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Cloth Diaper Update/Review #2

Alright! I have now tried some of the other diaper brands, so now it’s review time!

Before I began, if you haven’t seen part #1, please click here —-> #1

1. Simplex OS AIO



What I like: I absolutely ADORE this diaper! This is by far the BEST AIO I have ever used (yes, even better than bumGenius elemental). Leo is at the smallest rise setting and it fits him perfect! This diaper is very trim and the leg gussets are very well made. Somehow it is tight but not overly tight and it never leaves any red marks on Leo. The waterproof material is also fantastic. It is not plastic-ish and it feels very durable. Another col thing about this AIO is that it has 2 different materials you can choose to touch baby’s skin; Bird’s eye cotton or fleece. Cotton is a natural material and fleece is a stay-dry material.


I personally used the stay-dry material so that Leo will have a dry bum and I not have to fold the tongue insert inside. This diaper is super absorbent and very easy to use (only 2 snaps per side). Initially, I only had 2 pieces of this, and because it was fantastic, I had bought another 5 from another mom who was selling hers at a cheaper rate. Really worth every sen!

What bugs me: NOTHING! Many claim that AIO takes a longer time to dry, but this is not so. I only find that true in bumGenius elemental because the insert does not fold out. I love my simplex!

2. Bumkins OS AIO


What I like: This diaper is super soft. The outer later seems “silky” to me. I am not sure what material it is made up of but it is definitely soft to the touch. Bumkins has a lot of cute prints on this diaper and I love the Dr. Seuss series. Although I don’t own any of those prints, but they are super cute! This diaper is very affordable for an AIO. You can get 2nd hand ones from RM20! New ones are around RM40-50. Other AIO normally range from RM60-90…

What bugs me: The snaps. At first I thought I would not be bothered with how many snaps there are on a diaper. I was so wrong! With a wiggly baby, trust me… it does matter! This diaper has one hip snap and three waist snaps. THREE!!! Altogether, there are 4 on each side to fasten. Also, this diaper seems to run on the smaller side. Leo is 2.5 months, about 6.5 kg and he is already on the first snap rise and often I feel that it is too tight. It can definitely fit a newborn but I doubt it’ll go all the way to potty training. We’ll see. Also, because of the rise, I do not fasten the hip snap. I figured with 3 waist snaps, there is no need for a hip snap and no way this diaper could fall off! Haha!

3. Charlie Banana OS Pocket Diaper




What I like: This is another diaper I will recommend! I really love how trim this diaper is. It is probably due to the fast that the OS adjustments are “bra-like” straps at the leg gussets and not snap rises.



As you can see in the picture above, it fits him very well and not bulky at all. The inner fleece material is great! It does not feel wet and the large opening makes it easy to “stuff” the diaper. Charlie Banana also has great prints and colors. Even though it has 3 snaps to fasten on each side, I never had a problem with it (I did not get confused as to which snap is where, but I did with Bumkins). It is super easy and the material feels very durable. I love this diaper very much!

What bugs me: I only hope that the strap adjustment band would last longer. If it does, this diaper is perfect! Other than that, I have no complaints about Charlie Banana. Go get some if you can!

4. Raf Raf OS AI2 Pocket Diaper



What I like: I like the AI2 system where you can choose to stuff the diaper or just snap it on the outside. This way, you don’t have to change the cover as often. Their inserts are highly absorbent! Each diaper comes with 2 inserts; one charcoal bamboo and one organic cotton/microfiber dual side. Both their inserts are super absorbent. However, there are 2 types to their charcoal insert. Read below.

What bugs me: I liked their original insert. I had bought their new charcoal bamboo insert; the new insert has leg gussets so it fits better on the diaper. The new insert leaks! Well, it does not absorb at all! Yes, I pre-washed them many many times! I have no idea how come it does not absorb at all. When I touch both the old and new, the new one feels more oily/plasticky, just weird. I a pretty disappointed with it. I will email Raf Raf and ask them why. It could be something I did wrong. Or maybe I need to wash them in a different way (but hey, I had no problems with my other diapers!)

This diaper has 4 snaps on each side. TOTAL OF 8!!! It is a lot of snaps and a little turn off for me 😦 Also, the back gusset seems tight even when I did not do the waist snaps tight. This diaper is also bulky. I tried to stuff it, but it didn’t look proper because the insert would jut out at the back! It is a OS diaper and I have it snap to the 2nd rise. Unlike bumGenius, their inserts have rise adjustments as well. None on Raf Raf so… it is not my favorite diaper, sadly. Maybe he can wear it better when he’s older? Although I was so fascinated when the sales person demo-ed and showed me how the diaper works in the baby expo, I have 8 of these diapers. But only used 3.

There you have it. My review and my experience with these diapers so far. Please know that every baby is different and shaped different. What may not fit my son, may fit yours. So please try it first and just use my review as a guide.

FYI, I had just found out that Facebook has community groups where other moms sell their preloved diapers at a cheaper rate! This is awesome! I don’t mind preloved diapers, in fact, I think it is better than new because they have been through many wash cycles and would work much better! If I had known this earlier, I wouldn’t have bought so many new “new” ones. I sold my Rumparooz diaper to another mom. The reason is because I don’t use them and I personally dislike stuffing them. Rumparooz’s pocket is not as wide and I have big hands. I am glad it made another Mama happy! 🙂

So what are your favorite dipes? Please do share it with me! I know there are so many brands out there I’ve yet to try!




Kinderdijk Roadshow & Baby Carriers…

Last Thursday, I was invited to attend a roadshow by Kinderdijk Sdn. Bhd. on Child Safety. The purpose of their roadshow is to create awareness among parents on the safety of their children especially when travelling. We also know that not many Malaysians are keen on purchasing car seats for their kids but it is actually so very important to do so. Too many accidents happen and you’ll never know what could happen on the road (I wouldn’t want my child to be flung out the car or even move about during the ride).

Kinderdijk is the distributor for Graco and Aprica products here in Malaysia. During the show they had a talk on newborn baby care and the characteristics of a newborn (I came slightly late because Leo was sleeping till 10am!). After that, they demonstrated the newest products from Aprica and Graco. From baby swings, to car seats, to strollers, and then playpens. I did like Graco products, even before this roadshow. I remember wanting to get the travel system before we actually had a baby, but during the course of the pregnancy, people had given us baby items and we did not need to buy. Graco is well known in the States and I have read/seen reviews on their products. I also learned that Aprica is from Japan. We all know that Japanese products are known for their quality so I am thrilled to find out more on Aprica. I found that they are little similar to Combi (light weight, easy to use, high end strollers with insulators) but I have yet to try any of their products.

In the media kit/goodie bag, they had given us an Aprica Easy-Touch Light baby carrier.


I haven’t had the chance to use it on Leo yet because I read that it is for babies 4 months and up. Leo is only 2.5 months so maybe that’ll have to wait. However, I would like to address that not all baby carriers are safe and some of them (because of the way it is made and their function) can cause hip dysplasia in infants and babies. We do not hear of this condition commonly here but it does happen. Baby’s hips are soft and still growing/progressing, so putting a certain pressure on their hip/pelvis can cause dislocation.


As you can see in the picture, it is not advisable for babies to be in carriers that puts pressure on their crotch area and forces their legs to drop/hang down like that. I am not saying that I am against these carriers, but just a precaution on what could happen long term. I am supporting baby wearing 100% but hoping that parents do it correctly to protect their children and minimize risks for hip dysplasia.

I currently own an Ergo organic baby carrier and I have to say, it is the best purchase I have ever made, and my husband agrees. I bought it 2nd hand from another mommy and never regretted that decision. The original brand new would be too expensive for us (costing around RM300+-600+ each, depending on design, color and type), so I am glad we got it cheaper 2nd hand.


Whenever I wear Leo in it, he sleeps and seldom make a fuss! Even at home, hubby wears it and he falls asleep.

I used to sling Leo when he was younger because he was so small and did not have any neck control at all. The ring sling kept him snug and close to me. He would also fall asleep in it.

IMG_1849 IMG_1850

We also have the Jumpsac Orbit carrier, very similar to the Ergo, but we have not used it yet. Not sure why, but maybe because we have the Ergo with us already or maybe just lazy to get the other one upstairs. These carriers are all inward facing or back carry only. It is the safest way to wear your baby in it. Many claim that they want forward facing carriers because baby wants to “see the world”, but don’t all babies? They are attracted to lights, colors and sounds! If you look at the physical anatomy (the way our body is structured), it doesn’t quite seem to fit front facing. There is too much weight distribution on the baby’s chest/hips and his neck, because babies tend to lean forward.

Anyway, I will give the Aprica one a try once Leo can fit into it properly and see how it goes. It does seem very light weight which great! Maybe these carriers are meant for older babies? When they have enough neck control? When their bones are more developed/stronger? What do you think?

If you own an Aprica/Baby Bjorn/Ergo/Boba or any other baby carriers, do comment below and tell me your experience. I would really like to know!

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Sleep or no sleep?

Leonidas is now 2.5 months old! ALREADY???

Yep… time is flying by and I cannot even imagine going back to work in 2 weeks! Having said that, I am so glad that I took an extra month off work (unpaid actually) to spend time with him. This past week he has grown so much! Here is what he has done so far:-

1. He lifted up his head during tummy time and it was a shock to me! Well, I clearly wasn’t expecting that to happen. It was just one morning on Oct 11th, Friday (which makes him exactly 10 weeks old!) I turned him around as he was fussing after waking up and I was pumping milk. Suddenly he lifted his head to look at me! Then I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped a pic! He actually looked shocked himself, haha!


2. On that same day, Friday, Oct 11th, he  let out a little giggle as I was tickling him. It sounded like he had to cough but it was not a cough. It was a “happy cough”. He found it very funny when I say “Ah boo!” with my eyes wide open. It’s like as if he is trying to mimic me.


3. He’s been sticking his tongue out a lot. Not on purpose I guess, but just being goofy. Because he does that, he would drool a lot too and play around with his saliva! So I put a bib on him now… just so my clothes don’t get filled with spit! Haha!


So, the big question; How is he sleeping?

I was hoping that he would continue to STTN (sleep through the night)! To our surprise, he slept through for about a week 2 weeks ago. He would sleep at around 10:30pm and wake between 6-7am! That is almost 8 hours! But I remember 2 of those nights he woke at around 5:30 to nurse then back to sleep again. I was so thrilled, I thought he had learned to STTN and I could get some quality sleep. But, it didn’t last long 😦

Last week, and currently, he would sleep very late at night, around 11pm. I’m not sure why, but I suspect it is due to the fact that he takes a long nap from 5-7pm. Also, last week we went out a lot and came home late. When we do that, his sleep time could be affected. Being 2.5 months, I guess sticking to a routine is so very important to establish a good habit/system. But you know… sometimes I just want to go out for dinner or hit the gym or just do something different. I know for sure that when I go back to work, we need to keep time so that he gets enough sleep and I get enough sleep. I cannot imagine going to work with dark circles AND having to teach classes! It is physically challenging for me! Imagine having no sleep and teaching an hour of high impact cardio exercise and then work. Lord, please help me!

This week was tough, I felt like I had insomnia. After he’s gone to bed, I should be sleeping too, but I normally pump milk and then do the laundry and just want to spend some “me” time. So by the time I sleep, it is past midnight, He’s been waking at 4:30am for the past few days to nurse then back to sleep (he would nurse around 10 minutes). He then wakes up again at 6am or close to 7am, and then I would out him to co-sleep with me… and then again at 8am and 9am and 10am and so on… it can go on forever! He would fuss and I know he is not hungry. I don’t know how to stop this! In the wee hours in the morning, after his 4:30am feed, it will take me like 30 minutes to an hour to go back to sleep! I am ultra-sensitive to sounds now! Be it snoring, dog walking around, even breathing!!! What is going on?

Anyway, today I put him to at 9:30pm. I am hoping that he would sleep longer and better. The past week he’s been waking up close to 10am every morning (probably coz he sleeps late at night) but this has to change. When I get back to work, he has to be awake earlier and go to daycare at 8am. So… I hope this works and hopefully *fingers crossed* he would sleep better and longer. And of course, so that I can get some good rest.

If you guys have any tips or ideas, please tell me. Or if you have a different experience? I greatly appreciate other moms’ opinion just so I know that I am not suffering alone…


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Breastfeeding Update #2

Breastfeeding has been going great for us. At Leo’s 2 month checkup yesterday, he weighed 6.1 kilograms, and he was born 3.4 kilograms. So the weight gain is one of the best measurements to know if he is getting enough milk. I honestly feel that he is eating more than he should be. But how can I adjust or know the exact amount? Most of the time, I direct latch him so I have no idea how many oz./ml he is taking at each feed. I have tried to bottle feed him just to let him get used to it once he’s at daycare. He only takes around 3-3.5oz. max in a bottle, and that will take him around 30-45mins to finish.

I am also pumping milk out to store for him, in case he needs it later on at daycare (although I plan to give him freshly pumped milk the day before, but just in case my supply drops). I normally pump 2-3 times a day; in the morning, occasionally in the afternoon and before bed. I would yield around 15-20 oz. in total pumping sessions. This also depends on what ate on that day, sometimes it can be a lot and some days merely 10 oz. I started pumping 2 weeks after he was born and slowly got into this routine. So far it has been great and I have a pretty stable stash to last for some time.

I realized that my fridge was getting more and more full, with no space for food anymore, so I decided to buy a chest freezer. I was thinking that it would be an investment, as I can use it for frozen food when needed or just store ice creams later on :p hehe


I looked on and they had a good deal on a chest freezer so I bought it right away. Their service was good and also had “Cash on Delivery” option. The freezer arrived 3 days later and I immediately kept my milk in it. Frozen breast milk can last 6 months in a deep freezer like this!


Currently, I have frozen about 100+ packs of EBM (expressed breast milk) ranging between 4-5oz. each pack. I am very happy with this result and hope to still continue as long as I can. In case you are wondering, I use 12oz. storage bags and just put 5-6 oz. in them. This way, I can lay them flat and save space. Also, I do not have to thaw so much at one time and only use what I need. Frozen EBM can only last 24 hours after thawing.

2013-10-09 12.10.44


2013-10-09 12.10.59


To moms who are wondering how I manage to yield so much; you need determination. I do not take any supplements to boost milk supply. Do read my previous post on breastfeeding update #1 here, to help you understand that it is important to start right; mentally and physically. It is not easy, but it will be worth it!


Anyway, just to let you see the difference between milk in the first week and milk now. Colostrum is baby’s first “milk” and it is so valuable and precious! It has the most nutrition your baby needs. Milk will also change as your baby grows and you can actually see the difference. God is indeed amazing!


That is all for my breastfeeding update #2! For new moms out there, do continue to breastfeed to provide the best for your baby and yourself! For moms to be, read and research as much as you can! If there are any questions, do post them below. Thanks for reading! 🙂



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A letter to my son…

Dear Leonidas,

How quickly time had flown by. Just 2 months ago, I held you in my arms for the first time, being in awe of a miracle that had just happened! You were so tiny and perfect! Can’t believe you were inside my womb for 9 whole months and grew from a tiny little cell. The past 2 months has been a great journey. I have learnt a lot being with you and you have taught me so much patience and how to enjoy the little things in life. I just want you to know that I love you and I love being your mother. It is an honor being your mother and being responsible for you; a gift from God.


There are times where I felt really stressed and tired because I do not know what you want or need. When you cry, it breaks my heart. And sometimes, I cry together with you too. Often, I get frustrated with you because I am doing what I can to soothe you, but you kept on screaming. I am sorry if I had to walk away sometimes to get some air and let you be on your own. Again, it breaks my heart but I have to do so, or I may accidentally hurt you. I want you to know too, that I am always here for you; when you need a snuggle, when you want to be held, when you need to nurse, or just need some help going back to sleep.


Just these past few days, you have learnt to smile and using a lot of eye contact. You smile the biggest when you wake in the morning and after a diaper change. You have the cutest smile with a dimple! You are looking at your surroundings a lot and recognize voices when someone talks to you. Slowly, you are also getting into routine; the time you sleep/wake/nurse/bath/naps (which you only catnap 30 mins max each time).


I love spending time with you every day and being here for you. I know I will miss you very much when I get back to work next month. You will be at daycare and someone else will be watching over you. I dread for that time to come because I will not be able to snuggle you or hold you as much as I wanted. I know too, that it is going to be very hard for me. And I don’t even know if you will be able to cope well there. As hard as it may be, I pray that God will be our comfort and we will have peace being separated for the day. Do know that if it was ever possible, I would stay at home longer to be with you. But Mama needs to work and help Papa support our family. And also ensure that you have a better future.

Dear little one,

Please don’t cry and don’t be sad. We still have about 3 more weeks together. I will make sure that these 3 weeks spent with you are precious and we will continue to learn together. Your smile is contagious so let’s keep smiling! I love you very much.


Your Mother