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Kinderdijk Roadshow & Baby Carriers…

on October 21, 2013

Last Thursday, I was invited to attend a roadshow by Kinderdijk Sdn. Bhd. on Child Safety. The purpose of their roadshow is to create awareness among parents on the safety of their children especially when travelling. We also know that not many Malaysians are keen on purchasing car seats for their kids but it is actually so very important to do so. Too many accidents happen and you’ll never know what could happen on the road (I wouldn’t want my child to be flung out the car or even move about during the ride).

Kinderdijk is the distributor for Graco and Aprica products here in Malaysia. During the show they had a talk on newborn baby care and the characteristics of a newborn (I came slightly late because Leo was sleeping till 10am!). After that, they demonstrated the newest products from Aprica and Graco. From baby swings, to car seats, to strollers, and then playpens. I did like Graco products, even before this roadshow. I remember wanting to get the travel system before we actually had a baby, but during the course of the pregnancy, people had given us baby items and we did not need to buy. Graco is well known in the States and I have read/seen reviews on their products. I also learned that Aprica is from Japan. We all know that Japanese products are known for their quality so I am thrilled to find out more on Aprica. I found that they are little similar to Combi (light weight, easy to use, high end strollers with insulators) but I have yet to try any of their products.

In the media kit/goodie bag, they had given us an Aprica Easy-Touch Light baby carrier.


I haven’t had the chance to use it on Leo yet because I read that it is for babies 4 months and up. Leo is only 2.5 months so maybe that’ll have to wait. However, I would like to address that not all baby carriers are safe and some of them (because of the way it is made and their function) can cause hip dysplasia in infants and babies. We do not hear of this condition commonly here but it does happen. Baby’s hips are soft and still growing/progressing, so putting a certain pressure on their hip/pelvis can cause dislocation.


As you can see in the picture, it is not advisable for babies to be in carriers that puts pressure on their crotch area and forces their legs to drop/hang down like that. I am not saying that I am against these carriers, but just a precaution on what could happen long term. I am supporting baby wearing 100% but hoping that parents do it correctly to protect their children and minimize risks for hip dysplasia.

I currently own an Ergo organic baby carrier and I have to say, it is the best purchase I have ever made, and my husband agrees. I bought it 2nd hand from another mommy and never regretted that decision. The original brand new would be too expensive for us (costing around RM300+-600+ each, depending on design, color and type), so I am glad we got it cheaper 2nd hand.


Whenever I wear Leo in it, he sleeps and seldom make a fuss! Even at home, hubby wears it and he falls asleep.

I used to sling Leo when he was younger because he was so small and did not have any neck control at all. The ring sling kept him snug and close to me. He would also fall asleep in it.

IMG_1849 IMG_1850

We also have the Jumpsac Orbit carrier, very similar to the Ergo, but we have not used it yet. Not sure why, but maybe because we have the Ergo with us already or maybe just lazy to get the other one upstairs. These carriers are all inward facing or back carry only. It is the safest way to wear your baby in it. Many claim that they want forward facing carriers because baby wants to “see the world”, but don’t all babies? They are attracted to lights, colors and sounds! If you look at the physical anatomy (the way our body is structured), it doesn’t quite seem to fit front facing. There is too much weight distribution on the baby’s chest/hips and his neck, because babies tend to lean forward.

Anyway, I will give the Aprica one a try once Leo can fit into it properly and see how it goes. It does seem very light weight which great! Maybe these carriers are meant for older babies? When they have enough neck control? When their bones are more developed/stronger? What do you think?

If you own an Aprica/Baby Bjorn/Ergo/Boba or any other baby carriers, do comment below and tell me your experience. I would really like to know!


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