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Cloth Diaper Update/Review Part #4

I didn’t realize that I haven’t posted these diapers in a while!!! I thought I had them Reviewed on Part #1 but when I checked, I had missed it. So sorry! Not a lot, but here it is.

If you need to find out more on other diapers, check out the other parts by clicking on the links.

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1. Bamboolite Day Premium OS

This diaper was given to me by Kendra, a local cloth diapering mama. She wanted my review on it and it was very kind of her to do this. Thank you, Kendra!

Bamboolite Day

What I like: The fact that this is a local diaper, I am amazed at the quality. It is not too bad and it really is absorbent. It has to be prepped properly before using because it is made of natural fibers. The minky material is very soft and leg gussets works very well too.

What bugs me: It could be a little bulky because its insert is pretty thick. Also, the price. New ones can range from RM50-60 a piece. You can find other local brands cheaper. However, if you manage to get them on sale then it’s worth it.

2. Bamboolite Night Premium OS

Again, thank you Mommy Kendra for this diaper! Leo looks so chunky in this photo!

Bamboolite Night

What I like: It is a AI2 system where you use a prefold/insert and a cover over it. The cover itself is high quality. It has good leg gussets to prevent leaks and easy to put on, only 2 snaps per side.

What bugs me: The premium night insert wasn’t that great. It said in their website that it can last around 10 hours! I personally don’t think so. I don’t consider Leo a heavy wetter and it was soaked in the morning. No leaks, but soaked! I would use the cover, but the night insert, not so much. Maybe if I can get some other better inserts, it can be a good night solution.

3. Bubblebubs Candies OS

This diaper was lent to me by Jasmine, another cloth diaper mama addict like me. She lent me a few diapers to try out and review. And If I liked them, I can buy them. This is such a great way to know if you really like a diaper. There are so many brands out there and if there were a way mamas can lend each other, we can truly know what works for our babies. Every baby is different eh?

Bubblebubs Candies

What I like: This diaper is fail proof! You wont have any leaks if you prep it properly and if worn properly. The minky outer is super soft and the trifold insert is very good. It absorbs a lot and perfect for heavy wetters. I used it at nighttime and it did not leak at all. In fact, some parts of the insert was still dry! I absolutely adore this diaper and I had bought some for myself after returning this to Mommy Jasmine. Not pink for sure, hahaha!

What bugs me: This is a side snapping diaper. To my surprise, it didn’t bug my husband he had put them on Leo like a pro! For me, it’s not really a big issue, just that it’s different. Also, this is a OS diaper. It can fit a tiny baby and a toddler, but only until 15kg or so. So if you have a chunky baby and a big baby, I’m not sure if this diaper will fit for long. But it is a good investment because you will surely use it for a year to a year and a half.

4. Pikapu OS

Thanks again Mommy Jasmine!


What I like: The ease of use of this diaper is incredible. It is easy to put on and fits most sizes of babies. There are 4 rise adjustments settings so this diaper can really fit a tiny newborn to a big toddler. The double leg gussets makes this diaper leak proof and keeps all the mess inside. This AIO diaper has a tongue style insert which makes drying time much faster and the material is very very soft. The absorbing material is awesomely dry (the dry-est diaper I have ever felt, even when it is full). I would call this a go-to diaper when in a hurry or need a quick change.

What bugs me: Pikapu is not very well known, but it is expensive. Mostly available in Australia and New Zealand, and some parts of Asia. Next would be the Velcro closures. I am not a fan of Velcro, except Grovia. This Velcro seems sturdier than the Bum Genius and many other brands, but it isn’t my favorite. If they had come in snaps it would be awesome. Having said all these, I also went ahead and got some for Leo after returning this to Mommy Jasmine.

5. Willow & Sage OS


What I like: This diaper is charcoal bamboo lined and comes with the charcoal bamboo insert. CB inserts are very absorbent and soft. It makes this diaper very comfortable for Leo (I believe so because he would poop in them very fast EVERY time I had it on him, haha). It’s double leg gussets keeps all the mess just like the Pikapu and because of the material, it is so easy to spray off the poop. It comes right off fast and very easy to clean. Hubby cleaned them without complaints and even told me that he was impressed at how easy it was. The price of this diaper is cheap too. Range from 25-35 a piece, made in Singapore.

What bugs me: The insert for this diaper is standard and there is no snap down like the Bum Genius or different sizes like the Charlie Banana. Leo is only on the second snap rise adjustment and the insert would stick out from the diaper. I have to fold it down slightly to make it fit. This diaper is also pretty bulky (Leo cries if its too bulky especially at night, telling me he is uncomfortable) and the snaps is not as the other brands. When I say easy, I refer to the way it would automatically fit into the cap and there is no need to count how many snaps away (if you know what I mean).

6. Applecheeks Size 2


What I like: I LOVE this diaper. It is the only pocket diaper that is so versatile and can be adjusted so easily. The 2 snaps on each wing can easily be placed according to how your baby fits (i.e. if he has chunky thighs, you can snap it further away and tighter if he has skinny legs; you do not need to follow the exact cap for each snap). There are gussets at the back of the diaper and in the front as well, making it more fitting on the baby. This diaper has a lot of room to grow. I can see Leo wearing this pass 2 years if he still hasn’t potty trained. The envelope style pocket makes it easy to stuff (like SUPER easy) and you can stuff more than 1 insert. The pocket is big enough for you stuff more than 1 insert and maybe use for a nighttime diaper.

What bugs me: You cannot get this diaper locally, not even our neighboring countries. I got this diaper from the US and it is not cheap. It also does not come with an insert. You can stuff it with anything possible (i.e. microfiber insert, prefolds, flats, anything you can think off). The leg gussets tend to curl outwards (similar to Baby Beehinds), so sometimes if it isn’t put on properly, it may wick on baby’s clothes.

But I really like the fact that this diaper is trim and yet has so much room to fit on baby. I will definitely get more when I have the chance!

I hope you find these reviews helpful. Again, this is what works for Leo and every baby is different. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below or email and I will respond to you.

Stay tuned for the next part of the review: fitted diapers!



Converting Aplix Diapers into Snaps!

Actually, I’ve done this about a month ago! Been wanting to post it up but haven’t got the time to. As usual… my excuse is “I am busy!” I wonder when I’ll ever stop saying that.

Jim Benton disappointed

I was never a fan of aplix/Velcro/hook and loop diapers.  The only reason I had bought them was I wanted to have some varieties and make it easier for Papa to handle cloth. The thought of cloth diapering at daycare was also one of it. I wanted people to know that cloth is so easy and not much of a difference putting it on/off like a disposable.

I had bought a preloved Flip cover and it was in Velcro. Often when I have a BumGenius/Flip Velcro diaper on, the front tabs seem to rub on Leo’s belly a lot (probably because my little baby has a belly!) and there was one time after daycare, his skin was all red from the chaffing. I thought to myself, I am gonna convert this Flip into snaps!

Here, I am gonna show you how I did it and how it turned out to be.

Firstly, you need the KAM snap pliers. I bought it at and was very happy with it. The original intention to buy it was for making my own pacifier clip, which worked very well for us!

Things I used:

1. KAM pliers

2. Snaps (male/female dies)

3. Marker pen to mark where I wanted the snaps to be

4. Ruler to measure

5. Sharp needle/seam ripper


Here is how the diaper looks like with Velcro (FYI, I did this at night so I’m sorry if the pictures look dark. I had to use the flash)


I used a sharp needle/seam ripper to remove the thread from the Velcro. The front tabs and the side tabs. I left the laundry tabs alone because I was lazy to remove all of it and that doesn’t bother Leo at all.


Then, I measure where I wanted the snaps accordingly with the ruler and mark it with the marker. I follow another Flip cover with snaps and made sure the measurement was correct (you can be creative and do it your own way as well).


It came up about 1 inch apart for each of the snaps.

Then, I use the sharp seam ripper to poke a hole through the diaper and secure the snap into it (make sure you turn the diaper over and secure it on the PUL and not the inner part of the suede cloth, especially for pocket diapers. You don’t wanna ruin them!) I then use the pliers to press it down neatly and it will lock the snaps already.





Ta-daa! This is the finished product!



Honestly! After converting some of my Velcro diapers, I feel happy that I do not need to sell them off or stop using them. I fell in love with it again and it feels like they are new!



On the other side, I also fixed some snaps on my Itti Bitti SIO diaper. My dog (Milo) pulled down the diaper and bit the snaps! I was so mad and thought that’s the end of my Itti Bitti. But then, KAM snap pliers rescued it!


So after the success of this project, I converted 2 more BunGenius diapers into snaps. The original Velcro was old and yellow.



How is the condition of your Velcro diapers? Have you ever converted them? Please share it with me!


Cloth Diaper Update/Review Part #3

More diapers to update and review on! I love my cloth diapers, can you tell? If you missed part #1 and #2. You can read it here —> #1 —> #2

Please also know that most of these diapers are bought and in preloved conditions. I am a believer of used cloth diapers and if taken care properly, these diapers have a high resale value.

Alrightie! Let’s get right into it! Leo will be my model. He is 7 months old and weighs 9 kilograms.

1. Thirsties Duo AIO (Size 2)

Thirsties AIO

What I like: This diaper is probably the easiest to put on a Leo! Only 2 horizontal snaps per side and no flaps/inserts/booster hanging out from the diaper. As you know, putting a diaper on a 7 month old squirmy baby is a challenge. LOL. The inside of this diaper is a stay dry material on top and microfiber sewn in at the back. The stay dry feel is very soft and I would say very comfortable for Leo.

What bugs me: This diaper seems to run smaller than most diapers that I have. As you can see, the rise is pretty low. Leo is already unsnapped at the rise setting and the snap closures are only 1 away from the last! I honestly don’t think that this diaper can fit him long (maybe until he’s a year old?). The AIO is also pretty bulky, as most AIO’s are. Because this diaper does not have flaps/inserts/boosters hanging out, it does take a long time to dry.

2. Baby BeeHinds Magic-Alls (Size M)


What I like: At first glance, this diaper looks big and bulky (probably because the snap closure flap looks so wide. But to my finding, it fits perfectly and has a very soft minky fabric. I was not a fan of minky diapers, but BBH changed my mind. I have had poop on this diaper and I was amazed to find that it didn’t leak or blowout! Looking at the leg gussets, I thought that this diaper would definitely blowout, and I was wrong. It contained all the mess and I was a happy Mama! As an AIO diaper, just like the Thirsties, it has a suede cloth lining and microfiber sewn in (no flaps, hanging inserts whatsoever). It is not as bulky as the Thirsties and does dry faster too.


What bugs me: I had Leo in it for about 4 hours in it while we were out. I found that the side of his thighs were wet and had to change his jeans. The diaper was probably full and it wicked onto the leg gussets and his jeans. Absorbency wise, this AIO does not hold as much. I wished they have made the leg gusset go inwards rather than outwards.

3. Bum Genius Elemental


What I like: Even though Bum Genius has a very wide crotch area, the Elemental is the trimmest. It does not bulk like the pocket diapers. It is also very absorbent and Leo can go pretty long in it before changing. This diaper is also easy to put on (with 2 snaps on each closure) and probably will be easy for babysitters too. Among all the Bum Genius brands, I would go for the Elemental.

What bugs me: For the price of an Elemental, I would rather get Grovia/Simplex/Itti Bitti. The material on made on those other 3 brands feels sturdier and long lasting. This diaper also takes a long time to dry. There are 2 layers of soakers sewn in therefore you have to lay it out nicely before hanging it to dry. Other than that, I would say there are no cons to the Elemental.

4. Flip OS Diaper System


What I like: If I want to save more money, this is the diaper system I will stick to. Just like prefolds and covers, the Flip allows you to reuse the covers and just change the inserts. I like this system a lot because it is so easy and I can reuse the covers 2-3 times before washing (unless I got poop on the cover). The Flip comes with the special stay dry insert which I only need to lay it in the diaper and use (no need to fold adjust anything). For daytime use, it is convenient, easy and economical.

What bugs me: When I lay the insert in, it is not snapped onto the cover. Often, the insert moves while I change Leo. So sometimes, the insert is “senget” inside. However, I have had no leaks or blowouts in the Flip. This is also a brand from Bum Genius, so it is wide at the crotch and a little bit bulky. It would be even more bulky if you lay 2 inserts in for more absorbency.

5. Grovia AI2 Hybrid Diaper

Grovia AI2

What I like: I love the Velcro/hook and loop on this diaper. It has the sturdiest and strong closure compared to other brand’s Velcro. No doubt the Grovia diaper is pretty expensive but you do pay for the quality. The soaker on this diaper is also very absorbent. I had Leo in it for almost 6 hours (I know it’s too long, but I wanted to test the absorbency), it did not leak or wick onto his clothes. It is also easy to manage as you only need to snap the soaker off the diaper (if I have poop, I only spray off the soaker). The shells can be reused, but most of the time, I just wash it because I don’t have extra soakers to change anyway. The soaker has a waterproof backing so it doesn’t get the shell wet. I would say this is a good swim diaper too because the shell has a layer of cloth and will feel soft on baby. The soaker has a waterproof backing so it doesn’t get the shell wet. I wouldn’t mind to have all Grovia hybrids in my stash J even if they are all Velcro!

What bugs me: The price! LOL. If it was cheaper, I would buy more new ones and enjoy the simplicity or this diaper. Having said how absorbent the soaker is, it does take a very long time to dry. Longer than the AIO’s I have.

6. Itti Bitti Tutto


What I like: This diaper is very trim! (Probably the 2nd trimmest diaper besides the Simplex). It fits Leo very well and the minky fabric is soft. There are many layers of absorbency in Tutto and I can customize it the way I want. Leo is a boy so I normally fold more absorbency towards the front. No leaks or blowouts. This diaper is easy to put on Leo too as it only has 2 snaps on the closure (I am a fan of 2 snaps… any more than that, I think twice before purchasing).


What bugs me: I’ve learn to love the Itti Bitti series, BUT… there are a lot of snaps inside the diaper! Literally. It allows you to customize many options but it is too overwhelming, especially for dads/babysitters/caregivers. I have not send this diaper for daycare use yet because I’m not sure if they will do it right or wondering how come there are so many flaps around the inside. I always prep my diapers before putting them away or sending to daycare, but I will not send this yet. Even though the Tutto is a OS diaper, again, I don’t think it will fit Leo until he’s 1.5 or 2 years old. It runs pretty small in sizing BUT if you have a newborn, I would suggest the Tutto as you can use it for at least a year.

7. Itti Bitti D’lish AIO (Size L)


What I like: As all IB diapers are, very trim. It fits Leo perfectly and I can tell he feels comfortable wearing this diaper. The AIO is less complicated than the Tutto or the SIO. Similar to Simplex, it only has one flap/tongue insert hanging. Very easy and quick to put on Leo even though he squirms around.

What bugs me: Besides a longer drying time, I have no problems with this diaper. I only hope that Leo can fit in them longer. He is already wearing the largest size and I am not sure if he can fit until he’s 2. IB diaper range does run smaller in sizing compared to most brands I have tried.

8. Itti Bitti D’lish SIO (Size L)


What I like: I like the SIO more than the AIO because of the absorbency. The SIO can hold more and I can customize the inserts as you like. Even with all the inserts/boosters in the diaper, it is still very trim. No blowouts or leaking happened to Leo. I have also read that the SIO can be used a night time diaper. I have not personally tried it but I will after using it more often. The inserts dry quickly because you can unsnap the inserts to dry separately. And of course, if I liked minky fabric, I would get a ton of IB in my stash!

What bugs me: Again, just like the Tutto. The snaps inside can be confusing and overwhelming. If I want convenient/easy to use diapers, I won’t for go for the SIO.  I will also not use this diaper for daycare yet until the caregivers are more comfortable with cloth diapers first. This diaper is pretty expensive. If I wanted to save money, I will not get the IB brand. Maybe the Grovia would be better for its quality and versatility, but not IB.

Are you a user of any of these diapers? If yes, please let me know what you think of them! Share it with me in the comments below.


Breast Pump Dilemma and Review of the Spectra M1

Here is my review on the Spectra M1 breast pump. I have been a Medela Freestyle user since Leo was born and I started pumping about 1 month after he was born to keep a stash when I get back to work. The Freestyle was lent to me by a dear friend that was not using it anymore. The Medela Freestyle costs around RM2000+ at normal price and maybe RM1800 was the lowest I have seen. It is the most expensive pump out there is the market and very well known internationally.

The Freestyle has served me well for 5 months and really helped me relieve engorgement. However, after using it for 5 months, I felt that it was not performing as well as it would like last time. Maybe I needed to send it for servicing? But it was not the case. Somehow along the way, this pump cannot empty my breast and it takes me 1 hour to pump! 1 hour is just too long for me and my nipple would hurt. So it was because of these incidents, I decided to buy a new pump. Also, the Freestyle was not my own, sooner or later I will have to return it and since I am going to be breastfeeding for longer now, I think investing in one will help. Besides, I will need it for the next baby as well, so no lost there!

Right! So let’s get to it!

2014-01-24 18.11.58

The M1 fits on the palm of my hand nicely.

2014-01-24 18.13.19

I love the Spectra M1. And to be honest, I think it is so much better than Medela. Even though Spectra is not a well-known brand, its performance is hospital grade. I bought it at the recent baby fair in Mid Valley at RM471 for a double pump. I was so surprised to know that it is so easy to be made a double pump. Just buy the extra kit (tubing, valve and bottle), unlike Medela which a single pump is only a single pump. Only their double pump can be used as singles. After using the Spectra for about a month now, I find that it is much better than the Freestyle, IN SO MANY WAYS!

Here is my personal comparison and how I find it. Comparison is also based on how I use them.


Medela Freestyle

Spectra M1

Section level 6-7 (out of 10). Section level 1-2 (out of 5). Very good suction!
Slightly heavier and more parts (motor, tubes, breast shields, membranes, valves, connectors, back caps, bottles) Super lightweight and less parts (motor, tubes, breast shields, membranes, bottles)
More parts to wash! Only 2 parts to wash (breast shields, bottles)
Causes backflow of milk Backflow proof
Battery lasts pretty long. I charge every 2-3 days. Battery goes weak fast. I charge every day.
Very super expensive! Affordable
Fits most normal narrow neck bottles Fits wide neck bottles
Pump is less quiet and vibrates/shakes Pump is more quiet and hardly vibrates

That was my personal opinion on the comparison. I like the fact that it fits the Avent wide neck bottles and I do not have to transfer and pour them from one to another anymore. Another plus for me is the washing. I pump at work and only have to wash 2 parts! Saves time and I can get back to work quicker.

2014-02-18 13.29.01 (1)

I really didn’t mind charging the M1 more often because I only use it at work and I direct latch whenever Leo is with me.

The last MAJOR plus is the price. I mean, seriously… RM2000 for a pump? It makes me think that those who spend on formula are no different if we wanted to breastfeed to save money besides the health benefits. Servicing the Medela pump is expensive too and even the parts! I enquired about the connectors and one costs RM129! Whereas the Spectra only costs RM12! The reason I am writing this review is to create awareness on breast pumps and options for those who are not able to afford an expensive pump (like me) and those who are looking for a good, handy, effective pump. The Spectra M1 is value for money and good in handling most daily task.

I would only yield about 3-4 oz from both breasts with the Freestyle. But with the M1, I manage to yield 5-8 oz! Of course, my body needed to get used to the new pump as well. After a few tries, I saw the increase in yield and believe that the M1 could empty my breasts well.

2014-01-27 13.33.24

The first week yield.

2014-02-13 12.05.59

The second week yield. Getting more than the first 🙂

2014-02-18 13.26.34

TA-DAA!!! This was taken last week! Yield increasing slowly…

2014-02-18 13.23.31

Again, this is only me. Every woman’s body is different and so are our boobs! Do try out different pumps and see which works for you and how effective it can be.

What pump do you use? And have you ever faced such problems like mine? Do share it with me in the comments below.


Cloth Diapering 1:1

I know some moms have so many questions regarding cloth diapers and how to go about them. Some hesitate to start because they do not know exactly what to do. When I was pregnant with Leo, I researched a lot about it and I’ve learnt so much through other moms’ blogs and YouTube videos. We have been cloth diapering for 5 months now and I have to say, it is easier than it looks! Seriously!  So I am gonna answer these questions regarding cloth diapering in my post below:-

  1. What do you actually need?
  2. How do you wash the diapers?
  3. What about the poop?
  4. Where do you put the dirty diapers?
  5.  How do you hang them dry?

This is our cloth diaper set up and what we use for Leo.


His diapers are ready-to-use in the first drawer. I keep them there so that it is easy to change him. He moves a lot now so I have to keep an eye for him or he might fall off the change table! I have a little more diapers now. I sold off those that I did not use and got more of the ones that I like that works best for us. I will make a cloth diaper stash update soon.


I used to fold my cloth wipes so that they “pop-out” when I pull them out just like normal wipes, but now I don’t.


I figured there is no need to fold them nicely because at the end, I am gonna need one fast and sometimes, they get stuck in the wipes container. This was a regular disposable wipes container, which I am no longer using. This container cannot fit as many cloth wipes too. It was only more trouble to fold them and put it in.

Now I use a normal container that I had bought from Daiso for RM5. Super cheap! And I can keep ALL my cloth wipes in it. Just throw them in and use whenever I need. I do not pre-wet my wipes because I find it yucky (bring soiled with water for a few days?) I just spray on each wipe as I use.


What is in my spray bottle? Only water. I do not use any soap or special solution. I did, at one time wanted to make my own solution or maybe just a little baby soap but there is really no need for that. I find that wiping Leo with water alone is good enough to clean all the mess.

Again… I can use as many wipes as I need. Cloth wipes (I use regular wash cloths), are so much bigger and can clean very well compared to disposable wipes/wet tissues. If you remember my previous post on vacation —–> HERE. I mentioned that on disposables,  I had to change him a few times when his diaper was not even full because we went swimming. With so many changes, I felt bad that I threw away diapers just like that. With cloth, I do not have to worry because I will wash them anyway. I can use as many as I’d like. Same as wipes… I use 2-3- disposable wipes to clean a mess. That is a lot of money in the long run.

Once I remove his dirty diaper, I put it into the diaper bin/wetbag. I use a wetbag when I am away from home/daycare. At home, I just open the lid of the bin and throw it in. The bin I am using is a regular trash bin from IKEA. I think I got it at RM45 or so… it is easy to use and in actual fact, you can just use a normal trash bin. No need for anything special, really. I put a pail liner in the bin so that it keeps the mess or if I have any wet diapers in there. The liner is waterproof as well (just like the outside of a cloth diaper). When it is laundry day, I simply take off the lid, take the liner to my washing area and start laundry. That’s all. I have 2 pail liners to rotate. The liners I use is from Grovia.


I will pour all my dirty diapers into my washing machine and start the laundry. This is what I typically do:-

  1. Run a quick wash cycle with full water capacity without detergent (to remove all the pee/poop)
  2. Run a normal/soak wash cycle with full water capacity with detergent (around 1.5-2 tablespoons per wash for 15 diapers)
  3. Take the clean diapers out and hang dry


Sounds easy? YES, it is that simple! I use full water capacity to rinse diapers because rinsing is the most important part. It removes all the dirt and makes the diapers cleaner.

I use Rockin Green detergent as it is the best cloth diaper safe detergent. Using non cloth diaper detergent may cause your diapers to repel water… only if you do it VERY often. I bought this pack for RM55 and I am still using the same first pack that I bought. It has been 5 months and I still have more than 1/3 of detergent! They last very long and not expensive at all!


Now that Leo is taking semi solids once a day, his poop may not be 100% water soluble (but still, they wash clean almost99%). I use a diaper liner to prevent staining or just so it is easy to dispose of the messy poop and then wash the diaper as usual. You can now get flushable liners easily too. When Leo has a supermessy poopy diaper (which only happened twice so far), I will just spray it off in my toilet with the water sprayer. It takes less than a minute and then put it in the pain as usual with the other diapers.


I hang them on my normal clothes hanger and it will dry by the next day, unless it is raining. As you can see, I do my laundry at night because it is the only time I have besides the weekend. If there is hot sun in the weekend, I will dry them under the sun and it removes stains magically. The sun is the best bleach for your diapers 🙂


Leo rarely develops diaper rashes. He will only get them when his diaper is not changed often enough. You can get cloth diaper safe rash cream pretty easily now. I use Thirsties Booty Love which I bought at RM25 per jar. Yes, it costs more than the normal Drapolene or Bepenthen but again, cloth diaper safe cream is made of natural ingredients. If you get some organic ointment as diaper cream, it may cost even more. Normal rash cream can work too but it may cause your cloth diapers to repel water in the long run. But if you do have to use those, just put a nappy liner on. It will protect the diaper from the cream.


p/s: you diaper will not repel water if you use normal cream/normal detergent once. It is only if you keep using them for months!

So there you have it. I hope I answered most of your questions regarding cloth diapering and I hope that you may think about switching to cloth or at least try it out. If you have any feedback/questions do share them with me in the comments below. If you do cloth diaper, let me know your routine and how you handle them.



Cloth Diaper Update/Review #2

Alright! I have now tried some of the other diaper brands, so now it’s review time!

Before I began, if you haven’t seen part #1, please click here —-> #1

1. Simplex OS AIO



What I like: I absolutely ADORE this diaper! This is by far the BEST AIO I have ever used (yes, even better than bumGenius elemental). Leo is at the smallest rise setting and it fits him perfect! This diaper is very trim and the leg gussets are very well made. Somehow it is tight but not overly tight and it never leaves any red marks on Leo. The waterproof material is also fantastic. It is not plastic-ish and it feels very durable. Another col thing about this AIO is that it has 2 different materials you can choose to touch baby’s skin; Bird’s eye cotton or fleece. Cotton is a natural material and fleece is a stay-dry material.


I personally used the stay-dry material so that Leo will have a dry bum and I not have to fold the tongue insert inside. This diaper is super absorbent and very easy to use (only 2 snaps per side). Initially, I only had 2 pieces of this, and because it was fantastic, I had bought another 5 from another mom who was selling hers at a cheaper rate. Really worth every sen!

What bugs me: NOTHING! Many claim that AIO takes a longer time to dry, but this is not so. I only find that true in bumGenius elemental because the insert does not fold out. I love my simplex!

2. Bumkins OS AIO


What I like: This diaper is super soft. The outer later seems “silky” to me. I am not sure what material it is made up of but it is definitely soft to the touch. Bumkins has a lot of cute prints on this diaper and I love the Dr. Seuss series. Although I don’t own any of those prints, but they are super cute! This diaper is very affordable for an AIO. You can get 2nd hand ones from RM20! New ones are around RM40-50. Other AIO normally range from RM60-90…

What bugs me: The snaps. At first I thought I would not be bothered with how many snaps there are on a diaper. I was so wrong! With a wiggly baby, trust me… it does matter! This diaper has one hip snap and three waist snaps. THREE!!! Altogether, there are 4 on each side to fasten. Also, this diaper seems to run on the smaller side. Leo is 2.5 months, about 6.5 kg and he is already on the first snap rise and often I feel that it is too tight. It can definitely fit a newborn but I doubt it’ll go all the way to potty training. We’ll see. Also, because of the rise, I do not fasten the hip snap. I figured with 3 waist snaps, there is no need for a hip snap and no way this diaper could fall off! Haha!

3. Charlie Banana OS Pocket Diaper




What I like: This is another diaper I will recommend! I really love how trim this diaper is. It is probably due to the fast that the OS adjustments are “bra-like” straps at the leg gussets and not snap rises.



As you can see in the picture above, it fits him very well and not bulky at all. The inner fleece material is great! It does not feel wet and the large opening makes it easy to “stuff” the diaper. Charlie Banana also has great prints and colors. Even though it has 3 snaps to fasten on each side, I never had a problem with it (I did not get confused as to which snap is where, but I did with Bumkins). It is super easy and the material feels very durable. I love this diaper very much!

What bugs me: I only hope that the strap adjustment band would last longer. If it does, this diaper is perfect! Other than that, I have no complaints about Charlie Banana. Go get some if you can!

4. Raf Raf OS AI2 Pocket Diaper



What I like: I like the AI2 system where you can choose to stuff the diaper or just snap it on the outside. This way, you don’t have to change the cover as often. Their inserts are highly absorbent! Each diaper comes with 2 inserts; one charcoal bamboo and one organic cotton/microfiber dual side. Both their inserts are super absorbent. However, there are 2 types to their charcoal insert. Read below.

What bugs me: I liked their original insert. I had bought their new charcoal bamboo insert; the new insert has leg gussets so it fits better on the diaper. The new insert leaks! Well, it does not absorb at all! Yes, I pre-washed them many many times! I have no idea how come it does not absorb at all. When I touch both the old and new, the new one feels more oily/plasticky, just weird. I a pretty disappointed with it. I will email Raf Raf and ask them why. It could be something I did wrong. Or maybe I need to wash them in a different way (but hey, I had no problems with my other diapers!)

This diaper has 4 snaps on each side. TOTAL OF 8!!! It is a lot of snaps and a little turn off for me 😦 Also, the back gusset seems tight even when I did not do the waist snaps tight. This diaper is also bulky. I tried to stuff it, but it didn’t look proper because the insert would jut out at the back! It is a OS diaper and I have it snap to the 2nd rise. Unlike bumGenius, their inserts have rise adjustments as well. None on Raf Raf so… it is not my favorite diaper, sadly. Maybe he can wear it better when he’s older? Although I was so fascinated when the sales person demo-ed and showed me how the diaper works in the baby expo, I have 8 of these diapers. But only used 3.

There you have it. My review and my experience with these diapers so far. Please know that every baby is different and shaped different. What may not fit my son, may fit yours. So please try it first and just use my review as a guide.

FYI, I had just found out that Facebook has community groups where other moms sell their preloved diapers at a cheaper rate! This is awesome! I don’t mind preloved diapers, in fact, I think it is better than new because they have been through many wash cycles and would work much better! If I had known this earlier, I wouldn’t have bought so many new “new” ones. I sold my Rumparooz diaper to another mom. The reason is because I don’t use them and I personally dislike stuffing them. Rumparooz’s pocket is not as wide and I have big hands. I am glad it made another Mama happy! 🙂

So what are your favorite dipes? Please do share it with me! I know there are so many brands out there I’ve yet to try!




Kinderdijk Roadshow & Baby Carriers…

Last Thursday, I was invited to attend a roadshow by Kinderdijk Sdn. Bhd. on Child Safety. The purpose of their roadshow is to create awareness among parents on the safety of their children especially when travelling. We also know that not many Malaysians are keen on purchasing car seats for their kids but it is actually so very important to do so. Too many accidents happen and you’ll never know what could happen on the road (I wouldn’t want my child to be flung out the car or even move about during the ride).

Kinderdijk is the distributor for Graco and Aprica products here in Malaysia. During the show they had a talk on newborn baby care and the characteristics of a newborn (I came slightly late because Leo was sleeping till 10am!). After that, they demonstrated the newest products from Aprica and Graco. From baby swings, to car seats, to strollers, and then playpens. I did like Graco products, even before this roadshow. I remember wanting to get the travel system before we actually had a baby, but during the course of the pregnancy, people had given us baby items and we did not need to buy. Graco is well known in the States and I have read/seen reviews on their products. I also learned that Aprica is from Japan. We all know that Japanese products are known for their quality so I am thrilled to find out more on Aprica. I found that they are little similar to Combi (light weight, easy to use, high end strollers with insulators) but I have yet to try any of their products.

In the media kit/goodie bag, they had given us an Aprica Easy-Touch Light baby carrier.


I haven’t had the chance to use it on Leo yet because I read that it is for babies 4 months and up. Leo is only 2.5 months so maybe that’ll have to wait. However, I would like to address that not all baby carriers are safe and some of them (because of the way it is made and their function) can cause hip dysplasia in infants and babies. We do not hear of this condition commonly here but it does happen. Baby’s hips are soft and still growing/progressing, so putting a certain pressure on their hip/pelvis can cause dislocation.


As you can see in the picture, it is not advisable for babies to be in carriers that puts pressure on their crotch area and forces their legs to drop/hang down like that. I am not saying that I am against these carriers, but just a precaution on what could happen long term. I am supporting baby wearing 100% but hoping that parents do it correctly to protect their children and minimize risks for hip dysplasia.

I currently own an Ergo organic baby carrier and I have to say, it is the best purchase I have ever made, and my husband agrees. I bought it 2nd hand from another mommy and never regretted that decision. The original brand new would be too expensive for us (costing around RM300+-600+ each, depending on design, color and type), so I am glad we got it cheaper 2nd hand.


Whenever I wear Leo in it, he sleeps and seldom make a fuss! Even at home, hubby wears it and he falls asleep.

I used to sling Leo when he was younger because he was so small and did not have any neck control at all. The ring sling kept him snug and close to me. He would also fall asleep in it.

IMG_1849 IMG_1850

We also have the Jumpsac Orbit carrier, very similar to the Ergo, but we have not used it yet. Not sure why, but maybe because we have the Ergo with us already or maybe just lazy to get the other one upstairs. These carriers are all inward facing or back carry only. It is the safest way to wear your baby in it. Many claim that they want forward facing carriers because baby wants to “see the world”, but don’t all babies? They are attracted to lights, colors and sounds! If you look at the physical anatomy (the way our body is structured), it doesn’t quite seem to fit front facing. There is too much weight distribution on the baby’s chest/hips and his neck, because babies tend to lean forward.

Anyway, I will give the Aprica one a try once Leo can fit into it properly and see how it goes. It does seem very light weight which great! Maybe these carriers are meant for older babies? When they have enough neck control? When their bones are more developed/stronger? What do you think?

If you own an Aprica/Baby Bjorn/Ergo/Boba or any other baby carriers, do comment below and tell me your experience. I would really like to know!

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