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33 weeks and counting…

on June 14, 2013

YAY!!! This week puts Mama at 33 weeks! Can you believe it? I would not say that pregnancy has gone by fast, but 3rd trimester certainly feels so… In just 4 weeks you would be FULL TERM and we are having a BABY in less than 7 weeks!!! Counting EDD, I only have 47 days left!

How does Mama feel?
1) I feel excited but yet nervous – We’ve written down a birth plan and hope to stick to it. An all natural birth is what we want, but can I really bear the pain? Like every first time mom, I have no idea what to expect so yes… it is pretty nerve wrecking! Excited to see you and hold you in my arms but yet anticipating the pain and labor.
1st Stage of Labor_23
2) Tired and tired and tired – No matter how much I sleep/slept the day before, I wake up feeling that I want more sleep. Of course, sleep at night is hard. Often, waking to use the toilet and feeling so hot and uncomfortable despite having the AC AND the fan on! Like yesterday, I slept at about 12ish, then woke at 2am, and then again at 5.30am… and so on. So yea, maybe this is training to wake for night feedings?
3) Headaches – Mama often has pounding headaches on the right side temple ONLY. Happens sometimes before sleep and when I wake up. So far BP has been great and no other concerns regarding health but what’s with that headache? It does not hurt badly, but it is irritating and I cannot lay my head down for a proper rest. Could it be low BP to my brain? Or maybe the crazy heat wave?
It's too hot
4) Growing pains – Mama feels more and more stretched! Some new stretch marks has finally make its way… not pretty, but I am not overly concerned about that. I guess as the uterus grows, it puts lotsa pressure on my back and also abdominal area. Some days I feel sharp pains and it goes all the way down to the bottom. When my back hurt, I just wanted to stretch more and feel the “click” like I usually do, but now it gets hard because I cannot turn much and it’s just getting heavy.
5) Despite point number 4. Mama LOVE to feel you move! You move more now on certain times of day, and it makes me smile 🙂 Sometimes when you get to my ribs, it may hurt, but I love the feeling that I know you are inside and doing well. When Papa reads or speaks to you, I know for sure you will jump! This is the BEST part of pregnancy!


Update on our new doctor at UMSC. Prof. PC Tan is a great doc! At first I wasn’t sure if he would be pro-natural at birth or if he would accommodate our birth wishes. After seeing him a few times, Mama is confident that he is a great doc and he will take care of you and me. Papa likes him and feel comfortable with him and so that is a good thing! We asked many many questions regarding your birth and so far, he gave us the green light! Of course, we would not know what might happen when time comes but at least we have spoken about it and written on paper. I also read good reviews about him on Facebook where Moms speak about their experiences on gentle birthing and which doctor is good. When Dr Choong retires, many mothers were put in a position where they don’t know where to go or who is best. Thankfully, another mother told me that she had a baby with Prof PC Tan naturally and with no epidural. He is supportive or natural births and practice what is best for mom and baby. We pray that when you are ready to see the world, it will be a smooth delivery with no complications. We know it is possible and God will grant us that. With low risk pregnancy so far, doc will only see us once a month! It should be something we must be thankful for, that everything is in place. The next visit would put Mama at 36 weeks! Closer and closer to your due date. With a confident doc, it makes us confident parents. God has definitely taken care of everything! Now it is our time to totally trust in Him and He will provide and make the way smooth.


One response to “33 weeks and counting…

  1. Terence says:

    Baby Leo, last night (or was it early this morn?) you moved suddenly and made mommy jump and yelp. That really frightened daddy cos I thought you were ready to come out WAY too early! Next time move more gently and don’t scare mommy (or daddy o.0″) ok? Can’t wait to see you!

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