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Breast Pump Dilemma and Review of the Spectra M1

on February 23, 2014

Here is my review on the Spectra M1 breast pump. I have been a Medela Freestyle user since Leo was born and I started pumping about 1 month after he was born to keep a stash when I get back to work. The Freestyle was lent to me by a dear friend that was not using it anymore. The Medela Freestyle costs around RM2000+ at normal price and maybe RM1800 was the lowest I have seen. It is the most expensive pump out there is the market and very well known internationally.

The Freestyle has served me well for 5 months and really helped me relieve engorgement. However, after using it for 5 months, I felt that it was not performing as well as it would like last time. Maybe I needed to send it for servicing? But it was not the case. Somehow along the way, this pump cannot empty my breast and it takes me 1 hour to pump! 1 hour is just too long for me and my nipple would hurt. So it was because of these incidents, I decided to buy a new pump. Also, the Freestyle was not my own, sooner or later I will have to return it and since I am going to be breastfeeding for longer now, I think investing in one will help. Besides, I will need it for the next baby as well, so no lost there!

Right! So let’s get to it!

2014-01-24 18.11.58

The M1 fits on the palm of my hand nicely.

2014-01-24 18.13.19

I love the Spectra M1. And to be honest, I think it is so much better than Medela. Even though Spectra is not a well-known brand, its performance is hospital grade. I bought it at the recent baby fair in Mid Valley at RM471 for a double pump. I was so surprised to know that it is so easy to be made a double pump. Just buy the extra kit (tubing, valve and bottle), unlike Medela which a single pump is only a single pump. Only their double pump can be used as singles. After using the Spectra for about a month now, I find that it is much better than the Freestyle, IN SO MANY WAYS!

Here is my personal comparison and how I find it. Comparison is also based on how I use them.


Medela Freestyle

Spectra M1

Section level 6-7 (out of 10). Section level 1-2 (out of 5). Very good suction!
Slightly heavier and more parts (motor, tubes, breast shields, membranes, valves, connectors, back caps, bottles) Super lightweight and less parts (motor, tubes, breast shields, membranes, bottles)
More parts to wash! Only 2 parts to wash (breast shields, bottles)
Causes backflow of milk Backflow proof
Battery lasts pretty long. I charge every 2-3 days. Battery goes weak fast. I charge every day.
Very super expensive! Affordable
Fits most normal narrow neck bottles Fits wide neck bottles
Pump is less quiet and vibrates/shakes Pump is more quiet and hardly vibrates

That was my personal opinion on the comparison. I like the fact that it fits the Avent wide neck bottles and I do not have to transfer and pour them from one to another anymore. Another plus for me is the washing. I pump at work and only have to wash 2 parts! Saves time and I can get back to work quicker.

2014-02-18 13.29.01 (1)

I really didn’t mind charging the M1 more often because I only use it at work and I direct latch whenever Leo is with me.

The last MAJOR plus is the price. I mean, seriously… RM2000 for a pump? It makes me think that those who spend on formula are no different if we wanted to breastfeed to save money besides the health benefits. Servicing the Medela pump is expensive too and even the parts! I enquired about the connectors and one costs RM129! Whereas the Spectra only costs RM12! The reason I am writing this review is to create awareness on breast pumps and options for those who are not able to afford an expensive pump (like me) and those who are looking for a good, handy, effective pump. The Spectra M1 is value for money and good in handling most daily task.

I would only yield about 3-4 oz from both breasts with the Freestyle. But with the M1, I manage to yield 5-8 oz! Of course, my body needed to get used to the new pump as well. After a few tries, I saw the increase in yield and believe that the M1 could empty my breasts well.

2014-01-27 13.33.24

The first week yield.

2014-02-13 12.05.59

The second week yield. Getting more than the first πŸ™‚

2014-02-18 13.26.34

TA-DAA!!! This was taken last week! Yield increasing slowly…

2014-02-18 13.23.31

Again, this is only me. Every woman’s body is different and so are our boobs! Do try out different pumps and see which works for you and how effective it can be.

What pump do you use? And have you ever faced such problems like mine? Do share it with me in the comments below.


154 responses to “Breast Pump Dilemma and Review of the Spectra M1

  1. Kendra says:

    Medela lo not even one year old now and the suction become very bad breast was engorged but can only pump out 1-2oz for more than half an hour.end up i hand express,get another i only hand express or use avent manual pump.cheaper and faster ^^

    • vavaloy says:

      Yea. I honestly feel medela is a bit overrated 😦 many other moms have the same problem with suction going bad after just a few months.

      I’ve never hand expressed before. Maybe I should give it a try… Haha. No idea how to start!

  2. Tyng says:

    Thank you so much for M1 review. Cause I m still considering whether I should invest a M1 pump or not.

  3. 0nc3 says:

    Thanks for sharing… I am confuse to choose which brand to buy. I have no experience and now i am still 30 weeks pregnant actually.
    I have a question, should i wait until my babies born? (i got twins baby) and see first wether my breast produce milk or not. Coz some friend of mine, they have no milk come out from their breast eventhough they have big boobs. Then buy the pump will be a waste.

    • vavaloy says:

      Congratulations for twins!!!
      Everyone will produce milk for their babies. Supply=demand. After birth for the first few days, You will not have flowing milk yet but u will hve colostrum. Rich in nutrient and fat for your twins! It is yellow in color. This is most important for your babies. After 3-5 days only you will start having milk.

      I think you only need to buy pump after baby is born. This is because you want to make sure your supply is stabilize before pumping. Pump too early is not good as your body is still adjusting. Stay positive and don’t give up too soon! You will surely have milk.

      You can search my blog for breastfeeding update because I posted about colostrum and normal breast milk in one of my breastfeeding update.

  4. Hi Mommy!

    Thank you for the wonderful review of the Spectra M1. As for myself, I’m a Spectra S1 user, and i’m truly happy with the brand. My milk supply boosts within weeks (from 3 bottles to 4 bottles per day) & Spectra makes night pumping peaceful, with its silence and pretty night light πŸ™‚ Although i would’ve love to get an M1 myself due to the size and weight which are way lighter & smaller compared to an S1. It is travel-friendly for mommies-on-the-go and they fit nicely in a vcool bag.

    Fellow mummy

  5. vavaloy says:

    Yay! Thanks for your comment! So far I didn’t see any bad reviews on spectra. S1 is definitely a good pump πŸ™‚ but it is too heavy for me to bring to work haha

  6. Jesse says:

    Mummy vavaloy, could you pls share on ur pumping schedule and how long do u pump per session that make ur supply increase gradually. I’m thinking of getting Spectra M1 and i’m a FS user at the moment….

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi Jesse,
      I pump about 2-3 times a day.
      Normally in the morning at 730 or 8am. Then again at 12 or 1pm and the last session is 430 or 5pm.

      I use to pump like 45 mins to an hour with FS. Now with M1 max I will go 30 mins full bottle. With 15 mins I can get 4oz already. But for me everyday is different. Sometimes I get more let downs and sometimes not much. Could be due to the food I eat prior to pumping also.

      • Angeline says:

        Hi mummy vavaloy, thank you so much for the review. May I know how long have you been pumping your milk before you started to use M1? I just purchase M1 and tried it once today and I still need to try hard to yield the milk 😦

        1. Do you massage (with the massage mode) your breast before you start pumping? If so, how long does you massage?

        2. How fast can you see the let down after massage? Does the milk drop immediately once you start pumping or you need to massage for awhile only can see the letdown?

        3. My baby is only 26 days old. I was using spectra 300 and I have been trying hard to yield but average I can only get 3-4oz (or sometimes less) from both breasts while keep massaging the breast. It took me around 1 hour or more 😦 is it because I didn’t pump frequently? I tried to pump every four hours. But looking at your schedule, you can pump out quite a lot although u only pump 3 times a day! Any milk booster you took?

      • vavaloy says:

        Hi Angeline!
        Answers to your question:
        1. Yes I use the massage button until I see a let down (when you see milk slowly coming out). After awhile, you can even feel it when u have a letdown.
        2. How fast for letdown to come really depends on individual. Most often it depends on how full your breasts are. If full, I can get a letdown in less than a minute. Always need massage before milk drops, it mimics how baby sucks as well.
        3. Since your baby is only around 1 month old, don’t worry too much about pumping. Breastmilk yield really goes hand in hand with your mood (as it secretes hormones to stimulate letdown and milk production). Feeling worried and stressed can cause milk to be less. So don’t worry, just latch as much as you can because latching will stimulate more milk. Remember that supply = demand! More demand , more supply. Pump after you feed, slowly that will increase your milk as oh empty your breasts more often.

        I did not take any milk boosters. But I did realize that eating durian, eating sweet potato leaves, and drinking Horlicks helps. Again, some works for some people and some don’t. You gotta experiment to see what works for you πŸ™‚

        Hopefully the M1 will help you better than the 300. Every pump is different too.

  7. Jesse says:

    with FS right now… i also have to pump min 45 mins…. i need to increase my supply as my LO’s appetite is getting better… basically I’m an EP mum

    • vavaloy says:

      Do try spectra. If you are an EP mum, you might wanna give S1 a try coz it’s hospital grade and super heavy duty. It’s quiet and have many options for massage and suction too. Only thing is, it’s big and heavy. But will definitely last longer and suit your needs as EP mom.

  8. Jesse says:

    how do u find the breast shield size… will it be too big?? if freestyle, u r using size M right??

    • vavaloy says:

      I’m not sure what’s my medela size. I think it’s 24 or 27 mm…

      • Elva says:

        Hi, I had bought S1 but after that purchased FS due to spectra std breast shield size (28mm) hurting me (it is too tight to me). However, I am OK with Medela breast shield size 27mm (looks funny, rite…haha..).
        I have the same feeling with you, first time when I use FS, it able to empty my breast, but after that my milk looks like start reduce… I think to sell my S1 but I feel heavy heart to sell it. After read your review, make me more struggling..
        I am very sad if need to let go S1 due to breast shield size problem, do you have any solution able to help me? I had bought spectra 32mm breast shield (but it is too large for me).
        I will appreciate.

      • vavaloy says:

        Hmmmm. Have you tried calling spectra Malaysia and ask them? I remember when I bought mine i asked about sizes they said it’s general size but they do have different sizes at their store.

  9. Epfish says:

    Thanks for sharing ur experience. I am also a medela freestyle user. So far I am quite satisfied with its performance. I used avent double electrical pump( comfort series) and the suctions are too strong even though i put it to the lowest setting causing injury to my ducts. I literally pump out blood and I switch to medela after bleeding for a few times! I bought the medela pump for around half a year and my LO is almost 1 year old. I’ve notice decrease in mu supply and sometimes I am not able to cope with my LO’s demand. I was thinking my supply dropped as my child is getting oldet and slowly changing to solids. Is it really possible that it could be due to my medela pump not pumping efficiently anymore?

    • vavaloy says:

      My FS was working good for only 4 months max, and then start to have decrease and suction is not as strong. Many other moms said need to send for servicing, but for me to service every 4 months is costing a bomb! They claim to be durable but I feel that it’s performance is not consistent. With spectra I feel totally confident and you rarely hear complaints on them

      • epfish says:

        You are pumping like usual with the spectra (meaning same frequency per day) and you notice there is a significant inscrease in your supply, is that so? I do realised that I have to pump longer now to clear all ducts but seldom has the luxury to do so during work. Most of the time now I use my hands to clear all ducts after pumping with medela at home. Well, it is definitely a good thing to know that many are experiencing the same problem. Thank you all mothers for sharing their experience. Now we can make a wiser decision in choosing which pump to use! Less money wasted and less stress!

      • vavaloy says:

        Yup! I still pump as usual like I always do daily and I see increase in my yield. I guess no pump is the best, most important is to try it first. Pumps are so expensive nowadays and I wish to help other moms and create some awareness on it

  10. Azura says:

    thank you so much for the review i really need this. Btw, how about spectra warranty?

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi azura,

      For M1 model is 6 months. I’m not sure about the rest. I know it’s not long but they did tell me that their pumps work efficiently… Rarely have problems. Say if there is, their repair charges shouldn’t be too expensive comparing with medela.

    • nana says:

      Hi i wanna let go my spectra 3… Under warranty. Bought on march 2014. Used Abt 1 mths. Do u interested?? If yes, sms me 0127891505 Tq..

  11. Cheda says:

    Thanks for the review.
    My concern is the built in battery. Its built in, means we cannot change the battery? How long does it take to fully chargw the battery? Tq πŸ˜‰

    • vavaloy says:

      Not sure if you can change, but if there’s anything wrong with it, you can always send it for repair. The battery seems to be working very well. Only takes around 2 hours to charge I think… I didn’t time it but definitely not as long as charging my iPhone haha

  12. DC says:

    Is spectra M1 suitable for 1st time mummy? Is the breast shield size really matter? I am considering M1. Looking forward for your advice.

  13. vavaloy says:

    Hi ,
    I think it shud be suitable because the breastshield size is general. Better to try it out first if u can .

  14. Kris says:

    Hi, where can you find the spare parts?

  15. vavaloy says:

    You can get it at Spectra Malaysia office. The same place you send the pump for servicing, they should have spare parts

  16. Kris says:

    I have an offer for Philips isis duo at a low second hand price. But I am still contemplating getting a brand new M1 spectra in Johor. This is such a dilemma for me. I understand M1 is portable but need to charge more frequently, and Avent needs less charging but needs to be plugged in.
    Do you have any good advice?

    • vavaloy says:

      Hmmm, I’m not sure about the performance if Isis tho. How often do u pump and do u have a plug point at work/the place u will pump?

      M1 can pump 3x (around 30 mins per session) without charging.
      Avent less charging but beeds plug? Means it’s not chargeable u mean?

  17. Azfahani says:

    Me too!! I am seriously in love with my new m1! My old pump was spectra 3 and i loved it too, decided to get a new one only because a portable , chargeable one is easier to use when i’m going outstation. I can relate with u on the yield, cos i saw the increament in my ebm too . So mommies out there who are still deciding, here’s another die hard fan of spectra m1! πŸ™‚

  18. Sharon says:

    Hi mama, I wish to get 1 spectra M1 since I heard lots of best comment for tat… But it is sad tat Spectra M1 come with a bigger size breast shield and it doesn’t fit to those who has small breast… So wat do u think to help? I’m using medela fs breast shield size is 24mm… Thx

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi Sharon,
      I’m not sure if Spectra Malaysia has those sizes. But when I bought mine, I remember asking them about the different sizes and they said it was standard. Also, they mentioned that they do have smaller ones but not sold in retail. Maybe you can give them a call and ask? Or you could find a different breast shield that fits the spectra tubing. Means you use a different breast shield but Spectra M1 pump.

  19. kamilah says:

    hi dear, thanx soo much for the review. ive had headaches thinking on which brand to buy and lots of ppl encouraged me to go for medela. i think probably its bcos of the brand itself and it is internationally known. spectra is not as famous but really, your review has made me think that i should give m1 a try πŸ™‚ ngeee, thanx!

  20. Linda says:


    I’m just curious, in the photo of your 2nd week yield, the bottles look like Avent classic bottles. Did you pump straight into those bottles? Does the Spectra M1 fit Avent classic bottles?

    Thank you very much.

  21. wing says:

    may i know , who have to sell the second hand “spectra m1 double pump” ?
    my bady delivery date is 07.07.2014, please contact me if you have selling the second hand breast pump.

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi wing,
      If I know of some, will let you know. Look through facebook preloved page as well. You may find some second hand ones for sale πŸ™‚

  22. mino says:

    Hi where can I purchase it ? City square ?
    Singapore have ?

  23. Hi…does M1 has a hands free strap like medela freestyle in order to do double pumping?

  24. Asyie says:

    hi, can the pump be used with standard bottle?not the wide neck bottle?if it can’t fit the standard neck bottle, does it come with “wide to standard neck bottle adapter” or do we need to purchase it separately?


    • vavaloy says:

      I think spectra has 2 types of funnels. You can get the standard ones too. Of you got the side neck ones, you can buy the adapters. It’s not too expensive

  25. YY says:

    May i know how is the suction after using for few months? My Avent single pump suction is weaken after 6 months. Any mummy having this problem with their Avent or M1? I am considering for M1 also..My doubt is the suction of the pump only.
    Thank you.

  26. Megan says:

    I am considering purchasing the m1.

    I was wondering how long you have been using it for now? Is the motor still running strong? I plan to have a few more children and would like to use it for a long time.

  27. leenadevi says:

    Hi, may I know how long your friend have been using the medela freestyle pump prior to borrowing it to you? What was the suction level you used when you first started using it?

    • vavaloy says:

      She was using for a few months I think. I had to use suction 7/8. I generally didn’t like the Medela. It served me well though, but come to think of the price. I’d rather get something cheaper and performs the same.

  28. Leila says:

    hi, i am selling spectra m1. now it comes with 1 year warranty n i sell.their spare parts as too at a reasonable price. do visit my website and page

  29. misscombi says:

    Hi. I am FS user and currently looking for a replacement since there is problem with FS pump. The cost to repair is too expensive. I learn that MI does not has a hands free strap like medela freestyle. How do you manage to double pump using normal nursing bra?

    • vavaloy says:

      I just pump sitting down and holding the bottle. Sometimes I can pump once the shield is on, and the fasten my nursing bra angling away from the shield. You can also purchase a boob tube to wear over your bra and it’ll be handsfree πŸ™‚

      • Megan says:

        I’ve also hear of people using a sport bra and just cutting holes in the boob part to create a hands free nursing bra.

      • vavaloy says:

        YES! I avtually tried that and it worked! But because I cut the fabric, it was left as it is so the material frayed. If I had swen it maybe it’ll last longer hehe…

  30. Cee says:

    Hi does M1 vibrates too? I learned that pump that vibrates won’t empty our breasts that’s what happened to Medela, other Spectra model like Dew are not vibrating thus have good recommendation too but was told M1 also vibrates, did you feel it?

    • vavaloy says:

      M1 has very minimal vibration. I think all pumps will vibrate to a certain level because it is the motor working. As for less vibration = better yield, I’m not so sure.
      So far my M1 has very good suction. Among the 5 levels you get to adjust, I’m only at level 2 or 3… Sometimes even 1! Medela in at level 7/8 out of 10!

  31. betsyanti says:

    wowww… what a wonderful sharing… thank you so much for the sharing. I am really looking for the best pump ever since my 1st baby I only use Medela Harmony and really take my time for both breast and yet im a working mother too 😦 but it gives me so much happy result so far and I was thinking to buy double pump (electric). My first tought is medela freestyle…
    the most criteria I would like to highlight are:
    value for money?
    heavy duty? because I love to pump more than 5 times in a day
    quite motor?
    battery life?
    easy to handle?
    hygiene tubing? any back flow?

    and now you give me good fact between Spectra and Medela Freestyle…

    I would like to refer to your comparison… my 2nd baby is on the way… and want to give fully breastfeed πŸ˜‰

    • vavaloy says:

      That’s great! Congratulations on your pregnancy!
      I highly recommend spectra. I have really no problems with it and very very happy that I’ve bought it.
      If you are looking for heavy duty I would suggest the S1 model. It’s hospital grade and you can customize the suction level very specific for yourself. Do give it a try and I’d love to know how it goes!

  32. amirah says:

    i want to know, if want to double to connect shield and tube to the body of spectra mi..thank you..if u dont mind i want to see through picture.thank you

  33. Betsyanti says:

    i would like to know whether this Spectra comes originally with single pump or double pump?

    • vavaloy says:

      It’s not like medela where there is an original form. You can chose either single kit or double kit. I guess most pumps have at least single. Having it double is really just an extra set of tube and bottle only. That is why I love spectra. So easy and simple to assemble πŸ™‚

    • leila daniel says:

      Spectra M1 is using premium breast shield as well as premium backflow protector. I know some sellers offer the pump at cheaper price but they gave you the standard breastshield. Do keep in mind, if you are NOT using the premium parts, the warranty is VOID!

      I am selling Spectra M1 with premium breast shield & parts. Do visit my page or my website

      For a special price, do LIKE my page n msg in FB or whatsapp me 019-3272304

  34. tra says:

    thanks for your sharing.. i just bought M1 from pumponthego at kelana jaya and surprisingly it increase my ebm.. you can try them first before buying, my husband want me to buy FS at first but after i tried them i prefer M1 than FS..

    they also offer rental service for breastpump so you won’t regret..

    i really satisfied with M1 performance, luckily they offer me to try first.. =)

  35. Ome says:

    Hi mommy Vavaloy, may I know ur last yield was in 3rd week izzit? I hv some question below & hope u can provide me some advice.

    1) u can produce the last yield in 1 time pumping? May I know izzit in the morning because morning yield more milk.
    2) since u only pump 2-3times a day, izzit mean that other time u direct latch?
    3) I’m a full time mom, DL all the time but my baby seems cranky all the time while latching. Therefore, I’ve tried to pumped out to see how much he can consumes. Is 4oz every time. I’m trying hard to pump more milk. He is taking every milk tat I pump. Can u able to provide me some advice how to DL & at the same time collect more milk? I’m dilemma.
    4) My baby is now only 3months old & still wakes up at least twice after midnight. He drink every2-3hrs interval. Shall I pump also during early morning to increase yield? I’m worried tat once pump, he is not taking enuf from my boobs.
    5) I’m getting only 2oz in 2 hrs – Am I producing enuf?


    Mommy Ome

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi there!

      1. I can’t remember the exact time when I felt my yield increased. But definitely not the first time. Probably in the first week or two using it. Morning always will yield more. But in that picture I posted, I think it was the 2nd time pumping for that day. (What you eat before that will affect your milk also).
      2. Yes, I direct latch if I am not pumping. The reason I pump is because my baby is not with me. DL is the best way to empty your breast.
      3. I know some moms successfully express and bottle feed. In your case, maybe you can try to keep pumping every 2-3 hours to meet your baby’s needs. But I really recommend that you 100% DL as much as possible. Sometimes baby get cranky because they are uncomfortable or maybe just impatient waiting for milk let down. Keep trying and don’t give up, ok?
      What I did was I pump AFTER I DL, of course not much milk after lo drink, but it helps to empty my breast more = produce more too.
      4. He could be going through a growth spurt where they want to DL all the time. Just DL and stop pumping first. You milk will not decrease if you dont pump. And dont worry about supply coz if you do, the chemicals and hormones in your body stress and you wont produce much. You need to be relaxed. If you already pump, and then only feed lo DL, you will always have milk. Dont worry!
      5. If not enough, your baby will not increase weight and he wont have wet diapers. Is he increasing weight and have wet diapers? Again.. please don’t worry. Eat well a DL more often.
      Good luck mama!

  36. xiaofang84 says:

    Hi Vavaloy,

    I’m a first time mom and now looking for a reliable breast pump, can you please advise if Spectra M1 can do the following?

    1) Needs to be quick and no back flow of milk
    2) easy to clean
    3) quiet & lightweight
    4) able to pump without plugging
    5) affordable

    Also, where to buy it? Online or retail better and what does it comes with the purchase?

    As for the service center, i’m living in Johor Bahru, may i know if there’s any service center here?

    Thank you.

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi there!
      Did you read my whole post? Your questions are all answered in there already. Here’s a shortcut for u:-

      No1-Yes it is quick and no back flow (unless your valve is torn or have defect). Even if there is back flow, it will not enter the tube or membrane. It has a protective back flow cap. Just take it off and wash πŸ™‚
      No2-Yes, easy as mentioned in my post.
      No3-Yes, also as mentioned in my post.
      No4-Yes, it has built in battery. As mentioned in my post.
      No5-Yes affordable compared to MANY other brands which I feel moms get cheated most.

      If you are at any Baby expo or fair, they may sell it cheaper and with a package too. That is where I got mine. Since you are in Johor, online may be better solution for you. I’m not sure if there is service centre in Johor but I believe you can easily post the item to KL if need to service πŸ™‚

  37. Kristina says:

    Hi mummy ,how long will it take to see An increase in milk ? I tried using 2tines today but milk supply still remain the same n my boobs still feel full .

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi Kristina,
      Milk will increase slowly maybe in a week or so. One day is too soon ya. Keep working hard and direct latch more if possible.
      If you still feel full after pumping means your breasts is not emptying well. Did you try to massage your breast while pumping? This will help tp clear the ducts. Or it could be the suction level. Try increasing it little by little, not painful, but enough to have a few let downs.

  38. Lydia Chin says:

    Wondering what breastpump to buy, find out what other parents rate highly with….is Spectra better then Avent breastpump? Little Kids

    • vavaloy says:

      HI Lydia,

      I have been using the Spectra and I find that it works best for me. I have not tried Avent and I don’t know how is the performance. Every pump is diff to every womans body. It would be good if you can try out which one suits you best before you purchase. Good Luck!

  39. sygnur says:

    Hi, im one of spectra M1 buyer. Im yet a user as i am due 12/12 this year.

    After reading your blog and others, im really sold on getting spectra M1. πŸ™‚

    Please bear with me with my questions as i am totally novice in EP.

    Lots of questions.What do i do before i use the pump? Do i boil all the attachments for initial sterilisation?( bottles, tubes, flanges, membranes, everything except the motor, of course. )
    How do u wash the parts? Warm water with soap? Air dry? Or sterilise the the parts with standard steriliser?

    What kind of 2 pin adapter do u use when charging? Coz i fine it hard to detach from the main wall socket.( plugged in to check whether everything’s working well).

    How long the initial charging has to be?( hp batteries are known to be charged 8 hours initially).

    Thank you.

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi there!
      Congratulations on the coming arrival of your baby!
      Please bear in mind that you should not pump the first month after your baby arrives. This is so that you direct latch more often to stimulate your body to make more milk. Pumping too early can cause oversupply and you need to feed baby skin to skin first.
      Before using, just wash the bottles and breastshields only. Sterialize them before use. No need to air dry, unless you want to. Wash only parts that will come in contact with your milk. Tubes and all that no need coz milk will not go through there.
      I use my normal socket on the wall. The Spectra charger is 3 pin though… how come yours is 2?

      • sygnur says:

        Oh dear, mine does come with 2 pins. 😦 it’s direct from korea although i bought it at recent baby fair in Singapore. 😦 the instructions are in korea. Does that mean i need to buy additional adaptor? What’s your take on it?

        Maybe i could email u the 2 pin pic?

      • vavaloy says:

        Hmmm, yea I think you bought the international pin one. But that’s ok, you still can use it. Plug with the universal adapter should be fine. Don’t be sad yea! It’s still a great pump! Maybe even better directly from Korea! Hehe

      • sygnur says:

        Thanks for the assurance. Haha, maybe i’ll
        bring it to a hardware shop so they can advise what kind of adaptor i can use.

        Im really glad that i came across your blog. πŸ™‚ thanks once again.

  40. krist says:

    Hi, thanks for your sharing. I have just started using spectra pump. However, I found that it is not quiet as Medela. The pumping sound is quite noisy. I am wondering if I assemble correctly. Can you advise as the manual is Korean language.

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi! Did you buy yours from korea?
      I find that it gets loud if you dont attach the tubing direct to te motor properly. If there is air leak it will sound loud.

      • allymummy says:

        Hi mummy vavaloy , I refer to your reply on the parts of the m1 to wash and sterilise above. Can I confirm that you do not need to sterilise the white valves even though they will come into contact with the milk and that the only parts that need sterilisation are the breast shields and the bottles? I have just gotten the m1 and I’m quite confused on which are the parts that need sterilisation. Appreciate your help in this. Thanks!

      • vavaloy says:

        You need to wash all parts that come into contact with milk. I personally do not sterialize the valves because it is rubber. The heat from the sterializer may cause it do deform or melt. Eventhough there are times i accidentally sterialized it. Once a while its ok, but long term i believe they will spoil and affect the pump performance.

    • Leila says:

      Hi, you should get a guidance/warning card with your M1 set. It states which parts needs to wash and which to avoid washing. A reminder when double pump is to use ONLY Premium Breast shield set. Using the standard breast shield set for double pumping will cause your limited 1 year warranty void.

      Do visit my website for M1 parts, storage bags/bottles, breastfeeding needs and my fb page

  41. quirkyms says:

    Hi hi, great posts! Helped me with my decision to buy a pump online = M1.Just tried for 1st time and me likey! I really like the vibrate on the nipple! It feels less “pulled” than other pumps. I own an Ardo Calypso and single Medela Swing but struggle with both at work. Unfortunately I cant find any English instructions, so check with you:

    -How long is the inital charge for portability? Like some products need to charge 12 hours priior to use

    -Do i need to wash + sterilise the backflow protectors everytime?

    -Steps of use: On machine. Press Let Down button (the wavy symbol) for 2 mins or until sight milk. Then press + or – sign to start pump. The letdown button dont switch automatically right?

    -How old is your baby? I didnt think its possible for supply for increase once past 6 weeks. I read that milk supply is more or less settled by then. My baby is already 4.5months and I have lowish supply. So if using the M1 can drain better and increase supply, wow i;ll be a real convert!

    Thank you!.

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi! Glad u liked it!
      I dont remember needing any initial charge, but if youre concerned, 8 hours is the standard.
      No need to wash backflow protectors unless it came into contact with milk or gets wet.
      I use the massage button until i feel a let down (slow milk flowing constantly), then press active pump mode. Wave button is massage ya, press again to activate normal pump mode. + and – is to adjust the strength/suction power. Yes u need to press manually coz not everyones letdown is the same.
      My baby is now almost 16 months! Ive been using M1 since he was abt 6 months. Yes your supply will go up soon, but pls keep pumping consistently. My supply went up between 7-8 months πŸ˜‰

  42. jake chua says:

    how do you use the m1? do you turn off the massage mode when you feel there is a let down?

  43. Amanda says:

    I’m using M1 too. I just love the small and compact design and bonus for less part to wash.

    But I find that it can’t empty my breast, either my boobs not responding well to it or i’m just too impatient while pumping at work. when i reach 10 mins, instead of steady flow, it become droplets and i usually stop before 15mins because i seriously can’t wait anymore. i will end my session with hand expressing until i feel my boobs is empty. how is wish the pump can just do it for me because now my fingers are sore.

    btw, how often do you change the parts? and have u survey where we can get it cheap?

  44. chinyi2011 says:

    Hi Vavloy, what a fantastic post and discussion above. I’ve been truly encouraged and much more aware now. Thank you for your sharing and answering all the mummies questions patiently, i’ve been really blessed. Thumbs up. πŸ™‚ I’m 34 weeks preggars and looking forward to my breastfeeding journey.

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi! Happy soon to be , mama!
      Thank u for your encouraging words. Sometimes i feel that im wasting time writing… Only comments like yours will make me continue (i havent written for months! πŸ˜₯
      All the best for your pregnancy and delivery!

  45. Charmine Ooi says:

    I was considering to get spectra m1 too. I saw one in baby fair cost rm499. Another from fb pages comes with package cost rm555, free rechargeable battery, 10 pcs storage bottles, vcool compartment ice tub etc etc . Did the whole set of m1 come with extra rechargeable battery? Hope you can give me some advise. Thx !

    • vavaloy says:

      Im not sure. But different retailers might throw in some special items.. Its weird that it came with rechargeable battery. M1 is in built rechargeable already (just like iphone) so im not sure what kinda battery they are giving. The price is ok too…

      • Charmine Ooi says:

        I think the rechargeable battery the package means is that built in rechargeable battery.. Kinda confuse for consumer..thx anyway ! πŸ™‚

      • vavaloy says:

        Oh.. But kinda weird to put in their description haha. Most pumps already has it unless mentioned “battery operated” like single/light use pumps. Spectra considered medium to heavy duty pump

  46. Baby Sunndeep's Mum says:

    Hi, wonderful advice, THANK YOU!!!

    I currently have a PISA hand me down & was contemplating on d FS till I read this! The only reason i m lookin for a portable bpump is coz i m on d go quite a bit & also commute daily fr Sban to KL for work. So a portable & discrete bpump wld b useful in d train.

    Question i hv is, once let down takes place & u hv adjusted d suction settings, do u leave it at tht level throughout d session or is it flexible?

    • vavaloy says:

      You can adjust the suction level anytime. It is not locked. After pumping awhile and you think you need more power, just press higher suction on the button.

  47. nurul says:

    hi dear,
    my baby is 18months old now. I ve been using freestyle for a year. I can feel that it cant really empties my breast. by hand expression still can get milk.or is the suction is not ok actually?
    I m confuse now..what can I do?if I dl my lo always enough for her now.but to make ebm stock is a problem now. huuhu..what about m1?feeling like changing the pump now

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi Nurul,
      I suggest you go to Pump on the Go to try out. There are some places where you can test the pump before purchasing. Is your FS new and did you send it for servicing to check? Maybe could be suction problem.

      • sabrina says:

        Hi vava loy, cn i pm u. Im using m1 now n plan to try fs. I hav so many questions on spectra m1.

  48. Nabila says:

    Omg, thanks a lot for your review. I’m using madela single pump now and it make noise like ” mesin rumput”. I’m considering to buy M1 and find your review. I also found other blog that suggest M1 is better than fs.

  49. Thanks for the breast pump review..

  50. PrincessC says:

    Hi, great review there. May I know what is the mode and duration you used for each pump? I’m starting out on S1 and finds that massage mode helps me get a letdown faster but do you change mode once letdown starts or when you see milk flowing? Because I find that I hardly get much milk if I switch mode. So I’m not sure how exactly is the way to use this machine. Currently just use mostly massage mode.

  51. PrincessC says:

    Hi, great review there. May I know what is the mode and duration you used for each pump? I’m starting out on S1 and finds that massage mode helps me get a letdown faster but once I switch mode I don’t get much milk. So I’m not sure how exactly is the way to use this machine. Currently just use mostly massage mode to pump.

    • vavaloy says:

      i will use massage mode until i see milk slowly flowing and then switch to pump mode right after. maybe you can stay at massage mode for longer. it differs from woman to woman!

  52. rihahalim says:

    Thanks for the review. I have read many good reviews on this product, and that gimme more confident to buy this product. hehe

  53. Nadia says:

    Hi mummy vavaloy,

    I believe it have been almost a year now since you purchase the M1. How is the performance? So far still good? Suction still strong?

    I was informed by one seller that M1 suction would slow down after few months.

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi nadia,
      just like any other pump, suction will slow down because you’ve been using it so much! just like our cars need servicing too when we drive a lot. im very happy with my M1 and i havent serviced for a year. i would say its best to service every 6 months to maintain quality of pumping.

  54. Lala says:

    Hi, I m interested in the spectra m1. But I am not sure which breastshield to choose or it does not matter?
    1. My nipple diameter is 13 mm (excluding areola )
    2. So I shd choose 13mm+6mm= 19 mm pump.
    3. Why most spectra default size is 28 mm.


  55. cookieria says:

    Hi Vavaloy,
    A question on the back flow protectors. You said earlier that there is no need to wash them unless it comes in contact with milk or gets wet. I noticed that after pumping condensation happens on the backflow protector. Is it ok not to wash it and keep on using it on the next pumping schedule? If there’s a ned to wash do I sterilize it once again or washing is just enough?


    • vavaloy says:

      i usually just wash. sterilizing is only for parts that baby will be in contact with. back flow protectors will not be in contact.
      condensation is normal too πŸ™‚

  56. sabrina says:

    Hi vava loy,
    Im using m1 now n plan to try fs. I hav so many questions on spectra m1. I prefer watsapp or fb msgr if you can as im on rush most of the time. Nevertheless, let me try to write.
    im a mother of 2. Delivered both thru lcsc. During my first, as it was 1st operation i had in my whole life, i was in trauma n depression. Naturally i didnt had a lot of milk unlike some of my frens that i daughter was bottle fed 3 first days n after that i tried direct feed but not able to as do not know many things. Thus she was then fully fm.
    now with my 2nd, just delivered 2 months ago, i tried bf fully even though i dont hav any milk drop during pregnant and even 1st day. But as he had mild jaudice he was sleeping a lot. That helped me a lot to keep df. Slowly milk came. During my 8th month of preg, my sil who fully bf suggested to buy spectra m1. I bought it in an expo, dp with free gifts rm499.
    so i started using it from day 5..had 1 auns initially . Then gradually increased to 2 then 3 n now 6.
    Problem that im having is..
    my m1 spectra i feel its noisy and vibrates.
    it taking me 45 mins to get 4 auns in single pump if i pump every 3 hours..if i wait til the breast full and to get 6 auns in 30 1st time i tried double pump..i js hold it in my hand..coz my nursingbra do not have hanger.. able to get 4 auns in 15 mins. N then i have to single pump on each breast with full massage to get 3 auns more wic takes another 15 to 20 mins..
    my concern is its seems too long with my spectra m1. Have to fully massage from beginning til end drop. And noisy.
    If i wit longer i get more faster n more milk (of cozla), like today i pumped at 11am after df at 6am. After 5 hours i get 7 auns with 35 to 40 mins pumping… its wasting too much of my office time.. any idea? My fren wants to lend me her fs..thinking of trying..thats wen i land to ur post wic hav lots of info

    • sabrina says:

      Now i pumped at 5pm..after 6 hours..only able to get 4.5 ounce…using dp able to get 3 ounce in 10minutes..then 1.5 ounce in 20mins more using sp…😒😒😒😒.. my son drinks 3*4 ounce every day during off hours.. i have enaf2 only

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi sabrina,
      thank you for sharing your experience. did you service your pump at all?
      all pumps do vibrate and even then fs vibrates. FS is also a great pump, dont get me wrong. in my opinion, im just not willing to spend 3-4x the price of something that works just as well. maybe you can try it our first and see if ir suits you. i hope you find a solution soon! and keep direct latching baby! that is the best!

  57. Jen says:

    What do you use for hands pumping?

  58. Trizel Lulu says:

    Hi mummy, I just got my m1 & pumped 3 days already. (1) first day yield 50ml. (2) second day max 70ml. (3) pump one hour to get 90. (4) blocked duct pain. Unable to empty breast. (5) very noisy. How come my experience like that? Quite sad.

    • vavaloy says:

      it could be any reasons. are you pumping too often? If your baby is still small, please direct latch as much as possible. that will clear the ducts.

  59. Esther says:

    Thanks for the great review…, I would like to know what does the pump comes with?

  60. Jacelle says:

    Thanks for sharing your review. I am using spectra S9+, however after a month use the motor failed to charge for portable use. Can only plug on to powerpoint to use. Thinking of getting another pump as I agree spectra is a gd pump. Is Spectra M1 portable? Any prob w the pump and how long hv u been using it. Thanks

  61. Sydnie says:

    Good to read your comments that you love your Spectra M1. So do I !:)

    For my first pregnancy, i bought a Medela single pump (Can’t remember the model, i think is mini, if i am not mistaken) . 3 years later on my second pregnancy I decided to get a double pump, after much survey, I decided to go for Spectra M1 which can be converted as a double pump at low cost.

    Spectra M1 is so much quiet, light, and easy to carry around, furthermore it can be battery operated which is very convenient. Without having the need to sit nearby a wall plug, with Spectra M1, you can simply look for any rooms or any spots that is comfortable and you can start extracting your breastmilk. And also one of the function i like the most is the massage function. It helps me all the time in stimulating my breastmilk and slowly increase my supply. My highest record was exacting 2 full bottles of 5 oz breastmilk each session. Of course I don’t mean purely by the massage function it gives this result but I must say it does help πŸ™‚ I strongly recommend Spectra M1 πŸ™‚

    Btw, I plan to sell my Spectra M1. If any of the readers plan to get a second hand Spectra M1, you can drop me an email at

    FYI, my Spectra M1 was bought in December 2013. Use period: Jan 2014 – August 2014.
    Machine is still in good condition. Besides that, I still have a pair of new rubber ring (the parts) which i bought as a spare set last time. And also, lots of breastmilk storage bottles & storage bags that i plan to give away to the interested buyer.

  62. BB Esther says:

    M1 is a good pump indeed, but when come to service, it would be a nightmare. M1 loan units are very limited in their service centre. I’ve queue for more than a month yet still don’t have spare M1 for me, sad…. Also, they take super long time to reply customer in email and their facebook page.

  63. Even though Spectra is not a well-known brand, its performance is hospital grade. I bought it at the recent baby fair in Mid Valley at RM471 for a …

  64. Robyn says:

    This is an amazing review thanks so much! I’m definately going to buy one of these! My question is how long do you pump to get such a high yield!? I’m currently using a single pump (tommee tippee) and pumping for about 25min each side to get 120ml all together… How did u increase your supply so much?

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi Robyn,
      Supply really depends in every individual, and each pregnancy/baby is different too. I would say the best way to increase supply is to eat well, and to latch as often as possible.

  65. […] and if you haven’t read my review and comparison with the Medela Freestyle, you can read it here. This was posted back in February 2014 when I first purchased it to use, and when QB was 6 months […]

  66. Kelly says:

    What settings did you use to get more out? How often were you pumping and for how long?

  67. Ary Widya says:

    My 1st pump is Avent Comfort Manual, it’s convenient with the silicon but I hate the noise when use. I got 160 for both & made my hand tired πŸ˜….
    2nd is Avent Electric single pump, i got only less than manual pump for same time.
    3rd are spectra 9 plus ( I had 2 units). I can have max 850 ml only with 4 times pumping.
    I didn’t use the silicon, since it’s not convenient compare to Avent. This pumps really good for me as a working mom.
    I use pump log application to help me review result of my pumping. I’m so happy with this good pumps with reasonable price.

  68. siys suri says:

    Hi Mummy,
    Allow me to share this in my Fb for my easy reference. i was Madela user previously but looking for another pump which more efficient no BACK FLOW! Thanks so much for review!

    • vavaloy says:

      Sure! Go ahead and share!

      • Feline says:

        Hi mommy,
        I plan to get M1 pump after using my current FS Madela right away!

        Can I know how do you store your milk into avent bottles (I’m using Natural)? Means using the teats and cap to store on fridge cuz avent storage bottles won’t fit into the pump. But then if you have many bottles then what bottles do you use?

        Do you have any comment for Spectra 9 Plus, heard its same as M1 but just different motor? Hope get ur swift reply πŸ™‚ thx

        Do you know if

      • vavaloy says:

        Avent bottles fit into my M1 pump coz it’s wide neck. All M1 comes with wide neck flange and it will fit avent perfectly. I am not sure about the S9 model though. I’m still using my M1 now with freemie and no issues.

      • Ary Widyastuti says:

        Well … i recommend since its light & especially when you are a lots of moving (work or travelling).
        Spectra & Avent have wide bottle neck, so they can use. Spectra bottle less tight compare to avent, so i suggest its only for pumping not for storing.

      • Feline says:

        Hi mommy,
        I tried send back my FS to Madela to exchange but they just simply check with the meter there and said nothing wrong with my pump and spare parts. Send it back as felt the performance has dropped and unable to empty effectively and I have to pump at least 30mins. Further need to pay a deposit of rm800 despite my FS is still under warranty.

        I am thinking to get spectra 9+ as it’s more portable and suction 1-10. Hope the performance is at par with M1 but not too strong suction.

        P/s: not sure why unable to reply on my previous msg

  69. Sheila says:

    I have the almost brand new Spectra S1 Double electric pump complete set to let go. Used it only about 5 times. Price negotiable. Reason: I bought it while waiting for my other pump to be repaired. But my repaired pump has arrived early. Pm me, cheers:)

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