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Sleep or no sleep?

on October 16, 2013

Leonidas is now 2.5 months old! ALREADY???

Yep… time is flying by and I cannot even imagine going back to work in 2 weeks! Having said that, I am so glad that I took an extra month off work (unpaid actually) to spend time with him. This past week he has grown so much! Here is what he has done so far:-

1. He lifted up his head during tummy time and it was a shock to me! Well, I clearly wasn’t expecting that to happen. It was just one morning on Oct 11th, Friday (which makes him exactly 10 weeks old!) I turned him around as he was fussing after waking up and I was pumping milk. Suddenly he lifted his head to look at me! Then I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped a pic! He actually looked shocked himself, haha!


2. On that same day, Friday, Oct 11th, he  let out a little giggle as I was tickling him. It sounded like he had to cough but it was not a cough. It was a “happy cough”. He found it very funny when I say “Ah boo!” with my eyes wide open. It’s like as if he is trying to mimic me.


3. He’s been sticking his tongue out a lot. Not on purpose I guess, but just being goofy. Because he does that, he would drool a lot too and play around with his saliva! So I put a bib on him now… just so my clothes don’t get filled with spit! Haha!


So, the big question; How is he sleeping?

I was hoping that he would continue to STTN (sleep through the night)! To our surprise, he slept through for about a week 2 weeks ago. He would sleep at around 10:30pm and wake between 6-7am! That is almost 8 hours! But I remember 2 of those nights he woke at around 5:30 to nurse then back to sleep again. I was so thrilled, I thought he had learned to STTN and I could get some quality sleep. But, it didn’t last long 😦

Last week, and currently, he would sleep very late at night, around 11pm. I’m not sure why, but I suspect it is due to the fact that he takes a long nap from 5-7pm. Also, last week we went out a lot and came home late. When we do that, his sleep time could be affected. Being 2.5 months, I guess sticking to a routine is so very important to establish a good habit/system. But you know… sometimes I just want to go out for dinner or hit the gym or just do something different. I know for sure that when I go back to work, we need to keep time so that he gets enough sleep and I get enough sleep. I cannot imagine going to work with dark circles AND having to teach classes! It is physically challenging for me! Imagine having no sleep and teaching an hour of high impact cardio exercise and then work. Lord, please help me!

This week was tough, I felt like I had insomnia. After he’s gone to bed, I should be sleeping too, but I normally pump milk and then do the laundry and just want to spend some “me” time. So by the time I sleep, it is past midnight, He’s been waking at 4:30am for the past few days to nurse then back to sleep (he would nurse around 10 minutes). He then wakes up again at 6am or close to 7am, and then I would out him to co-sleep with me… and then again at 8am and 9am and 10am and so on… it can go on forever! He would fuss and I know he is not hungry. I don’t know how to stop this! In the wee hours in the morning, after his 4:30am feed, it will take me like 30 minutes to an hour to go back to sleep! I am ultra-sensitive to sounds now! Be it snoring, dog walking around, even breathing!!! What is going on?

Anyway, today I put him to at 9:30pm. I am hoping that he would sleep longer and better. The past week he’s been waking up close to 10am every morning (probably coz he sleeps late at night) but this has to change. When I get back to work, he has to be awake earlier and go to daycare at 8am. So… I hope this works and hopefully *fingers crossed* he would sleep better and longer. And of course, so that I can get some good rest.

If you guys have any tips or ideas, please tell me. Or if you have a different experience? I greatly appreciate other moms’ opinion just so I know that I am not suffering alone…



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