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April 23

on April 23, 2012

Yesterday I had a feast!!!! Banana leaf rice for lunch with chicken, fish, mutton and squid… and I was totally stuffed!!! And then for dinner, we had the usual Sunday family dinner but this time with the extended family at Tai Thong. For that, can you imagine the amount of food? I was feeling so guilty for eating so much. Could feel my belly bulging already… but with fat…

And then of course… I will remember that I am feeding you too. That is the reason for all the hunger!

Today Mama had a lot of cramps 😦 it is beginning to feel uncomfortable like something moving/twitching in the womb. Towards the evening, I was starting to feel dizzy and nausea.  Mama doesn’t have morning sickness, but have evening sickness. Slightly.

I needed some workout, in order to manage the weight I put on. So I joined Auntie Riyo’s BJ class. Figured that dance is better than RPM. Can’t imagine the feeling of bring suffocated in the cycling studio and I felt so much pressure. Didn’t want anything to happen while sitting on the bike. So dance was great. Sweat and felt much better. If course, I did the options making sure that I do not jump or hurt you. I could feel my heart rate rise faster than usual and higher than usual. I knew I was doing low impact options but I could feel my heartbeat very loudly! Almost breathless… I took deep breaths to make sure I don’t faint. Hahaha… it was indeed a good workout and Mama definitely want to keep fit and healthy while being a pregnant.

Right now the whether is so HOT!!! I can barely breathe and feels like my airway is being blocked! Going to take an early rest as tomorrow is gonna be a long day. Be good baby, I love you.



One response to “April 23

  1. Terence says:

    Hello babyeee! Dad here. Still can’t get used to calling myself that 😉 Right about now you’re no bigger than a sesame seed but soon you’ll grow BIG in a matter of months 😀 So in the meantime, do what you’re supposed to be doing – GROW, ok? Make mom proud of you. Mom and I are gonna see you end of next month, so til then be a good baby yah? ❤ ❤ ❤

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