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It’s A… and mama’s intuition is right!


Ahhhh, sorry for not updating you guys. Actually I’ve written posts all along but didn’t post it coz for some reason, I could not log into my WordPress account AND my computer is broken. Well, to be specific, my adapter isn’t working and I had to share with hubs.

Anyway, I also realized that the longer I do not update, the more I have to say and my posts will be like an essay. So from today, I shall update more often (say maybe twice a week? 😮 I better keep my word. Or at least once a week!) and I will try to keep them short and straight to the point!

So first things first…

I will be 29 weeks tomorrow! It’s crazy right? I can’t believe I am in the 3rd trimester already and definitely feeling all the discomfort and slight anxiety. And just to update you guys, we are having a GIRL!


Honestly, I think I didn’t really have a preference. Why? Because I didn’t want my baby to feel rejected even before he or she is born just coz I really wanted a girl or a boy. So I told myself (and hubs too) that whatever it is, we are so thankful! And to have another boy is awesome! When I look at Quackababy, he is the cutest lil thing and having another of him is awesome! Also, we don’t need anything extras if it was a boy. We have EVERYTHING from clothes to diapers to toys.

But having said that, somehow, deep down in my heart, my intuition tells me that I was having a girl. Even before the scans (which we only found out around 20-21 weeks because I wanted a 99% sure answer) and what could’ve been, I somehow “felt” that we’re having a baby girl. First of all, I was very sick. I think I only felt better around 18-19 weeks along. With QB, I was not really sick at all. In fact, I remember having a pretty good appetite, my hair was thicker and fuller, my skin was good, and nothing really bothered me. This time, my hair is normal, my skin breaks out sometimes, and my appetite is on and off. But of course, some of my cravings did make me doubt my intuition coz they were similar to QB’s pregnancy.

So 29 weeks… and I have 11 to go. Lot’s of stuff has to be done by then. I am definitely feeling the need to nest. I am packing and arranging and preparing all the laundry, and even thought of packing my hospital bag LOL.  I have an appointment this coming Friday along with my 2nd glucose test (yuck!) and will keep you guys updated.

Seriously tho… I have lots to talk about!

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