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Breastfeeding Update #2

on October 9, 2013

Breastfeeding has been going great for us. At Leo’s 2 month checkup yesterday, he weighed 6.1 kilograms, and he was born 3.4 kilograms. So the weight gain is one of the best measurements to know if he is getting enough milk. I honestly feel that he is eating more than he should be. But how can I adjust or know the exact amount? Most of the time, I direct latch him so I have no idea how many oz./ml he is taking at each feed. I have tried to bottle feed him just to let him get used to it once he’s at daycare. He only takes around 3-3.5oz. max in a bottle, and that will take him around 30-45mins to finish.

I am also pumping milk out to store for him, in case he needs it later on at daycare (although I plan to give him freshly pumped milk the day before, but just in case my supply drops). I normally pump 2-3 times a day; in the morning, occasionally in the afternoon and before bed. I would yield around 15-20 oz. in total pumping sessions. This also depends on what ate on that day, sometimes it can be a lot and some days merely 10 oz. I started pumping 2 weeks after he was born and slowly got into this routine. So far it has been great and I have a pretty stable stash to last for some time.

I realized that my fridge was getting more and more full, with no space for food anymore, so I decided to buy a chest freezer. I was thinking that it would be an investment, as I can use it for frozen food when needed or just store ice creams later on :p hehe


I looked on and they had a good deal on a chest freezer so I bought it right away. Their service was good and also had “Cash on Delivery” option. The freezer arrived 3 days later and I immediately kept my milk in it. Frozen breast milk can last 6 months in a deep freezer like this!


Currently, I have frozen about 100+ packs of EBM (expressed breast milk) ranging between 4-5oz. each pack. I am very happy with this result and hope to still continue as long as I can. In case you are wondering, I use 12oz. storage bags and just put 5-6 oz. in them. This way, I can lay them flat and save space. Also, I do not have to thaw so much at one time and only use what I need. Frozen EBM can only last 24 hours after thawing.

2013-10-09 12.10.44


2013-10-09 12.10.59


To moms who are wondering how I manage to yield so much; you need determination. I do not take any supplements to boost milk supply. Do read my previous post on breastfeeding update #1 here, to help you understand that it is important to start right; mentally and physically. It is not easy, but it will be worth it!


Anyway, just to let you see the difference between milk in the first week and milk now. Colostrum is baby’s first “milk” and it is so valuable and precious! It has the most nutrition your baby needs. Milk will also change as your baby grows and you can actually see the difference. God is indeed amazing!


That is all for my breastfeeding update #2! For new moms out there, do continue to breastfeed to provide the best for your baby and yourself! For moms to be, read and research as much as you can! If there are any questions, do post them below. Thanks for reading! 🙂




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