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How much can one person take? (of no sleep)

on February 7, 2014

Here’s my daily routine on a weekday

730-800am: We both get up at this hour usually. Days when I have to be at work by 730, I get up at around 630am.

800am: Change Leo’s diaper and bring him downstairs to get ready, kiss him goodbye and say a short prayer that he’ll be a good boy at daycare and papa to have a good day at work. Hang the laundry if I haven’t last night, then I will prep my lunch and get ready for work.

900-600pm: At work. Most days I have classes which require me to get moving and sweat. Lotsa energy output here with 6 classes/week.

700-830pm: I should be home by this time, some days can be earlier. Prep dinner and feed Leo. Most days he will eat with us, unless he’s cranky.

830-900pm: Leo’s bath time. Often as well, he have his bath past 9pm 😦

930-1000pm: Bedtime for Leo. After bath, I will have some downtime with him. Play with him for a bit, read to him, sing to him, just getting him ready to sleep. Once he’s ready, I will nurse him and he falls alseep.

1030pm: Start laundry and fold the current laundry, and then put them away. Then I will prep his daycare items for the next day (pour milk into his bottles, refill his diaper bag).

1100pm: If I have early workday the next day, I will prep my food at this hour. If not, I will wait for the laundry to be done. Sometimes I start baking at this hour to release stress.

12midnight: My turn to lay down and try to sleep. It’s my resolution to sleep before 12 daily but so far it’s impossible. For the past few weeks, Leo wake up again just when I wanted to go to bed. So I will nurse him again and he will continue sleeping.

1230-630am: I probably wake up at least 6 times within this hour. The first 2-3 times he wakes, I will pick him up and try to put him back to bed in his cot. By the 3rd time in exhausted! I lay him beside me to feed and then sleep. Not much sleep too coz he kicks me and moves around too much. Not to mention, I sleep like a log this way and my back would hurt.

And before you know it, the next day comes and the whole routine repeats itself…
Now tell me, what do u think?

I barely have time to turn on my computer or even read a book or even do something that I really wanted. By the one of the day I’m just tired. I actually realize that it gets worse because it is compounded over the days and weeks.  Often when asked “How do you feel now that baby is older? Is he sleeping well?” I tend to say yes, but in actually fact, I think I got used to it. I’m used to being tired, having dark circles under my eyes, cranky and feel sick at most mornings. People around me thinks I’m older than my age (NEVER I thought would have happen, but it did). Sleep deprivation is one of the worst conditions anyone can ever be in! Lack sleep=lack mood, low metabolism, low energy, bad skin, weight gain, low oxygen to the brain, unable to think properly/clearly, bad mood… you name it!


I wished I had more time to spend with my family. Quality time and just being stress free/away from typical daily duties. Times where I do not feel tired. Time used for social rather than catching up with sleep. So why do I do what I do?

I do it because I want to. I do it because I care. I want my family to have a good meal together at the table. I want to help my family save money and eat cleaner at home. I want Leo to have fresh clean diapers for daycare. I want Leo to have more milk available to him, rather than him coming home crying from hunger. I want my family to have clean clothes to wear and look good. These things come naturally to me and I’m hoping to get much support on it.

To those who relate to events like these and wondering why women like to nag/do do do/complain, you can make yourself useful and help. Do not assume that all is done. Offer help and you will realize that what another person do might be more than what you thought. Most importantly, ask. Ask if there is help needed. Sometimes, just talking will help ease off the chore and get conversations going.

I love it when hubs talk to me while I’m doing something so that I can keep my mind on the conversation and not the task. It can be pretty lonely most of the time. I actually enjoy those conversations because it is like a “catch up” moment of the day. I need these catch ups. I need to feel wanted and spoken/listened to.

And… It is 11:45pm, Leo just woke up (1 out of the 6 times of the night). When will this get better?

I think I only get to Stage 1… and somemetimes 2…



One response to “How much can one person take? (of no sleep)

  1. […] I only get home typically around 7 or 730pm, sometimes even later. And then I start to prep dinner, by the time we eat, it is 830pm or sometimes 9pm. Is that crazy? YES IT WAS. But I had no choice. Slow cooker meals are great but sometimes, I forget to prep them the day before too. If you are a mom that cooks, you KNOW that you plan a day or two ahead and rarely have a last minute decision. After dinner, its bath time and time spent with baby before he sleeps which is 10 or 1030pm if we’re lucky. I did write about my schedule in a previous post, you can read it here. […]

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