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16 Weeks!


Yes, we are currently expecting our second miracle! It was been 16 weeks and a pretty tough one. I actually wanted to do weekly posts on this pregnancy, but I was feeling very, VERY sick this time round. It has made me unable to work, sleep, eat, and basically not function as usual. I am not exaggerating…

Don’t get me wrong! We are really happy and excited! It’s just that the initial stage was really hard for me. I literally could not function and it made me so sick that I was on bed rest most of the time, literally doing nothing and feeling very useless. It is only now, at around 16 weeks, I am feeling much, MUCH better and slightly back to myself (except that I am still tired most of the time). I could finally eat, smell and cook! I remember thinking to myself, what if this feeling doesn’t go off? What if I am this sick throughout the whole pregnancy? I freaked out! And even thought to myself, that if I have to go through this again, I’m not sure if we will have anymore Quackababies… but deep down, I don’t ever want this as my last J

Anyways, you will see more pregnancy updates here on Mama2Baby again. Hopefully every 2 weeks or so, until the day I give birth and even after! You know… all the exciting stories and experiences to share!

Here’s a glimpse of Quackababy 2 at my 12 week ultrasound.


In the meantime, our little miracle has turned 2 early this month! I can’t believe how time just flew by and he’s no longer a baby. It blows my mind how much he can speak now and express himself. I am so thankful that he’s such a sweetheart! Leo will always be our Quackababy!


Stay tuned for more updates! And thank you for staying with Mama2Baby and being so patient!

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