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April 28

on April 28, 2012

Yesterday Mama & Papa went to the hospital to check on you. Dr. Menon was a very nice doctor and friendly too. I was waiting for this day for so long (it felt like months!) just to see how you’d look like. During the scan, Doc said that you are really small and looks like it was just 5 weeks. According to the calculation dates, you were suppose to be at 7 weeks but looking at your size, it does not tally with it and seems small. Mama got worried. Doc said that it is normal and that is the reason for my delayed positive home pregnancy test. I may have ovulated late and conceived late.

Despite those facts, I did feel a little upset. I was looking forward to hear your heartbeat and see you bigger. Already felt that my belly is bigger and I have been eating so much! That also made your due date to change to December 26. Yup, you will be our Christmas gift from God! Papa and Grandpa is happy because Dec 26 is your late Grandma’s birthday. I guess God has a better plan? And there is a reason that you were conceived late.

Mama is trying to be really positive. I felt the cramps and “feeling pregnant” before Friday, but today… felt pretty normal. No symptoms, nothing. Everybody’s pregnancy is different but I guess I am over worrying. Right now, I can just pray. That you will grow bigger each day and stay inside Mama until December 26. I know Papa says not to worry but Mama just wants to feel you. Stay healthy baby and GROW! I will see you by the end of May and I will hear your heartbeat. God’s in control and He will take care of it all.



One response to “April 28

  1. Terence says:

    See you on May 25, baby!

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