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Toddler Play Win!

Often when it comes to entertaining Quackaboy, we’re out of ideas to keep him busy. I stumbled upon a Facebook article on toddler play ideas and thought to give it a try!

One of it was easy as we had the items in our house already.



A huge one. We gave him markers and colored pencils to draw on it while sitting inside. And Daddy added to make it look like a mini spaceship too.

Well, it was very successful and he was playing in it for over an hour. And the next day, and the next day too…



From a spaceship, he made it into a car, and then into a house.



Happy toddler = Happy parents!
(Dad gets to workout, Mom gets to make dinner, and Grandpa gets to rest)



After the Christmas season, and playing with his Xmas toys, he has forgotten about the box. But we’re okay with that because any toy, over time, will become boring or too common for him. We have been saving an even bigger box for him to play one day when he gets really bored or when he just needs new stimulation.

Maybe by then time QB2 comes, the bigger box will be useful to keep him occupied a few hours! 😀

If you haven’t tried this with your toddler, GIVE IT A GO! 

Let me know how it turned out!

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32 Weeks Bumpdate + Belly Belt!


32 weeks and 8 more to go! WOW time has really flown by with this pregnancy. Honestly, it feels fast but slow at the same time. I can’t wait to meet this baby girl and have everything almost prepared for her arrival; almost. 8 weeks feels pretty fast if you look at it, but 2 months feels kinda far away still. Well, I certainly don’t want her to come early, so the Christmas season and holidays is keeping me busy and excited and not thinking about how slow February will come.

Recently I have been using the Belly Belt with my jeans.

p/s – I am not affiliated with Belly Belt or sponsored in any way for this review. All opinions remain my own.

I had bought this item when I was pregnancy with QB back in 2013, but never really used it much. I gained a lot more weight with him and my non maternity pants just didn’t fit at my thighs and legs. But this time, my pre pregnancy jeans fits perfectly with this belly belt and I am pretty happy that I don’t have to buy any maternity pants. The only maternity bottoms I bought were 2 pairs of shorts which was on sale for 50% at Ginger Snaps. And… I wear shorts more than anything else because the weather here is crazy!


Just thought I’d share some photos of this Belly Belt an how it looks like on me and how it fits perfectly. It comes with 4 extension elastics/belts and 3 pieces of different colored fabric to match your pants. So far I’ve only used the shorter band and the black fabric.


From the front – maybe it’s my camera angle? But I am happy to see that my thighs are not gigantic and I think I look good here :p


Sideways – Whoaaaa, my butt doesn’t look that huge, really.


My jeans fit below my belly button, almost near the pelvic joint.


And nope, my belly button does not pop out. I’ve a pretty deep belly button! From the front – I just can’t zip and button as pre pregnancy would, but the belly belt helps to hold it together like an extension and your panties are covered with that piece of fabric inside.

Please note that I am never comfortable to show off my bare belly like this and in fact, I’ve never done it before! I don’t have a pretty belly to show off anyway. But I decided that I will share this great product and show you guys whats REAL. Stretch marks, fat deposits and whatnot. I have have courage now.

The only thing about using this product is that your shirts has to be long enough to cover your jeans. Or this part of your lower belly/crotch will be exposed. Thankfully, most maternity and nursing tops have a good length to them. So glad that this product has been put to good use this pregnancy. And I’m hoping that my thighs and butt will not get any bigger or else I can’t fit my jeans altogether!

Did you use any maternity products like this or specifically bought new pants during pregnancy? Do share with me what awesome buys you had!

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Easy DIY Pacifier Clip

I’ve always wanted a pacifier clip for my Leo but each time I walk through the shops, they would cost between 20-40RM (a fairly good brand). I would not say that I am a mom who does not spend on her kids, but RM20 for a clip to keep his pacifier from dropping? NO WAY!

So I tried to make my own clip with some tools I can easily get and what I already have at home, and it was a success! Here I would like to show you how you can make a pacifier clip for your little one (don’t worry; you do not need a sewing machine! *sigh of relief* and it is so easy!

What you need:

  1. KAM snap pliers
  2. 12-13 inch thick/good quality ribbon
  3. Lighter/Glue gun
  4. Snap dies (3 caps, 2 female, 1 male)
  5. Suspender clip
  6. A sharp tool to poke holesImage

Step 1 – Use a lighter/glue gun to burn off the little bits if ribbon at each end, to keep them from fraying.




Step 2 – Fold one end of the ribbon down once (about ½ an inch), and then fold down again (leaving about 1 inch gap). Then, poke a hole with a sharp tool right in the middle of the first fold (I used the other end of a blackhead remover).


Step 3 – At the first fold, place a cap at the back of the fold into the made hole. Then, use the KAM snap plier to fasten the male die onto the cap.


Step 4 – Do the same with the 2nd fold hole, but use the female die this time.


Step 5 – On the other end of the ribbon, fold down again once (about ½ an inch) and slide the suspender clip through; facing upwards.



Step 6 – Fold down again (to secure the clip) and poke a hole through. Place the cap at the print side up and fasten it with the female die using the pliers.





Step 7 – Place the pacifier ring into the open end and snap it shut. YOU ARE DONE!



You have just made an easy pacifier clip for your little one! You can also adjust the length of the ribbon for a newborn baby. To make it shorter, unsnap the open end, and snap it up all the way to the suspender end. This way, the ribbon is much shorter and will not tangle on baby’s arms.




I hope this helps you troubleshoot pacifier issues and save money. The cost of making this clip is only about 5RM (or less).

Have you ever made anything DIY for your baby? Please share it with me 🙂


Converting Aplix Diapers into Snaps!

Actually, I’ve done this about a month ago! Been wanting to post it up but haven’t got the time to. As usual… my excuse is “I am busy!” I wonder when I’ll ever stop saying that.

Jim Benton disappointed

I was never a fan of aplix/Velcro/hook and loop diapers.  The only reason I had bought them was I wanted to have some varieties and make it easier for Papa to handle cloth. The thought of cloth diapering at daycare was also one of it. I wanted people to know that cloth is so easy and not much of a difference putting it on/off like a disposable.

I had bought a preloved Flip cover and it was in Velcro. Often when I have a BumGenius/Flip Velcro diaper on, the front tabs seem to rub on Leo’s belly a lot (probably because my little baby has a belly!) and there was one time after daycare, his skin was all red from the chaffing. I thought to myself, I am gonna convert this Flip into snaps!

Here, I am gonna show you how I did it and how it turned out to be.

Firstly, you need the KAM snap pliers. I bought it at and was very happy with it. The original intention to buy it was for making my own pacifier clip, which worked very well for us!

Things I used:

1. KAM pliers

2. Snaps (male/female dies)

3. Marker pen to mark where I wanted the snaps to be

4. Ruler to measure

5. Sharp needle/seam ripper


Here is how the diaper looks like with Velcro (FYI, I did this at night so I’m sorry if the pictures look dark. I had to use the flash)


I used a sharp needle/seam ripper to remove the thread from the Velcro. The front tabs and the side tabs. I left the laundry tabs alone because I was lazy to remove all of it and that doesn’t bother Leo at all.


Then, I measure where I wanted the snaps accordingly with the ruler and mark it with the marker. I follow another Flip cover with snaps and made sure the measurement was correct (you can be creative and do it your own way as well).


It came up about 1 inch apart for each of the snaps.

Then, I use the sharp seam ripper to poke a hole through the diaper and secure the snap into it (make sure you turn the diaper over and secure it on the PUL and not the inner part of the suede cloth, especially for pocket diapers. You don’t wanna ruin them!) I then use the pliers to press it down neatly and it will lock the snaps already.





Ta-daa! This is the finished product!



Honestly! After converting some of my Velcro diapers, I feel happy that I do not need to sell them off or stop using them. I fell in love with it again and it feels like they are new!



On the other side, I also fixed some snaps on my Itti Bitti SIO diaper. My dog (Milo) pulled down the diaper and bit the snaps! I was so mad and thought that’s the end of my Itti Bitti. But then, KAM snap pliers rescued it!


So after the success of this project, I converted 2 more BunGenius diapers into snaps. The original Velcro was old and yellow.



How is the condition of your Velcro diapers? Have you ever converted them? Please share it with me!