My Little Miracle

The exciting story of God's very special gift to Mama & Papa…

A new start, A new journey

30 October 2012

Papa and Aunt Nini and Zila made a surprise Birthday Party for Mama! I was really shocked and excited. When it was time to blow off the candle from the cake, they asked me to make a wish. I remember wishing that God would give me health and that we would have a baby. Mama prayed and given that desire to the Lord. Whatever He gives, shall be good gifts because He loves us.

18-21 November 2012
I was feeling very easily annoyed during dinner and I was wondering if I was ok or gonna fall sick soon. An immediate response in my mind was to take a home pregnancy test. So I walked down to Watsons and got them. When I went home, I could not believe my eyes! I wasn’t due until a few more days but there it was, a faint line…

I quickly told Papa and he went “What? Really???”
We were both very excited, but I wanted to keep it low first as we do not know the outcome until a few more days and then maybe see the doctor.

In the meantime, I was worried that maybe I had bought the cheap tests, and need to retest on a better product. So the next few days, I kept on testing till I was sure.

And one final one before I conducted a BODYCOMBAT class at 1MK (Mama’s favorite class of all!)

And so I knew I was expecting you and I was thrilled beyond words can explain!
We kept it low about the pregnancy and only wanted to announce it when we are ready and when you are more stable and snug in the womb. It was very hard because there was joy and wanting t announce good news and yet there was a little touch of concern if you will be okay. Mama stopped teaching BODYCOMBAT because it is the time where you are more important than anything I do right now. Though I will miss it very much but I wanted to have you more!

Days passed quickly… and now it is 2013!

I didn’t enjoy Christmas and New Years as much because I was so sick. I only could lie in bed all day and sleep. Mama was so dizzy and nauseas all the time. Thankfully, I did not vomit. I try very hard to hold it in and let it pass. Papa was very supportive, bringing me fruits and also comfort food as I rested.

25 January 2013

The 4th check up Mama had with Dr. Choong at Pantai. We saw the most promising sight of you.

There you were!!! From a tiny bean to a fetus! We could see your head and body, little arms and legs floating around and also, your spine! It was so clear on the ultrasound that Papa and I were in awe. The best part at every visit, was to hear your heartbeat. It means that you are alive and you are living! You are real! Even though Mama’s belly isn’t as big as some might have expected it to be, you are growing inside and doing very well.

Mama and Papa pray every night that God will keep you safe and sound. He is the giver of life and every life that He created shall be celebrated! If God gives, He gives. And no one can take it away. I believe that you are our miracle. God is good and He will provide for us, you will see.

Tomorrow is our next check up and if you aren’t shy, Dr. Choong might be able to tell if you are a girl or a boy. Whatever it may be, know that we love you very very much! And we would give the world to hold you in our arms. Keep growing dear baby, and may God keep you safe and snug.


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