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Feeding 101: How To Make Baby Food

on March 12, 2014

Leo has started semi solids since he was 4 months old. I know many moms wait until their baby turns 6 months, but Leo just seems quicker in development and he had shown interest in food pretty early. Also because mommy was kinda excited to see him experiment with different kinds of foods! Every baby is different so it is better to wait until 6 months if ever possible.

We practice “BLW” which means Baby Led Weaning from the beginning because I wanted Leo to be able to eat what we eat and learn to chew/suck/bite before swallowing. In those early months, he did not know how to and we were very cautious to make sure that he does not take a whole chunck of food and then choke on it. So we did a little bit of puree food and BLW at the same time.

In this post, I wanted to share on how to make baby food (puree), It is actually VERY easy and can save you a lot of money from those baby food jars. Plus, it is healthier. I chose to make pumpkin and sweet potato puree. I only bought a quarter of a Japanese pumpkin and one piece of the Australian sweet potato. Here’s how you do it:-


Step 1: Prep – Wash the pumpkin and sweet potato well. Remove the seeds from the pumpkin and skin the sweet potato.

Step 2: Prep – Cut the sweet potato into small pieces so that it will cook faster and easier to puree later on. As for the pumpkin, I lay it side down to steam because once it’s cooked; the skin will peel off easily. You can also choose to cut off the skin and cut them into small pieces just like the sweet potato but it would be harder because pumpkin skin is super hard!

Step 3: Cook – I steamed them in a food steamer for about 25-30 minutes. I chose to steam because it retains the moisture of the food and I can use the water (full of vitamins from the food) to make the puree. You can also bake it in an oven with the same process.

2014-03-07 00.26.24

2014-03-07 00.26.21

Step 5: Cook – Let it cool down for a while. Peel off the skin from the pumpkin. It should come out very easily. Then, scoop the flesh into a blender. I use a Phillips high density blender (a normal blender I use for my smoothies).

2014-03-07 00.26.18


2014-03-07 00.26.27



Step 6: Puree –  Once you put the food in the blender, add some water/milk. Blend until smooth. If you want a thinner puree, just add more water/milk. Leo prefers it thicker as he’s 7 months now. I add the water left behind from the steamer basket. It only takes a few seconds to puree it.

2014-03-07 00.26.12


2014-03-07 00.26.15

Step 7: Eat – I usually taste it first and then serve it warm. It tastes really good and sweet! I personally like it and think Leo is one lucky boy to enjoy these foods!

Step 8: Storing – I use normal ice cube trays to store the puree, freeze it, and then pop them out like ice cubes into a zipper bag. Whenever I need one, I just take a cube out from the zipper bag, warm it, and serve. Currently, Leo takes 2 cubes at one feed. If you find that the puree is still thick after thawing, you can continue to add water/milk into it.




And that is ALL you need to know on how to make baby food and storing them! You can try with various types of foods with the same process! I only need to make it once a week or every 1.5 weeks. Currently, Leo only has solids once a day which is at dinner time. Often, he eats whatever we eat (rice, broccoli, pasta, chicken, etc) once he finishes his puree. More info on Baby Led Weaning soon on this blog!

Have you ever made your own baby food? Share it with me in the comments below!



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