My Little Miracle

The exciting story of God's very special gift to Mama & Papa…

May 13

on May 13, 2012

Today has been a long, tiring but productive day. Mama did a lot of things but I guess it is all for the good of today. It is Mother’s Day today.

I can’t believe I am gonna be a mom soon and next year, we would be celebrating it officially!

So today, after church, Papa and Mama went to Mid Valley for the Baby Expo. Well, it is our first exposure to these kinda events so it was good that we know what it is about and what they have to offer us. It was packed with people, as it was a Sunday. Many were pregnant women and many have babies with them. There were many things to see! In particular, we saw baby carriers and strollers. Well, we do need it when you arrive to bring you home. It wasn’t cheap but I’d say reasonable. But of course, we did not buy as yet coz it felt too early still. Then after, we saw baby cribs. I would like a wooden crib rather than those playpens. Although playpens are cheaper, Mama somehow felt that cribs are more stable. Particularly, we both liked the GRACO stroller/carrier and also the playpen. It looks convincing and practical. As cheap as they were selling as today is the last day of the expo, we didn’t buy it. I wished that I did, but the wise thing to do is wait. Wait for more opportunities and wait for you to grow bigger 🙂

After a long walk at the expo, we went home and Mama slept coz I wasn’t feeling too well. First time in this trimester, I actually felt like puking! Felt very nauseas and dizzy. Not to mention, they weather was killing! My foot were sore and my knees felt some pain. Probably from walking long with those flat shoes. I should have worn nice compy flip flops!

After the nap, Mama, Papa, and your Aunt Nini went for dinner with your grandma. Yep, with my mommy! I am so glad to see her! The last time I saw her was during my wedding. Seems like forever. It was a good dinner and when she found out I was expecting you, she was thrilled! I can see the sparkle in her eyes and I am glad she gave me some tips too. Your grandma would love to hold you in her arms soon. We have a different kind of relationship, but because of you, we will get closer and know each other even more 🙂

After dinner we went to the groceries. I wanted to know some ingredients to boil some nice soup so grandma taught me how to find certain things and it was very productive. I am gonna boil soup this week! YUMMY! Don’t worry, Mama is a good cook and you will get to taste it when you’re born 😀

Once home, I quickly unpacked the groceries and clean the kitchen a little bit. Papa was mopping the whole house and cleaning after the dogs as well. That was already 11.30pm when we did that.

Did I tell you how much I love Papa?
He cleaned the whole house without ever complaining and he asks me to do it. He would sweep/vacuum/mop all by himself and also do the toilet!

He would be dripping in sweat after doing all that and I know it was a lot of hard work!
I am amazed at this creation of God. Sometimes I fail to show/tell him how much I appreciate him for doing these things, but I hope someday, that I will be able to show it to him. He makes sure the house is clean is comfortable for me as I am expecting you. I know he is doing it because he wants to. There are no words to describe how much I love him and having you, proves it! He is such a great person and I bet he’ll be a cool dad to have! I can’t wait for you to meet him and learn all the things about him. He will be your hero, trust me!

I am really tired now and Mama has an 8.30am class tomorrow. It is already 1am now. I am going to sleep and baby, I love you very much. May you sleep soundly and continue to grow.


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