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on June 29, 2015

Hi guys!

Finally, I have an opportunity to make an update on our current cloth diapering routine. This time, I’m talking about cloth diapering a toddler. It’s all a different story from the last update I did which was in July 2014. I would say that it has been a drastic change and my views has changed a lot. Some diapers that I loved then, I no longer love now. Those which I though would be great, turns out not great at all!

There are many types of modern cloth diapers out there, and we love pockets. They are easy to use and easy to clean. Less problems with washing and drying and very versatile. You can stuff them with anything that absorbs! (yes, even old cut up t-shirts!). I like diapers that are waterproof. To me, it defeats the purpose of wearing a diaper if is gonna leak and get wet, yes? So fitteds are out for me. I love how cute fitteds are, but not for a toddler. For a smaller baby, yes. Because you change them so often anyway. Pockets may be troublesome to stuff, but I don’t mind the process. My pros weighs more than my cons. I love that they stain less (comparing to AIOs which mostly are cotton or bamboo inners which will stain unless using a liner) and very trim too.

So after cloth diapering for almost 2 years now, we have found a diaper (or two) that we love. And “we” meaning my husband and I. And I am gonna share why we love them.

Our NUMBER 1 choice is APPLECHEEKS! This brand is 100% made in canada and can only be bought in the West. No retailers in Asia has got them (yet) and I bought them in the U.S and Canada and ship them back here to me.


Why Applecheeks?

1. They are easy to stuff.
You will know partly why people dislike pocket diapers is because they need to be stuffed before using. Applecheeks diapers has a wide opening at the center and makes stuffing very easy, even for big daddy hands! This is a plus for me because I don’t like it when my hand gets stuck inside a diaper with sticky PUL. On another note, you can also use Applecheeks as an AI2. Just lay the soaker/insert on top without stuffing.

2. They are easy to wash and dry.
Washing and drying is very important for every cloth diapering family. It is only with easy/good wash routines that you will be able to reuse your diapers. Applecheeks covers are really easy to spray (poop!) bearing in mind that toddler poop is so different from an infant’s. The inner micro fleece does not make poop stick on it as bad and they can easily be rinsed off (unlike cotton or bamboo or other natural material). This way, your covers will be very clean and doesn’t stain so much. I’ve had some stains on and off but they clearly go away after sunning. I do not use any liners inside my Applecheeks. These covers dry very fast and can be reused quickly.


3. They are easy to put on an fit awesome.
Be it a newborn, infant or toddler. Applecheeks diapers are very easy to wear. You do not need to follow wing snap and hop snap like other brands. You can snap it however you like depending on the size of your baby and how it fits best. These are some of the examples.

11657297_10153059257492998_1757802056_n 11650520_10153059257487998_949594719_n 11668155_10153059257502998_405283414_n






As you can see, you don’t have to vertically match the snaps on either side, and you wont have a weird lop sided fit. The wings snap on perfectly and will not restrict baby’s movement.

4. They contain all messes.
This could be kinda subjective but in general, if you had a proper fit of this diaper, they contain all messes and does not leak. I’ve almost NEVER had a blow out on Applecheeks and even if it leaked, it was because I didn’t change Leo as often as I should. The insert you use will affect your leaky problems too. We had compression leak with microfiber and we never used it again. It is known that microfiber doesn’t work so well with toddlers because they move around a lot and compression leak is common with that material. The ruffles on Applecheeks must be turned out and on the underwear line for the best fit. it shouldn’t leak at all.

5. They are worth my money 100%.
Yes, Applecheeks may not be the cheapest diaper available (especially if you factor in shipping and cost of inserts), but they lasted very long for me and still fits great. Applecheeks come in 3 sizes now (1,2 & 3). Β I have used my size 2s for more than a year and they are still in excellent condition. Not to mention also that they have been fitting Leo from 7 months until now that he’s almost 23 months. The elastics are great, fleece is bright white, no tears or leaks.

We use our Applecheeks stuffed with their 2 or 3 ply bamboo insert or prefolds. We had just enough of their inserts but because of budget, we use prefolds mostly. Prefolds are way cheaper and they absorb just as good. Of course their bamboo ply is trimmer but unless you want to save money, Grovia prefolds are great. We love the Grovia ones especially because they are made from bamboo and cotton blend too, just like Applecheeks.



Applecheeks bamboo insert is made of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton where as the Grovia prefolds are made of 55% bamboo and 45% cotton. In case you’re wondering, the Size 1 (newborn) prefolds fit into AC Size 1 covers and Size 1 (infant) prefolds fit into AC Size 2 cover. These were perfect for my stash.

So those are the reasons to LOVE APPLECHEEKS. I only wished I had tried them sooner and used Size 1s for Leo when he was a newborn. I will definitely stock up Size 1s for the nexy baby!


The second favorite brand that we use in our stash is Grovia! (maybe you realized the hint earlier already?). We exclusively use only these 2 brands now. I particularly like the Grovia hybrid system (shell+soaker). I also have their AIOs but they aren’t fitting as great now that he’s almost 2. The hybrids fit better and still has a lot of room to grow.


1. They are pretty trim.

The hybrids fit really well and are very trim at the crotch and bum area. Absorbency wise, I have to change more often because the soaker gets full pretty fast for Leo. But they still hold well for a couple of hours.

2. They are organic cotton.
I started to dislike synthetic material and had lotsa stinks with them (especially microfiber). Grovia was one of my favorites because their organic cotton soaker was absorbent and did lot leave rashes or funny smells on them. Even though the hybrid system encourages people to use the shell twice and just change the soaker, I often change the whole thing and treat them like an AIO. I also love their AIO which is made from organic cotton too.

3. They have superb quality.
Grovia is probably one of the most well made diaper I’ve ever seen. Their prints/colors do not fade and feels very sturdy. I have had new and preloved ones, and their elastics have not worn out on me even after using for almost 2 years. I actually find no flaw in this diaper at all (except of course, pilling from Velcro which is normal). Their TPU material is great and had no leaks at all.

4. Their velcro is the best.

Grovia AI2
I do not use any other velcro diaper except Grovia. After trying numerous velcro diapers, I find Grovia the best and doesn’t irritate baby’s skin. Their soft material is very comfortable and gives a great fit for all sizes of babies. I particularly love it for my toddler because he fits very well in the velcro and I can adjust it to fit better. I am thankful though, that my son has never try to undo his diapers, not ever on Grovia, but he has tried to with disposables and other brands. How, why is that?

5. They have very nice prints and colors.
Admit it. Sometimes we only look at prints or colors of each diaper. I have to say that I do like Grovia’s prints and colors too. They don’t look fake, or repeated or used in other brands. Very exclusive and super cute. This is a point for me because I am not a fussy person when it comes to color or prints. In fact, I don’t mind having the same diaper in the same color. But for Grovia, I want very single one of them!

So there you have it, my favorite modern cloth diapers and why I chose them. They work the best for us and I am slightly OCD when it comes to these things. I will only buy what I use and I will rotate them strictly so that each diaper is used equal amount of time. All those that were mentioned in my previous cloth diapering update has been sold or given away. It really depends on your baby which diaper is best. Gender, build, weight and height matters too. I hope this helps for those who are needing a review in these 2 brands. So keep trying… find the best that works for you and does not break your wallet πŸ˜‰

if you’re a cloth diapering mama, please let me know what is your favorite and share it with me!


13 responses to “CLOTH DIAPER UPDATE!

  1. Belle says:

    May i know from where do you purchase your Applecheeks? I’m hoping to get one Applecheeks and one Softbums for my son when he turns 1 year old this 16 April. I have NO CLUE how to get them! BTW how many Applecheeks do u have and how much do they cost? Ringgit is in bad condition so i want to save up and prepare myself for this.

    • vavaloy says:

      I got them both from US. You can search for some good retailers like Itsy Bitsy Bums/Lil Tulips. If you buy from Canada, it’s cheaper coz the exchange rate is lower. Get those that ship to US for free. Some good Canadian sites are Gentle Nest, Green Ninja and also Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot πŸ™‚
      Hope this helps!

      I have over 20pcs of Applecheeks coz I use them exclusively now for my toddler.

      • Belle says:

        Thank you for your reply!

        Yes i just checked the websites you listed and thought the Canadian sites costs $21.75 for 1 AppleCheeks diaper cover while the US sites is $20.00. Turns out that 1 Canadian Dollar is 3.1MYR and 1USD is 4.4MYR. That’s a HUGE difference!

        Sorry for asking more questions but do you remember how much does shipping from the US to Malaysia cost? A little nervous about the extra costs i need to include…πŸ˜…

        Thank you for the website lists & tips. That really helped alot!😁

      • vavaloy says:

        Yeah, Canadian exchange is lower. So it’s cheaper to buy from CA and take free shipping when you reach a threshold. I have a comgateway/hopshopgo account. It’s an address in the US with your name and you can send your parcels there, and they will ship it to m’sia for u. You can sign up for free, and they have a calculated to calculate the weight and cost. The more kg it is, the heavier. Not worth it to send back 2-3 kg of items. Usually I buy a lot and collect over 1-2 months and then ship back altogether around 8-10kg. Subsequent kilogram is much cheaper. You can check it out.

  2. Belle says:

    Ah i see. I never knew about that method. Thank u for the details! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    I’m a noob online shopper and had never bought anything online until i had a baby. Now i buy things online on a regular basis but had never bought anything from the US/ Canada.

    Thank u. So glad i found your blog. 😘

  3. Shuyin says:

    Hi! I love your CD posts! Thank you for sharing the knowledge. May I ask what laundry detergent you are currently using for your CDs? And where you purchase it from? Also, we don’t have a dryer or hot water in our washing machine and I’m getting a bit overwhelmed on how to get around the “prepping” instructions of the Grovia AI2 that requires hot washes and using the dryer for so many times. Do you think I can get away with line drying to prep my soakers?

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi shuyin! I use melapower by melaleuca. You can buy it direct from melaleuca Malaysia but you need to open a shopping account. I can help you with that if needed.
      As for prep, just wash with normal temperature water a few rounds. Wash and line dry maybe 3-4x to increase absorbency. Line drying is the best. In our climate, we don’t need the dryer or hot water πŸ˜‰

  4. vinandvan says:

    Hi, thank you for your detailed and meticulous review on cloth diapers! It’s really hard to find reviews like yours online so this is helpful.

    I am due in June 2016 and am considering cloth diapering for my baby boy when he turns about 4 months. Based on your experience, what are the items you would recommend I get from Grovia, and how many would be enough? (example, inserts, pre folds etc)

    Thanks for the reply!

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi! May I know why only at 4 months? Generally baby may go through about 5-6 diapers daily so maybe around 24 prefolds , if you wash every 2-3 days will give you a good amount. Shells/covers maybe you can get away with 12pcs as you can reuse them if not soiled. I’m actually selling my grovia shells and soakers (coz i just have way too many!!) let me know if you’re interested in any preloved ones in excellent condition.

      • vinandvan says:

        I’m a first time mum. So I thought maybe better to get used to his poop and pee routine first before cloth diapering. Also I don’t want to stress myself out with doing more laundry etc. so I thought 4 months will be a good time to start.

        I’m confused regarding pre folds and inserts. They aren’t the same thing right? Pre folds are the muslin type cloth whereas inserts are what you stuff into the shell/covers correct? Do you use both at one time? Or either or? Then there are also those biodegradable type of lining. Is it used to put on top of the pre fold? Or can you do without a pre fold if you use the lining?

        Alternatively, with the amount of questions I have, if you think a phone call is easier please let me know. Haha sorry for bombarding…. 😁

      • vavaloy says:

        Haha don’t worry! You can contact me at 0122326264 πŸ™‚
        Prefolds are not the Muslin cloths, those are no good as diapers coz they are too thin! Great for spit ups and burping baby tho. Prefolds are cloths that are sewn with many layers together, trifolded into threes. You can easily google them. Soakers/insets are ready made absorbent material that can be stuffed into pocket diapers or lay onto shells. They are also made of several layers so they are pretty absorbent too. Those liners are flushable and it’s to catch poop or keep baby’s skin dry. Or even to protect your cloth diapers from harsh nappy creams (in using). They are not necessary for babies under 6 months tho coz breastfed poop is 100% water soluble

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