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Feeding 101: How To Make Baby Food

Leo has started semi solids since he was 4 months old. I know many moms wait until their baby turns 6 months, but Leo just seems quicker in development and he had shown interest in food pretty early. Also because mommy was kinda excited to see him experiment with different kinds of foods! Every baby is different so it is better to wait until 6 months if ever possible.

We practice “BLW” which means Baby Led Weaning from the beginning because I wanted Leo to be able to eat what we eat and learn to chew/suck/bite before swallowing. In those early months, he did not know how to and we were very cautious to make sure that he does not take a whole chunck of food and then choke on it. So we did a little bit of puree food and BLW at the same time.

In this post, I wanted to share on how to make baby food (puree), It is actually VERY easy and can save you a lot of money from those baby food jars. Plus, it is healthier. I chose to make pumpkin and sweet potato puree. I only bought a quarter of a Japanese pumpkin and one piece of the Australian sweet potato. Here’s how you do it:-


Step 1: Prep – Wash the pumpkin and sweet potato well. Remove the seeds from the pumpkin and skin the sweet potato.

Step 2: Prep – Cut the sweet potato into small pieces so that it will cook faster and easier to puree later on. As for the pumpkin, I lay it side down to steam because once it’s cooked; the skin will peel off easily. You can also choose to cut off the skin and cut them into small pieces just like the sweet potato but it would be harder because pumpkin skin is super hard!

Step 3: Cook – I steamed them in a food steamer for about 25-30 minutes. I chose to steam because it retains the moisture of the food and I can use the water (full of vitamins from the food) to make the puree. You can also bake it in an oven with the same process.

2014-03-07 00.26.24

2014-03-07 00.26.21

Step 5: Cook – Let it cool down for a while. Peel off the skin from the pumpkin. It should come out very easily. Then, scoop the flesh into a blender. I use a Phillips high density blender (a normal blender I use for my smoothies).

2014-03-07 00.26.18


2014-03-07 00.26.27



Step 6: Puree –  Once you put the food in the blender, add some water/milk. Blend until smooth. If you want a thinner puree, just add more water/milk. Leo prefers it thicker as he’s 7 months now. I add the water left behind from the steamer basket. It only takes a few seconds to puree it.

2014-03-07 00.26.12


2014-03-07 00.26.15

Step 7: Eat – I usually taste it first and then serve it warm. It tastes really good and sweet! I personally like it and think Leo is one lucky boy to enjoy these foods!

Step 8: Storing – I use normal ice cube trays to store the puree, freeze it, and then pop them out like ice cubes into a zipper bag. Whenever I need one, I just take a cube out from the zipper bag, warm it, and serve. Currently, Leo takes 2 cubes at one feed. If you find that the puree is still thick after thawing, you can continue to add water/milk into it.




And that is ALL you need to know on how to make baby food and storing them! You can try with various types of foods with the same process! I only need to make it once a week or every 1.5 weeks. Currently, Leo only has solids once a day which is at dinner time. Often, he eats whatever we eat (rice, broccoli, pasta, chicken, etc) once he finishes his puree. More info on Baby Led Weaning soon on this blog!

Have you ever made your own baby food? Share it with me in the comments below!



Cloth Diaper Update/Review Part #3

More diapers to update and review on! I love my cloth diapers, can you tell? If you missed part #1 and #2. You can read it here —> #1 —> #2

Please also know that most of these diapers are bought and in preloved conditions. I am a believer of used cloth diapers and if taken care properly, these diapers have a high resale value.

Alrightie! Let’s get right into it! Leo will be my model. He is 7 months old and weighs 9 kilograms.

1. Thirsties Duo AIO (Size 2)

Thirsties AIO

What I like: This diaper is probably the easiest to put on a Leo! Only 2 horizontal snaps per side and no flaps/inserts/booster hanging out from the diaper. As you know, putting a diaper on a 7 month old squirmy baby is a challenge. LOL. The inside of this diaper is a stay dry material on top and microfiber sewn in at the back. The stay dry feel is very soft and I would say very comfortable for Leo.

What bugs me: This diaper seems to run smaller than most diapers that I have. As you can see, the rise is pretty low. Leo is already unsnapped at the rise setting and the snap closures are only 1 away from the last! I honestly don’t think that this diaper can fit him long (maybe until he’s a year old?). The AIO is also pretty bulky, as most AIO’s are. Because this diaper does not have flaps/inserts/boosters hanging out, it does take a long time to dry.

2. Baby BeeHinds Magic-Alls (Size M)


What I like: At first glance, this diaper looks big and bulky (probably because the snap closure flap looks so wide. But to my finding, it fits perfectly and has a very soft minky fabric. I was not a fan of minky diapers, but BBH changed my mind. I have had poop on this diaper and I was amazed to find that it didn’t leak or blowout! Looking at the leg gussets, I thought that this diaper would definitely blowout, and I was wrong. It contained all the mess and I was a happy Mama! As an AIO diaper, just like the Thirsties, it has a suede cloth lining and microfiber sewn in (no flaps, hanging inserts whatsoever). It is not as bulky as the Thirsties and does dry faster too.


What bugs me: I had Leo in it for about 4 hours in it while we were out. I found that the side of his thighs were wet and had to change his jeans. The diaper was probably full and it wicked onto the leg gussets and his jeans. Absorbency wise, this AIO does not hold as much. I wished they have made the leg gusset go inwards rather than outwards.

3. Bum Genius Elemental


What I like: Even though Bum Genius has a very wide crotch area, the Elemental is the trimmest. It does not bulk like the pocket diapers. It is also very absorbent and Leo can go pretty long in it before changing. This diaper is also easy to put on (with 2 snaps on each closure) and probably will be easy for babysitters too. Among all the Bum Genius brands, I would go for the Elemental.

What bugs me: For the price of an Elemental, I would rather get Grovia/Simplex/Itti Bitti. The material on made on those other 3 brands feels sturdier and long lasting. This diaper also takes a long time to dry. There are 2 layers of soakers sewn in therefore you have to lay it out nicely before hanging it to dry. Other than that, I would say there are no cons to the Elemental.

4. Flip OS Diaper System


What I like: If I want to save more money, this is the diaper system I will stick to. Just like prefolds and covers, the Flip allows you to reuse the covers and just change the inserts. I like this system a lot because it is so easy and I can reuse the covers 2-3 times before washing (unless I got poop on the cover). The Flip comes with the special stay dry insert which I only need to lay it in the diaper and use (no need to fold adjust anything). For daytime use, it is convenient, easy and economical.

What bugs me: When I lay the insert in, it is not snapped onto the cover. Often, the insert moves while I change Leo. So sometimes, the insert is “senget” inside. However, I have had no leaks or blowouts in the Flip. This is also a brand from Bum Genius, so it is wide at the crotch and a little bit bulky. It would be even more bulky if you lay 2 inserts in for more absorbency.

5. Grovia AI2 Hybrid Diaper

Grovia AI2

What I like: I love the Velcro/hook and loop on this diaper. It has the sturdiest and strong closure compared to other brand’s Velcro. No doubt the Grovia diaper is pretty expensive but you do pay for the quality. The soaker on this diaper is also very absorbent. I had Leo in it for almost 6 hours (I know it’s too long, but I wanted to test the absorbency), it did not leak or wick onto his clothes. It is also easy to manage as you only need to snap the soaker off the diaper (if I have poop, I only spray off the soaker). The shells can be reused, but most of the time, I just wash it because I don’t have extra soakers to change anyway. The soaker has a waterproof backing so it doesn’t get the shell wet. I would say this is a good swim diaper too because the shell has a layer of cloth and will feel soft on baby. The soaker has a waterproof backing so it doesn’t get the shell wet. I wouldn’t mind to have all Grovia hybrids in my stash J even if they are all Velcro!

What bugs me: The price! LOL. If it was cheaper, I would buy more new ones and enjoy the simplicity or this diaper. Having said how absorbent the soaker is, it does take a very long time to dry. Longer than the AIO’s I have.

6. Itti Bitti Tutto


What I like: This diaper is very trim! (Probably the 2nd trimmest diaper besides the Simplex). It fits Leo very well and the minky fabric is soft. There are many layers of absorbency in Tutto and I can customize it the way I want. Leo is a boy so I normally fold more absorbency towards the front. No leaks or blowouts. This diaper is easy to put on Leo too as it only has 2 snaps on the closure (I am a fan of 2 snaps… any more than that, I think twice before purchasing).


What bugs me: I’ve learn to love the Itti Bitti series, BUT… there are a lot of snaps inside the diaper! Literally. It allows you to customize many options but it is too overwhelming, especially for dads/babysitters/caregivers. I have not send this diaper for daycare use yet because I’m not sure if they will do it right or wondering how come there are so many flaps around the inside. I always prep my diapers before putting them away or sending to daycare, but I will not send this yet. Even though the Tutto is a OS diaper, again, I don’t think it will fit Leo until he’s 1.5 or 2 years old. It runs pretty small in sizing BUT if you have a newborn, I would suggest the Tutto as you can use it for at least a year.

7. Itti Bitti D’lish AIO (Size L)


What I like: As all IB diapers are, very trim. It fits Leo perfectly and I can tell he feels comfortable wearing this diaper. The AIO is less complicated than the Tutto or the SIO. Similar to Simplex, it only has one flap/tongue insert hanging. Very easy and quick to put on Leo even though he squirms around.

What bugs me: Besides a longer drying time, I have no problems with this diaper. I only hope that Leo can fit in them longer. He is already wearing the largest size and I am not sure if he can fit until he’s 2. IB diaper range does run smaller in sizing compared to most brands I have tried.

8. Itti Bitti D’lish SIO (Size L)


What I like: I like the SIO more than the AIO because of the absorbency. The SIO can hold more and I can customize the inserts as you like. Even with all the inserts/boosters in the diaper, it is still very trim. No blowouts or leaking happened to Leo. I have also read that the SIO can be used a night time diaper. I have not personally tried it but I will after using it more often. The inserts dry quickly because you can unsnap the inserts to dry separately. And of course, if I liked minky fabric, I would get a ton of IB in my stash!

What bugs me: Again, just like the Tutto. The snaps inside can be confusing and overwhelming. If I want convenient/easy to use diapers, I won’t for go for the SIO.  I will also not use this diaper for daycare yet until the caregivers are more comfortable with cloth diapers first. This diaper is pretty expensive. If I wanted to save money, I will not get the IB brand. Maybe the Grovia would be better for its quality and versatility, but not IB.

Are you a user of any of these diapers? If yes, please let me know what you think of them! Share it with me in the comments below.