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April 21

on April 21, 2012

Feeling more and more “crampy” today… and a little emotional. The cramps come and go more often now and I can feel something is happening to my body. Changing probably. Oh, and my boobs would hurt :s

My appetite is surprisingly okay. Not much of cravings or puking sensations.

Went to eat a late breakfast with Papa at PJ famous prawn noodle and then went visit Auntie Carol. She’s gonna be your grandaunt! She gave me options on which hospital to go to and what are the costs for birth and follow up. Papa asked some important questions too. I am so glad that she’s able to help as she’s having her 3rd baby in 2 weeks (he’s gonna be your uncle!!!) and she is very informative and experienced.

Funny though that people have all kinds of beliefs/superstition. I told Uncle Ken and Auntie Berry about you too. Uncle Ken said “Do not use scissors/knives/or hammer stuff!” Now, why would I go hammer stuff? And how do I not hold a knife if I needed to cook?


LOL – it IS kinda funny what people say, some are true some maybe not. But anyhow, it is all for the good of your growth inside me.

I am looking forward to next week. Feeling more pregnant as you grow. Of course, I can’t wait for our first ultrasound scan! I really wanna see what’s inside me and how you’d look like as tiny as a bean. Papa has to take a half day leave to bring me to the hospital. I am looking forward to see you and also to calculate the correct estimated due date. Supposedly December 15?


One response to “April 21

  1. Berry says:

    Hiiii 🙂 auntie Berry is in da houseee ;D just wanna say hi to your mama today .. *waving*

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