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39 weeks + 5 days…

on July 29, 2013

Okay… so Leo has not made his entrance into this world as yet. I’ve always thought that he would come early. Just an instinct that I had all this while. I guess I was wrong and maybe he just feels so comfy in there and wanted to stay in longer.

However, I have lost my mucus plug and had a bloody show over about 2-3 days after the membrane sweep that Doc did at 39 weeks. The sweep was to help get labor going but I guess it did not quite work for me though I was dilated 2cm then. Again… he might do it at 40 weeks or schedule and induction. Personally, I do not want to be induced… there are a lot of things to consider when having it and especially what it could lead to. Have a look at this chart:-


But of course, we will keep our options open if something really needs to be done, for a healthy baby to come. A healthy baby and mommy is the goal at the end of pregnancy.

The past week has been an emotional cycle for me. The worst thing is that you can’t control it. I honestly feel like I am just getting bigger and fatter… waiting and waiting. Almost doing nothing. Some moms say

“better enjoy now until the baby comes… you wont have time to do what you want, can’t get sleep and you will be dreading it!”


That is NOT helping me feel any better! I want this baby and I want to hold him and cuddle him and after so long (+ a miscarriage last year), I just want to see this Miracle. Maybe yes, I will dread the sleepless nights and probably complain a whole lot about it, not trying to be smart and say no, I wont feel that way… but what I need now is really support and encouragement. Not telling me what I will dread after the baby and all the freedom lost!

Do you get what I mean? It feels like someone is robbing me of my excitement and joy wanting to see Leo actually being in my arms.

Anyway… God has a plan and purpose. He knows better and I’m sure Leo knows too. I’ve spoken to him and we prayed that he will be safe and strong. He has to come out eventually. Mommy is trying to stay positive and that all will work out well and fine as long as we trust in Him and place all our cares/concerns upon our Lord God.

To keep myself busy, I made my own nursing tank, washed and packed away EVERYTHING that will come in contact with baby when he comes home, cut out styrofoam letters of his name to be put in his nursery (yet to be painted)… and just hanging out. Oh, not to mention spending time with these 2! Black pig and white sheep πŸ™‚


Dear Leonidas,
Do come out soon as Mama and Papa are so eager to meet you! Not to mention, your grandpas and uncles and aunties and the whole family! When you are ready to come see the world, do cooperate with my body during birth and make it an easy and painless one too. Know that we love you and we will be waiting for you.



One response to “39 weeks + 5 days…

  1. Terence says:

    Hi Baby Leo! Just a little something to add in, seeing as Mummy is REALLY busy these days taking care of you – yes, you! You came out crying into this world on 2nd August 2013, at 10.05pm. You were a healthy 3.42kg and Daddy couldn’t have been prouder of Mummy, the way she handled the pain and gave birth to you. But most of all, we thank and praise the Lord because He ultimately saw you safely through. We love you so much, and it will be our greatest joy to seeing you grow up! πŸ˜€

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