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Cloth Diapering at Daycare

on December 5, 2013

I had written this post 2-3 weeks ago and I still have not posted it! Urrgghhhh… don’t ask me why! I just had to much to do and so little time! I even wanted to put some actual pictures but they are taking forever. So no actual pictures this time, but I promise one very soon! So Leo has been at daycare for slightly more than a month. This post was written last 2 weeks. Here goes:

It has been 3 weeks since Leonidas started daycare and have been fully cloth diapered there. I am so glad it turned out well and the helpers are favorable over cloth diapers. Then again… we pay them a big amount at daycare, can they say no to what we want? I know in the States there are rules/law at daycare. Some strictly note that only disposables are allowed. They even have rules for milk! (i.e. frozen ONLY or thawed ONLY or bottles must be provided WITH milk inside, etc etc) Thankfully Malaysia does not have such rules/law to state exactly what can or cannot be done.

Leonidas is the only baby in cloth diapers at daycare. The other kids are in disposables. When I first mentioned cloth, we did get a confused/black stare from the helpers. Particularly, Rita, one of the helpers. After explaining how it is done, she said ok. It was such a hectic Monday on his first day, we didn’t even have time to explain how to put it on/take off. The difference between and pocket diaper or an all-in-one diaper. We needed to explain how to use a bottle warmer (I’m quite surprised they do not have a warmer!), what time he feeds, and there was so many distractions!

Anyway, they manage to cloth him and didn’t really have much of a problem. I did mention to Rita, that if Leo poops, just throw the dirty diaper into the wetbag and I will wash them at home as usual like I always do. She was so shocked and said that she will not let me bring back yucky poopy diapers. She said that she will rinse them first. Well, I only thought that they may be busy and rinsing isn’t really necessary. Why?

1. I do not want them to think that cloth is such a hassle, because it is not! I wanted it to be easy for them. Take off dirty diaper, put on clean diaper, throw dirty diaper into a wetbag. Just like a disposable… only don’t throw it in the trash, LOL.

2. They do not know the difference between the types if diapers I bring and if they rinse a pocket diaper, the microfiber insert will be super wet! They don’t know that the pocket diaper is “stuffed” so she actually needs to remove the insert. (Yes, a few times I had found wet pocket diapers superbly soaked and heavy! It made my wetbag so heavy and almost leaked right through!)

3. DETERGENT! After a few days at daycare, I found out that they rinsed diapers smell a little like baby soap. I figured that they rinsed it in soapy water. If you cloth diaper, you will also know that CDs are sensitive to detergents. You should wash them only in CD safe detergent. It wasn’t like a big issue, but I would rather not have them rinse in soap because I don’t want my diapers to repel water.
FYI: CD’s are not to be washed in normal detergent because it can cause detergent build up after a long run and then it will start to repel water and hence, not absorbing pee/poo. Also, those detergents can be harsh on baby’s skin. But, I know of some who use regular detergents and never had a problem! 🙂

So far, we have no issues with cloth diapers at daycare and I have to say, the helpers are getting the hang of it already. Learning how to snap diapers and adjusting them to fit nicely (even when I prep Velcro diapers so it is easier for them, on some days, they come home unused! This is awesome!)

I usually pack 4 diapers for daycare a day (mixture of Simplex, Bum Genius and Charlie Banana). I will change Leo into a new diaper before sending him to daycare at 8am. He will be there until 6pm and 4 changes are usually sufficient. I put a double zippered wetbag together for soiled items to be brought home. The bigger compartment is to store dirty diapers and the smaller compartment for his dirty clothes. It looks something like this:


Cloth diapering outside of home is so easy and doable! Let me know if you cloth diaper as well and how did you handle daycare/sitter?





One response to “Cloth Diapering at Daycare

  1. eiz says:

    Maybe u can use the Charlie Banana’s diaper liner so if Leo poos, Rita can just throw away the liner instead of having to wash the diaper?

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