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Cloth Diaper Update/Review #2

on October 24, 2013

Alright! I have now tried some of the other diaper brands, so now it’s review time!

Before I began, if you haven’t seen part #1, please click here —-> #1

1. Simplex OS AIO



What I like: I absolutely ADORE this diaper! This is by far the BEST AIO I have ever used (yes, even better than bumGenius elemental). Leo is at the smallest rise setting and it fits him perfect! This diaper is very trim and the leg gussets are very well made. Somehow it is tight but not overly tight and it never leaves any red marks on Leo. The waterproof material is also fantastic. It is not plastic-ish and it feels very durable. Another col thing about this AIO is that it has 2 different materials you can choose to touch baby’s skin; Bird’s eye cotton or fleece. Cotton is a natural material and fleece is a stay-dry material.


I personally used the stay-dry material so that Leo will have a dry bum and I not have to fold the tongue insert inside. This diaper is super absorbent and very easy to use (only 2 snaps per side). Initially, I only had 2 pieces of this, and because it was fantastic, I had bought another 5 from another mom who was selling hers at a cheaper rate. Really worth every sen!

What bugs me: NOTHING! Many claim that AIO takes a longer time to dry, but this is not so. I only find that true in bumGenius elemental because the insert does not fold out. I love my simplex!

2. Bumkins OS AIO


What I like: This diaper is super soft. The outer later seems “silky” to me. I am not sure what material it is made up of but it is definitely soft to the touch. Bumkins has a lot of cute prints on this diaper and I love the Dr. Seuss series. Although I don’t own any of those prints, but they are super cute! This diaper is very affordable for an AIO. You can get 2nd hand ones from RM20! New ones are around RM40-50. Other AIO normally range from RM60-90…

What bugs me: The snaps. At first I thought I would not be bothered with how many snaps there are on a diaper. I was so wrong! With a wiggly baby, trust me… it does matter! This diaper has one hip snap and three waist snaps. THREE!!! Altogether, there are 4 on each side to fasten. Also, this diaper seems to run on the smaller side. Leo is 2.5 months, about 6.5 kg and he is already on the first snap rise and often I feel that it is too tight. It can definitely fit a newborn but I doubt it’ll go all the way to potty training. We’ll see. Also, because of the rise, I do not fasten the hip snap. I figured with 3 waist snaps, there is no need for a hip snap and no way this diaper could fall off! Haha!

3. Charlie Banana OS Pocket Diaper




What I like: This is another diaper I will recommend! I really love how trim this diaper is. It is probably due to the fast that the OS adjustments are “bra-like” straps at the leg gussets and not snap rises.



As you can see in the picture above, it fits him very well and not bulky at all. The inner fleece material is great! It does not feel wet and the large opening makes it easy to “stuff” the diaper. Charlie Banana also has great prints and colors. Even though it has 3 snaps to fasten on each side, I never had a problem with it (I did not get confused as to which snap is where, but I did with Bumkins). It is super easy and the material feels very durable. I love this diaper very much!

What bugs me: I only hope that the strap adjustment band would last longer. If it does, this diaper is perfect! Other than that, I have no complaints about Charlie Banana. Go get some if you can!

4. Raf Raf OS AI2 Pocket Diaper



What I like: I like the AI2 system where you can choose to stuff the diaper or just snap it on the outside. This way, you don’t have to change the cover as often. Their inserts are highly absorbent! Each diaper comes with 2 inserts; one charcoal bamboo and one organic cotton/microfiber dual side. Both their inserts are super absorbent. However, there are 2 types to their charcoal insert. Read below.

What bugs me: I liked their original insert. I had bought their new charcoal bamboo insert; the new insert has leg gussets so it fits better on the diaper. The new insert leaks! Well, it does not absorb at all! Yes, I pre-washed them many many times! I have no idea how come it does not absorb at all. When I touch both the old and new, the new one feels more oily/plasticky, just weird. I a pretty disappointed with it. I will email Raf Raf and ask them why. It could be something I did wrong. Or maybe I need to wash them in a different way (but hey, I had no problems with my other diapers!)

This diaper has 4 snaps on each side. TOTAL OF 8!!! It is a lot of snaps and a little turn off for me 😦 Also, the back gusset seems tight even when I did not do the waist snaps tight. This diaper is also bulky. I tried to stuff it, but it didn’t look proper because the insert would jut out at the back! It is a OS diaper and I have it snap to the 2nd rise. Unlike bumGenius, their inserts have rise adjustments as well. None on Raf Raf so… it is not my favorite diaper, sadly. Maybe he can wear it better when he’s older? Although I was so fascinated when the sales person demo-ed and showed me how the diaper works in the baby expo, I have 8 of these diapers. But only used 3.

There you have it. My review and my experience with these diapers so far. Please know that every baby is different and shaped different. What may not fit my son, may fit yours. So please try it first and just use my review as a guide.

FYI, I had just found out that Facebook has community groups where other moms sell their preloved diapers at a cheaper rate! This is awesome! I don’t mind preloved diapers, in fact, I think it is better than new because they have been through many wash cycles and would work much better! If I had known this earlier, I wouldn’t have bought so many new “new” ones. I sold my Rumparooz diaper to another mom. The reason is because I don’t use them and I personally dislike stuffing them. Rumparooz’s pocket is not as wide and I have big hands. I am glad it made another Mama happy! 🙂

So what are your favorite dipes? Please do share it with me! I know there are so many brands out there I’ve yet to try!




11 responses to “Cloth Diaper Update/Review #2

  1. Lew says:

    Hi, may I know what’s Facebook address for preloved cloth diaper?

  2. Yii Ping Lim says:

    Hi, I’m new to cloth diapering and from your reviews it seems that simplex is the best. 🙂 can i know where can I get this brand?

  3. ling says:

    hi i am prewashing my raf raf too, the new charcoal is not absorbing as well and beads up. did you manage to solve that issue?

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi ling,
      I sold off my raf raf diapers coz 4 snaps was too much for me 😦
      As for insert u can try washing many many times with hot water. It should help make it more absorbent

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