My Little Miracle

The exciting story of God's very special gift to Mama & Papa…

April 28

Yesterday Mama & Papa went to the hospital to check on you. Dr. Menon was a very nice doctor and friendly too. I was waiting for this day for so long (it felt like months!) just to see how you’d look like. During the scan, Doc said that you are really small and looks like it was just 5 weeks. According to the calculation dates, you were suppose to be at 7 weeks but looking at your size, it does not tally with it and seems small. Mama got worried. Doc said that it is normal and that is the reason for my delayed positive home pregnancy test. I may have ovulated late and conceived late.

Despite those facts, I did feel a little upset. I was looking forward to hear your heartbeat and see you bigger. Already felt that my belly is bigger and I have been eating so much! That also made your due date to change to December 26. Yup, you will be our Christmas gift from God! Papa and Grandpa is happy because Dec 26 is your late Grandma’s birthday. I guess God has a better plan? And there is a reason that you were conceived late.

Mama is trying to be really positive. I felt the cramps and “feeling pregnant” before Friday, but today… felt pretty normal. No symptoms, nothing. Everybody’s pregnancy is different but I guess I am over worrying. Right now, I can just pray. That you will grow bigger each day and stay inside Mama until December 26. I know Papa says not to worry but Mama just wants to feel you. Stay healthy baby and GROW! I will see you by the end of May and I will hear your heartbeat. God’s in control and He will take care of it all.


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April 23

Yesterday I had a feast!!!! Banana leaf rice for lunch with chicken, fish, mutton and squid… and I was totally stuffed!!! And then for dinner, we had the usual Sunday family dinner but this time with the extended family at Tai Thong. For that, can you imagine the amount of food? I was feeling so guilty for eating so much. Could feel my belly bulging already… but with fat…

And then of course… I will remember that I am feeding you too. That is the reason for all the hunger!

Today Mama had a lot of cramps 😦 it is beginning to feel uncomfortable like something moving/twitching in the womb. Towards the evening, I was starting to feel dizzy and nausea.  Mama doesn’t have morning sickness, but have evening sickness. Slightly.

I needed some workout, in order to manage the weight I put on. So I joined Auntie Riyo’s BJ class. Figured that dance is better than RPM. Can’t imagine the feeling of bring suffocated in the cycling studio and I felt so much pressure. Didn’t want anything to happen while sitting on the bike. So dance was great. Sweat and felt much better. If course, I did the options making sure that I do not jump or hurt you. I could feel my heart rate rise faster than usual and higher than usual. I knew I was doing low impact options but I could feel my heartbeat very loudly! Almost breathless… I took deep breaths to make sure I don’t faint. Hahaha… it was indeed a good workout and Mama definitely want to keep fit and healthy while being a pregnant.

Right now the whether is so HOT!!! I can barely breathe and feels like my airway is being blocked! Going to take an early rest as tomorrow is gonna be a long day. Be good baby, I love you.


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April 21

Feeling more and more “crampy” today… and a little emotional. The cramps come and go more often now and I can feel something is happening to my body. Changing probably. Oh, and my boobs would hurt :s

My appetite is surprisingly okay. Not much of cravings or puking sensations.

Went to eat a late breakfast with Papa at PJ famous prawn noodle and then went visit Auntie Carol. She’s gonna be your grandaunt! She gave me options on which hospital to go to and what are the costs for birth and follow up. Papa asked some important questions too. I am so glad that she’s able to help as she’s having her 3rd baby in 2 weeks (he’s gonna be your uncle!!!) and she is very informative and experienced.

Funny though that people have all kinds of beliefs/superstition. I told Uncle Ken and Auntie Berry about you too. Uncle Ken said “Do not use scissors/knives/or hammer stuff!” Now, why would I go hammer stuff? And how do I not hold a knife if I needed to cook?


LOL – it IS kinda funny what people say, some are true some maybe not. But anyhow, it is all for the good of your growth inside me.

I am looking forward to next week. Feeling more pregnant as you grow. Of course, I can’t wait for our first ultrasound scan! I really wanna see what’s inside me and how you’d look like as tiny as a bean. Papa has to take a half day leave to bring me to the hospital. I am looking forward to see you and also to calculate the correct estimated due date. Supposedly December 15?

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The First Few Days

April 17, 2011

Today is the day I found out that I was pregnant with you. At noon, I took a home pregnancy test and tested positive. I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! I took 2 tests the week before and it came back negative so I’ve set my mind that I wasn’t pregnant and just move on with things. That Tuesday, after testing positive, there were so many things going through my mind…
I had a BC class to teach in the evening and I wasn’t sure what I was feeling. Just before class at Axis, I went and tested again just to make sure. Voila! POSITIVE. I still taught the class as usual and it felt pretty good to workout despite the fact that maybe I need to lay off jumping too much. I could not sleep tonight!

April 18, 2012

Finally visited the doctor and it is CONFIRMED that you were growing inside of me! The doctor said that I was 6 weeks pregnant. Honestly, I was in a daze. A little shocked yet happy yet blur. I made some calls, informing friends and of course Papa was happy too. I am sure he had some mixed feelings as well and I was wondering if we should be telling people about you since it is still in the early stage.

April 19, 2012.

Today is the day that I feel pregnant. Had a better sleep last night but as soon as I woke up, I was extremely hungry! I was more sensitive to my body and feeling everything that happened. At late noon, Mama felt some tummy cramps. It was uncomfortable but I read that it is normal in the early stages of pregnancy. Also, I could feel my heartbeat faster than usual and especially at night. I taught my last BC class tonight at KBT and it was such a great class. Quite a shock to members that I was dropping the class but I have to, in order to make sure you are well. Thanks to Auntie Zila, she helped mama teach 8 tracks of the class. I could feel my heart rate rise very quickly. It was indeed a good day today and finally sinking in the fact that I am pregnant. Mama was getting more and more excited about you 🙂

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