborn AIO

Grovia NB

What I like: I love the fit of this diaper. It is probably due to the fact that it is a sized diaper. It fits a baby from 5-12 lbs (2.3-5.4 kg). I love the design and print. They look absolutely adorable and trim on him! It is very absorbent and holds poop pretty well.

What bugs me: Leo is currently 5 kgs so it may only fit him for another month or so 😦 Wicking does happen if the diaper is too full. I’ve had maybe twice of this happening so far and had to change this clothes. Because this is an AIO diaper, it takes a longer time to dry. But this is not totally bad if you live in Malaysia… the sun is soooooo hot, it’ll dry 🙂

2. Rumparooz OS Pocket


What I like: This diaper has double leg gussets which will hold all the poop/mess in place. Also, the cutting for this diaper is smaller than most one-sized diaper so it will fit a newborn too! When Leo wore it, I had to adjust the height to the next rise snap already!


What bugs me: This diaper is made up of fleece material inside, which means that it’ll be hot!!! Leo started sweating in it within minutes! I do believe it is a good diaper but because I have no air conditioning in my living room, it’s just too hot to be in it. Once, I felt that it leaked towards the back. I wasn’t sure if I had put it on wrongly or maybe the fleece material isn’t as absorbent? I have to try this diaper again to really be sure.

3. Bum Genius OS Pocket

Bum Genius

What I like: This diaper fits him perfect now. Trim and not bulky. So far, I’ve had no leaks at all. It is easy to wash and the large opening for the insert really makes it easier to stuff. I really like the snaps better on this diaper as it is easy to snap (only 2 on each side) and remove. The inner material is not fleece, so it is not so hot and Leo seems really comfortable in it. I like Bum Genius.

What bugs me: The Velcro version of this diaper may not be my favorite. The tabs seems hard (might be painful if it touches baby’s skin). However, this might be daddy’s/daycare’s favorite as it is easy to remove Velcro tabs. I will need to use this diaper more often/long enough to see if there are any more cons.

4. Thirsties Cover + Green Mountain Newborn Prefold

Thirsties Cover

What I like: This is by far the best system that I used. I really liked the fact that I can reuse the cover if it is not soiled. At first the cover seems a little “fragile” or “ciplak” to me, but I was so wrong!!! The PUL is durable and the Velcro fastens well too. Leo had poop in it a few times and I have had no blowouts!

What bugs me: This is a sized cover. Which means as Leo grows… he’ll need another cover. Currently, he is using the S size cover which fits from 12–18 lbs (5.5–8 kg). I hope that it will fit him longer because the Velcro tabs are still overlapping when he wears them.

5. Bummis Cover + Green Mountain Newborn Prefold

Bummis Cover

What I like: I also liked this cover. Similar to my review on Thirsties. Durable and fastens well. No blowouts!

What bugs me: Again, similar to Thirsties. It is a sized cover and will have to buy more as Leo grows. The front part of this cover seems short. The part where you fasten the Velcro tabs. It doesn’t go all the way to the side (where his hips are), but it’s not really a major con.

6. Shiezy AI2

Shiezy Cover

What I like: Very, very similar to Thirsties and Bummis. I used it with GMD Prefolds, it worked. I used it with the insert that came with it (not sure if its hemp or cotton… but with microfiber insert too), it worked. I used it with charcoal bamboo insert, also worked! Sizing is pretty trim and really not bad considering the price 🙂 No blowouts either!

What bugs me: The 2 inserts that came with it, fit him, but very bulky! Probably because I had it snap down to the smallest rise setting. The insert didn’t fit the cover (length wise) and it was just too huge on him. The Velcro tabs does not grip as well and does not look very durable. However, for the price we’re paying, it is ok.

7. Green Mountain Diaper Newborn Prefolds


What I like: I ABSOLTELY LOVE THESE PREFOLDS. I did not regret getting them at all. They are super absorbent and easy to change (I do not use a snappi btw, just put a cover over it). For smaller babies, I guess the prefold + cover system works really well. I am sure that Leo will not fit into the OS diapers when he was smaller so these are GREAT!

What bugs me: NOTHING! These are also sized. I am using NB size but I foresee that I can still use it later on as an insert for his pocket diapers.

So far, that is all the diapers that I have tried. Honestly, I have been using the Grovia NB a lot because I know he will outgrow them very soon so I am making the most of it! If not Grovia, I use prefolds and covers a lot too because I really like the system! It is easy to change and very absorbent. Also due to the fact that the covers I’m using are sized… so making the most out of it again. When Leo goes to daycare, he will probably use the pocket diapers as it is easy to put on and take off. I may have to re-review the pockets as I use them more later on. As for now… I am happy and glad that I cloth diaper and it is so easy! Fun as well! You may call me crazy but I love picking prints and seeing him wear them. Diaper laundry is really no big deal if you do normal clothes laundry anyway. So that is all for now 🙂

Do post any questions if you have them!

Happy cloth diapering!


10 responses to “Cloth Diaper Update/Review #1

  1. nawwar hidayah says:

    beli kat mane prefold green mountain tu? how much??

  2. shaliza mardiana says:

    hi, im new to CD and wondering, do we need to use liners when using prefolds @ flats? If not, will a prefold feels damp or is it a stay dry material?

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi Shaliza,
      You can use liners if you want. The prefolds are usually made of cotton, so yes, it will be damp. Normally I will touch to feel if it is wet. Then change. If I didn’t touch, it can probably stay on longer, or your baby will fuss/cry to tell you a diaper change is needed. The reason disposables give rash is because it is not breathable and they stay dry material absorbs the moisture and it is left there. Babies who are in CD potty trains faster because they can feel they are wet, rather than using disposables where they don’t feel it at all.

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  4. Lil says:

    hi im a first time mom and interested with Grovia. Where and how many did you buy for the Newborn Grovia and how many do you suggest to have?

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi lil!
      You can buy them at or search “cloth diaper bst Malaysia” Facebook group.
      I would say probably around 24 pcs if you’re going to wash every 2 days. But I will not recommend to get all the same brand/type. So try using some prefolds and covers too. Grovia newborns tend to fit pretty small and may not last you that long (depending on size of baby).

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