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Fluff Update!

on June 18, 2013

Okay, I have to say, cloth diapers are extremely cute! And… they are ADDICTIVE! You can never buy enough especially knowing there are sites that sell the international brands which are higher quality and designed better. Anyway, I’ve stopped buying them because I believe I have enough.

Cloth diapers do save you A LOT of money when it comes to the long run. Many people say they are expensive. Yes they are upfront because you need to stock them and get enough to use for a few days but after 6 months, you are actually saving money. I will make a separate post on the costs and how much you actually save if you cloth diaper in Malaysia.

Here’s my cloth diaper stash so far. An update of what I have and what I will be using. We will probably start when he is 2 months old, even though I would like to start earlier. Reason is I will be staying with my aunt during the confinement period and maybe washing the diapers would be hard as I might not have access to the wash and I will respect the Chinese “pantang” of not touching water too much or doing any major chore. After all, having my aunt and yee po with me is already a blessing! I wouldn’t know what to do without their help and guidance.

Random thought – I shall learn how to cook those confinement meals while I’m there 🙂 Who knows it may come in handy for myself after?


Most of my cloth diapers are ONE SIZED (OS) diapers. They are supposed to fit from newborn till potty training. Of course, depending on each brand, their cutting comes in different and all babies are different too. So yea, 2 month old onwards might fit Baby Leo perfectly.  They come in snaps or velcro closures. Their sizes are adjusted accordingly through snaps at the front and also bra-strap system for the Charlie Banana brand. Here’s what I have :-

6 Rumparooz G2 OS Pocket Diapers – Snap closure


8 Bumgenius 4.0 OS Pocket Diapers – 4 Snap & 4 Velcro closure

I absolutely love the Genius print – Irwin and Maathai. So cute!

BG 4.0 Pocket New-Bumgenius-_clothdiapers-prints-Irwin-Maathai-_giveaway-via-chgdiapers-1

6 Charlie Banana OS Hybrid Diaper – Snap closure

This is our ultimate favorite print! BOOTCAMP! Papa likes army stuff and Leo would look so cool in them!


8 Raf Raf Baby OS Bamboo Pocket Diapers – Snap closure

This is a Singaporean brand and it looked really good in quality and material! Can’t wait to try them!


6 QQ Baby OS Pocket Diaper – Snap closure

This is a local brand. Heard mixed reviews on it. The sizing does run bigger than usual but we’ll see. Probably only get to use it when Leo is older.

QQ Baby Front Pic

3 Luvable Friends OS Pocket Diaper – Snap closure

Mama bought this with Zila at BKK last year because they looked so cute. Then again, at that time Mama wasn’t so educated on cloth diapering yet. And of course, I have NOT found out I was pregnant yet. But as you can tell, I wanted to have you 🙂


Those above are the pocket diapers where you need to “stuff” them with inserts and use. Pros is that you can stuff accordingly to the absorbency you want. Layer by layer. Cons is that you have to unstuff them before washes and stuff them again when use. An extra round of chore. Hahahahaa…

Here are the ALL IN ONE/ALL ON TWO (AIO/AI2) Diapers that I have. It means that they have sewn in  inserts and works just like a disposable. No need stuffing. Just change and go, one at a time 🙂 Usually AIO/AI2 are more expensive because they are made of natural materials and absorb well. Most of them allows you to add extra inserts underneath for extra absorbency at night. I might get more AIO/AI2 in the future, it they work well!

2 Bumkins OS AIO Diaper – Snap closure

Owl print & On the Go print. I have to say, diapers with prints are better. No need for pants!

Bumkins AIO OwlBUMKINS_AIOS227_OntheGo

2 Swaddlebees Simplex OS AIO Diaper – Snap closure

Elephant print & Monster print!


1 Bumgenius OS Elemental Diaper – Snap closure

Heard great reviews on this one! Tempted to buy more :p


2 ShiEzy OS Diaper – Velcro closure


Now, this is a brand from Indonesia. It works similar to a Pocket diaper but it does not need stuffing. It is called a “prefold and cover” system. When the diaper gets soiled, you only need to change the inserts and re-use the covers. More economical right? It is a great system except that you need to buy more prefolds and they are usually sized. Meaning you need to buy more as Baby grows. Or you can just use the ones from Raf Raf baby which I am planning to.

As you can see, the cloth diapering world is SO BIG! If you truly explore, you will find that there are so many brands available and a ton of videos on YouTube that educates you on them. I do not regret getting all these fluff as I know I will be using them! I am getting more and more excited to try them on Baby Leo and give a review on those that I have.

Sadly in Malaysia, not many parents cloth diaper. There are many reasons to it. Some say they are expensive, some say they do not want to do laundry, some just don’t know about it. Again, cloth diapering is not like the old days… there are no more pins and a big piece if cloth to fold fold and fold. Yes, you can still do that, but I wont. It is because the modern diapers are so user friendly, it makes cloth so much easier! And better for the baby too!



Yup, that is a lot to absorb. But if I could, I would explain cloth diapering A-Z. In total I have 44 cloth diapers. It is definitely MORE THAN ENOUGH to start with. An average baby goes through 6-8 diapers a day and a newborn 8-12 diapers a day. WOW… that is A LOT! Something that not everyone knows I guess. So do you wanna do the math? I will do it for you in my next post 🙂



6 responses to “Fluff Update!

  1. Anty says:

    Nice post, and absolutelly cool diaper stash. Where do you buy those Charlie Banana bootcamp package? They’re still unavailable here in Jakarta.

  2. Anty Bazar says:

    Thank you for the link. I’ve already buy me one, not from Bummia sadly. But still from Malaysia 😀

    • vavaloy says:

      Haha great! In case U need any more, or other diapers/accessories, Bummia is great 🙂
      How did U find the diaper? Nice?
      I love CB material… except that fleece is hot.

  3. cahuh says:

    Hi if you ever want to sell the Bootcamp set, please contact me. I would love to buy them at a preloved price as I think that the original price is just way too much to pay for as there are only 3 camo prints with the other 3 plain coloured ones. I only love them cause of the camo. Would look good on my son. Nice buy Thanks!

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