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Lotsa Updates!

Okay… so it has been abut 2 months+ since I did an update. A few reasons for this:-

1. I’ve been busy. Work/schedules/reading/buying things/planning… and ummm…

I know… I keep on delaying updates and feeling kinda dreadful blogging. Probably because I am feeling so tired almost everyday and during off days, I just wanna sleep and rest and not do anything! Literally!

Okay, so let’s do some quick updates now…

I am 4 days away to being in my 3RD TRIMESTER!!! Yes… it is the 3rd and already at 27 weeks?!?!?! Time really flew by and I am getting more and more excited on this journey! The 1st trimester felt like forever! Thankfully… being this far, I have so much to hope for and so much to experience. God has been good and gracious to us. And I believe that He will take care of all our needs and He is everything we need. Mama and Papa are so grateful for this miracle and we look forward to even greater things that God has planned 🙂

To those who do not know, we are expecting a BOY! Yes YOU dear baby… YOU are a BOY!

I am starting to wonder how you’d look like. Will you have my hair? Will you have Papa’s eyes? Will you be a big or small baby… so many thoughts in our head! With recent technology, we CAN have a 4D scan and see your features and really take a good look around. But Papa and I decided not to have it. Not because we don’t want to see you, but because no matter how you’d look, we will love you and we will think that you will be the cutest baby anyway! 😀

At 19 weeks I remember when you first started to kick. I can actually feel it! I was anticipating those movements and always wondered how it felt like. Hearing stories from other women, they say it is the BEST feeling in the world being pregnant! At the beginning it was very light and I thought maybe I was imagining it. But I knew I wasn’t and it was indeed you moving. We cannot see it from the outside yet at that time, but I definitely could feel it. It’s like a symbol that there is life inside me! Papa could feel it when he puts his hand on my belly. He would smile and ask “Is that him?”


Just last month, you became more and more active. I would feel you move around 2-3 times a day but lately, in the pass 2 weeks or so, you have been kicking/or maybe stretching like 4-5 times a day! 2 days ago, you gave me a really hard kick! It felt like you were doing a jumping evasive side kick from BODYCOMBAT!




I can even start to see you moving from the outside! My belly would wiggle a little here and there. Though often when I tried to video it, you stop. We shall try again some time and show it to Aunt Nini and family members 🙂 Surely they are very excited about you!

I was amazed and it keeps getting better. Feeling you move assures me that you are doing and growing well. God is indeed miraculous! Sometimes I stand amazed at His creation and wondered how awesome it must feel to actually have kids. Imagine knowing that God already knew you from my womb and called you by name! His hand will always be upon you and may you continue to grow bigger and stronger each day.


Mama has been reading a lot lately. Not just reading but educating myself on labour, birth, breastfeeding, childcare, as many things you can think of! I believe that when you educate yourself, you will not be ill informed and you will be prepared better. Also, I wanted to know things so that I can learn and not be alarmed/worried when some things do not go right, or if there were any concerns. Education is key. Mama want to be successful in raising you well and providing all that is needed for your growth. The best that I can give. So yea… reading and watching videos on YouTube helped a lot. Whatever I know, I share them with Papa too and he agrees with me. He knows to support me and He is very excited too.

One of the things that I’ve been reading/educating about is cloth diapering. Yes… I said it! Cloth diapering. Please bare in mind that we are not back in the old days where we use a large piece of cloth – fold fold fold and pin. Nowadays, you’d be surprised at how modern it is and how much easier it has been!

Something like that? Not happening! I don’t like pins and it’s too complicated to be folding stuff. Although… If I had to do it, I would!

This is how the modern cloth diapers look like…

They look just like disposables, only that they have colors and prints that look so cute! And of course, they are made of cloth material which can be washed and reused. They may be more expensive to purchase upfront, but in the long run, we save a whole lot of money! You wont believe how much people spend on disposables! Now only are they plastic, they have harmful materials and they DO NOT make the planet greener. Also, they are so much more expensive for something to use and just throw away. How much can you save? I will post another blog on that just by calculating costs 🙂



Imagine this on your bum! How cute is that?!?! There are so much to chose from and I am glad to say that I’ve learn so much, I will stick to the plan! It may not be perfect, but no disposables are perfect too. Probably Mama will do a post just on cloth diapering because I truly believe that it is EASY and it can be done! If you can do laundry, you can cloth diaper.

Another that I’ve been reading on is breastfeeding. I realized that it is so important to breastfeed and what good it can do to you. Dr Choong at Pantai sold me a book written by his wife, Christine, who is a lactation consultant. Boy, I didn’t know that breastfeeding has so many benefits not just for you, but for me as well. Many people, sadly in Malaysia do not believe in breastfeeding. The most common word is “I do not have enough milk”. Well, it is a long story to want to explain things here, but I will recommend any moms to be to read her book on breastfeeding. What it actually is and why people should do it! It is only natural to breastfeed. Imagine, if there were no milk except moms milk. Formula does not exist. What are we gonna do?

Our bodies are made to do this. To feed our baby. If our body can carry and nourish a child to full term, why can’t she breastfeed? I guess with many experiences of other women, people tend to get scared or overly worried. This also happens when they do not have enough support or just not self educated on it. There is a very slight chance that people are not able to breastfeed – like maybe 10-15% of women on the world. Of course, medical complications is another story. I am not saying it will be easy, but I know it will be worth it. Patience is the key. Baby boy, I hope that you will latch well when you’re born and we will learn to breastfeed together. I love you and I want the best for you.


We will talk more on breastfeeding again some other time.

Today was our last appointment with Dr. Choong. We would love to have him deliver you, but because he is going to retire before your due date, we needed to switch doctors. What a shame!



He was the best doctor ever! His advice and information really helped Mama and Papa clarify a lot of things. He’s so warm and nice to be with. Someone we can trust and feel comfortable with. Well, I guess God has a better plan and He WILL take care of us, yes?

We are seeing Dr. Tan at UMSC and next week would be our next scan with him. Hopefully he will be not too bad and would respect our birth plans and wishes. I really want this to be a great experience and hoping to bring you into this world safely and naturally. Papa kinda likes Dr. Tan so I guess it will be okay. He is not bad, just that we haven’t really got to know him well yet. We’ll be updated soon after our 2nd visit with him.

In the meantime baby, know that we love you and we look forward to having you in our arms! God is gracious and merciful and He will take care of you 🙂


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