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Cloth Diapering 1:1

on January 10, 2014

I know some moms have so many questions regarding cloth diapers and how to go about them. Some hesitate to start because they do not know exactly what to do. When I was pregnant with Leo, I researched a lot about it and I’ve learnt so much through other moms’ blogs and YouTube videos. We have been cloth diapering for 5 months now and I have to say, it is easier than it looks! Seriously!  So I am gonna answer these questions regarding cloth diapering in my post below:-

  1. What do you actually need?
  2. How do you wash the diapers?
  3. What about the poop?
  4. Where do you put the dirty diapers?
  5.  How do you hang them dry?

This is our cloth diaper set up and what we use for Leo.


His diapers are ready-to-use in the first drawer. I keep them there so that it is easy to change him. He moves a lot now so I have to keep an eye for him or he might fall off the change table! I have a little more diapers now. I sold off those that I did not use and got more of the ones that I like that works best for us. I will make a cloth diaper stash update soon.


I used to fold my cloth wipes so that they “pop-out” when I pull them out just like normal wipes, but now I don’t.


I figured there is no need to fold them nicely because at the end, I am gonna need one fast and sometimes, they get stuck in the wipes container. This was a regular disposable wipes container, which I am no longer using. This container cannot fit as many cloth wipes too. It was only more trouble to fold them and put it in.

Now I use a normal container that I had bought from Daiso for RM5. Super cheap! And I can keep ALL my cloth wipes in it. Just throw them in and use whenever I need. I do not pre-wet my wipes because I find it yucky (bring soiled with water for a few days?) I just spray on each wipe as I use.


What is in my spray bottle? Only water. I do not use any soap or special solution. I did, at one time wanted to make my own solution or maybe just a little baby soap but there is really no need for that. I find that wiping Leo with water alone is good enough to clean all the mess.

Again… I can use as many wipes as I need. Cloth wipes (I use regular wash cloths), are so much bigger and can clean very well compared to disposable wipes/wet tissues. If you remember my previous post on vacation —–> HERE. I mentioned that on disposables,  I had to change him a few times when his diaper was not even full because we went swimming. With so many changes, I felt bad that I threw away diapers just like that. With cloth, I do not have to worry because I will wash them anyway. I can use as many as I’d like. Same as wipes… I use 2-3- disposable wipes to clean a mess. That is a lot of money in the long run.

Once I remove his dirty diaper, I put it into the diaper bin/wetbag. I use a wetbag when I am away from home/daycare. At home, I just open the lid of the bin and throw it in. The bin I am using is a regular trash bin from IKEA. I think I got it at RM45 or so… it is easy to use and in actual fact, you can just use a normal trash bin. No need for anything special, really. I put a pail liner in the bin so that it keeps the mess or if I have any wet diapers in there. The liner is waterproof as well (just like the outside of a cloth diaper). When it is laundry day, I simply take off the lid, take the liner to my washing area and start laundry. That’s all. I have 2 pail liners to rotate. The liners I use is from Grovia.


I will pour all my dirty diapers into my washing machine and start the laundry. This is what I typically do:-

  1. Run a quick wash cycle with full water capacity without detergent (to remove all the pee/poop)
  2. Run a normal/soak wash cycle with full water capacity with detergent (around 1.5-2 tablespoons per wash for 15 diapers)
  3. Take the clean diapers out and hang dry


Sounds easy? YES, it is that simple! I use full water capacity to rinse diapers because rinsing is the most important part. It removes all the dirt and makes the diapers cleaner.

I use Rockin Green detergent as it is the best cloth diaper safe detergent. Using non cloth diaper detergent may cause your diapers to repel water… only if you do it VERY often. I bought this pack for RM55 and I am still using the same first pack that I bought. It has been 5 months and I still have more than 1/3 of detergent! They last very long and not expensive at all!


Now that Leo is taking semi solids once a day, his poop may not be 100% water soluble (but still, they wash clean almost99%). I use a diaper liner to prevent staining or just so it is easy to dispose of the messy poop and then wash the diaper as usual. You can now get flushable liners easily too. When Leo has a supermessy poopy diaper (which only happened twice so far), I will just spray it off in my toilet with the water sprayer. It takes less than a minute and then put it in the pain as usual with the other diapers.


I hang them on my normal clothes hanger and it will dry by the next day, unless it is raining. As you can see, I do my laundry at night because it is the only time I have besides the weekend. If there is hot sun in the weekend, I will dry them under the sun and it removes stains magically. The sun is the best bleach for your diapers 🙂


Leo rarely develops diaper rashes. He will only get them when his diaper is not changed often enough. You can get cloth diaper safe rash cream pretty easily now. I use Thirsties Booty Love which I bought at RM25 per jar. Yes, it costs more than the normal Drapolene or Bepenthen but again, cloth diaper safe cream is made of natural ingredients. If you get some organic ointment as diaper cream, it may cost even more. Normal rash cream can work too but it may cause your cloth diapers to repel water in the long run. But if you do have to use those, just put a nappy liner on. It will protect the diaper from the cream.


p/s: you diaper will not repel water if you use normal cream/normal detergent once. It is only if you keep using them for months!

So there you have it. I hope I answered most of your questions regarding cloth diapering and I hope that you may think about switching to cloth or at least try it out. If you have any feedback/questions do share them with me in the comments below. If you do cloth diaper, let me know your routine and how you handle them.



18 responses to “Cloth Diapering 1:1

  1. Eunice says:

    Hi thanks for your detailed explanations on steps! I’m wondering, wouldn’t it be stinky and building up bacteria if you put the soiled cd straight into diaper bin without rinsing them? How many days to your laundry day? Also, for diaper liner, are you using the flushable disposable type? If yes, wouldn’t it be soiled after pee? Mine will be soiled and cramped, thought it makes my LO feels uncomfortable with the soiled one, thanks!

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi Eunice,
      I normally wash every other day, means alternate days. So far I’ve no problems. I guess if you leave them in the pail for too long bacteria will grow quicker. If there is poop I will usually rinse them first. The liner I use is flushable (I also use the disposables type once in a while). And it is not wet coz pee can absorb right through and onto the diaper. It will mostly filter the poop. That way, poop doesn’t get onto diaper and less bacteria I guess. How come your liners get soiled? As in they get literally wet?

      • Eunice says:

        Yea I use the flushable diaper liner from the brand “Luvable Friends”, claims to be able to quickly wick away moisture but apparently it still gets wet (maybe not soiled but it’s like a damp cloth on your skin). Then I thought flushable type will get wet eventually if not they won’t get flushed into the toilet. May I know what brand you’re using and where to get it? Thanks.

      • vavaloy says:

        I use the grovia flushable liners. I found out that they get wet too but doesn’t get crumpled/mushy from poop. It does filter very well. You can get them from Cloth diaper stores or online sellers. Not very expensive. I saw many selling off theirs in preloved groups in FB. One roll has 200 pcs

        Sent from my iPhone


  2. simplystavish says:

    I loe this post and all your cloth posts’n clearly I need to start following your blog! I just posted a cloth diaper post yesterday and will be doing a few as a follow up! Also I am so jealous of your top loader!! We have a front one and it takes forever to was dipes since I do 3-4 cycles to make sure I get out all the detergent.

    • vavaloy says:

      I just read your blog! 2 kids in cloth, I can imagine the laundry! But you are doing so well Mindi. I need to get me some hemp inserts. Are they really absorbent? I wanted to try them as night time diapers as I do not want to use disposables anymore. My top loader still takes around 2 hours to finish washing. But in general, I love my fluff hehe 🙂 Will make a stash update soon, coz I’ve sold off some and bought preloved ones that works for us.

  3. Kendra says:

    Hello,where do you buy those clothes diaper and any review on that?

    How about cloth diapering at night?my daughter is a heavy wetter,she is still on disposable at night.

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi Kendra,
      I bought them online and also preloved from various Facebook groups. Very worth the money and what’s great about cloth is that it has a high resale value if taken care properly.

      I have not tried cloth diapering at night yet because I still have some disposables (got it as gifts from friends) and still using the same pack! Once it’s finished I will cloth.

      But I know u can try to stuff your diapers with the normal microfiber insert with hemp. Hemp has high absorbency and can last through the night.

      How old is your little girl btw?

      • Kendra says:

        She is 9 mo now and i just started CD 2mths ago by slowly adding CD to the stash, as it is expensive to purchase all in one.

        So jeslous that u hv almost 50,i only have 13 right now. I plan to add some,wanna try simplex and charlie banana after read your blog. Do you mind to share with me which online shop or fb u buy frm?i only join malaysian cloth diapering parents so far. Any else recommendation?i click on a fb group link that u posted in comment but cnt access to it,if i want to search in fb,what word should i search in?

        I tried bamboolite night premium CD,but my daughter is such a heavy wetter at night pluss she sleep frm 7pm to 7am,i hv to change her diaper at 12am,then to disposable.wondering if the CD can last till morning o not.
        Most of the online shop i found dun sell insert especially hemp or zorb…

      • vavaloy says:

        I see. Yes I can add you in the preloved diapers Facebook groups! It’s really much cheaper and I kinda regret getting so many new ones last time. Now I have around 43 pcs coz sold off some that I don’t use. Charlie Banana, bumgenius and Simplex are most of my stash now. Very good diapers. Will be doing a stash update soon. Been so busy trying to find time updating my blog.

        Please add me in Facebook then I can add you in. My FB name is Eva Loy. Let me know once u done that. I will help u find diapers 🙂

  4. Linda says:

    Hi, I’m wondering, how does your daycare handle poop on your CD. Do you use disposable liners? Thanks

    • vavaloy says:

      Hi Linda!
      I am so thankful that my daycare accepted cloth diapering from day 1. They had no problems with poop. I told them that they can just put everything into the wet bag and I will rinse it at home. They said they insist that they rinse for me coz not so nice to leave poop ? Hahaha, I am blessed. But nowadays I use flushable liner for them. This way, they only need to throw everything away and rinse a little. No scrubbing needed.

  5. christinaheng says:


    May i know where do u get the rockin green detergent from? Thanks!

    • vavaloy says:

      I got it from a local retailer here previously. Ive stopped using RGD from my diapers for a long time already. Cloth diapering has changed lot for me and i havent made an update. Stay tuned for the next update on my washing routine!

  6. where did you buy the Thirsties Booty Love?

  7. Becky says:

    Hi, may I know where to buy the flushable liner? Is it still cost saving compared to using disposable diapers?

    • vavaloy says:

      Yes of course! A lot of savings! You can get the liners anywhere. You can use normal puréen or annakku liners also. Or Grovia/my Eco nappy ones are good too.

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